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1 year later…still loving my kitchen!

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It’s been a little more than a year since we brought baby Blake home from the hospital to a completely gutted kitchen and renovated this bad boy. Thankfully, everything came together and I had a running kitchen within a week.

This is what it looks today….except 80% of the time it’s messy. Typical for a girl with a job that requires her to cook and kids who enjoy wiping their cherry juice covered hands on my white cabinets.

Any maids out there that want to get paid in cookies? 


Anyways, there are lots and lots of things I loved about my kitchen when we first had it finished, but now, 1 year down the road, there are things I appreciate a lot more than just having it look pretty.  before we had this gorgeous kitchen, we had less cabinets, no island and the fridge was on the other side of the room. The whole ‘work triangle’ was pretty much nonexistent. Moving everything where I wanted it took a little extra planning, but we made it happen. And, I love how everything turned out.


I am completely still smitten with my range. It has sooooo many functions. I love it. I think it is the piece de resistance of the entire room.


Also, having an island makes feeding my kids so much easier especially when I’m spending a large chunk of my day in the kitchen testing recipes. I can have both my little ones nearby and I can watch them/feed them.

The whole room of the kitchen is pretty large and I’m only showing you about 2/3’s of it. I’m finishing up one wall {all the way to the right} with pictures and things plus I have a few other odd jobs to complete as well. But, you can expect a post about the rest of my kitchen *hopefully* in the next month 🙂

Hooray for home projects….or something.

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17 Responses
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    […] cabinet hardware and my entire existence. Apparently we didn’t have enough torture when we finished our kitchen last year. […]

  2. Easy Pork Potstickers | Lauren's Latest

    […] cabinet hardware and my entire existence. Apparently we didn’t have enough torture when we finished our kitchen last year. […]

  3. Rochelle

    I love the paint color!! What is it? I am trying to find a good color for mine and out colors are similar. I have 10 samples painted in my walls right now and don’t love any:(
    What is yours???

  4. VikkiD

    White kichens are my favorite. They look so clean, bright, and beautiful and yours is no exception! I love the pop of color from your Kitchen Aid mixer. Great job 🙂

  5. Lauren Everson

    It’s beautiful! I love the backsplash, the white, and the blue-grey. If I could design my kitchen yours would provide the inspiration!

  6. Aly

    Your kitchen looks a lot like one we saw in a house we put an offer in on. We didn’t get it, but it was a beautiful kitchen. In fact, the rest of the house was so-so. It was really the kitchen we fell in love with! I like the combo of white cabinets with the dark island base and stainless steel. Really pretty.

  7. Natalie @ Paper & Birch

    Love what you guys did to your kitchen Lauren! Can’t wait for the day we have our own house, so I can finally have that kinda space! 🙂

  8. Librarian Lavender

    What a beautiful kitchen, I love it! You’ve got such a lot of space and everything is in the right place.

  9. Andrea

    Love it too! Our current home is dark granite but looking at this makes me want to go light. We are in the relocation process and now we are looking at what to do different with our new home. I love the fact that you appreciate upgrades that are not million dollar updates! Very nice!

  10. Tonia

    Just curious where you keep your cookbooks? I know most kitchens I see never seem to have enough room for cookbooks. . .something I especially notice because I have. . .oh, somewhere in the vicinity of 300. . .um. . .yeah. I really like how you have it set up and your stove really does look wonderful!! I think I’m in love! 🙂