3 Month Diet and Exercise Update

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Ok, hold onto your butts, friends. Cause I’ve got results for all ya’ll! Sorry this is a little bit late, but better late than never!

I was sick the week before we were to take these results and Turk decided that it would be best to wait a week to make up for the complete lack of diet and exercise while I was recovering. {I had a stomach ulcer of all things…..totally sucky for a lover of all things edible, lemmetellyou.} Anyways, I’m all better now and back at the same old same old routine.

Soooooo, without further ado, here’s the latest and greatest.

My starting stats on day 1 were as follows:

Body fat: 22.6%
Lean Muscle Mass: 105 lbs.
Fat Weight: 30.84 lbs.

My 3 month stats are at:

Body fat: 15.95%
Lean Muscle Mass: 108.4 lbs.
Fat Weight: 20.57 lbs.

Sooo, if you do the math I’ve lost about 7% body fat which equates to 10 pounds of pure josie-grossy fat. {name that movie} I’ve also picked up almost 3 1/2 pounds of muscle bringing my total weight loss {when I stand on the scale} to 7 pounds! If you think about it, 7 pounds lost over the course of 3 months doesn’t sound all too impressive. But I’ve become such an advocate for feeding your body good fuel to gain muscle.  Those 3 1/2 pounds of muscle makes a big difference on my small frame. Take a peek:

before and after 3 months

What I notice about these photos:

*my face looks thinner

*my love handles have leaned out a ton

*baby abs are forming 🙂

*my arms look smaller

*my sports bra is looser {as if my boobs couldn’t get ANY smaller…..geeze.}

*my legs look slightly more toned but still big–which I’ve come to embrace. I’ll just never have chicken legs. I’m over it.

before and after 3 side

From the side, what I notice about these photos:

*arms are more toned and smaller

*my stomach area is obviously smaller!! Hallelujah. Take THAT jelly belly.

*my butt is slightly more round….just slightly though. I’m still working on it 😉

before and after 3 month back

From the back, what I notice about these photos:

*more definition in my back and arms. Note the line dividing the bicep and tricep! And the sports bra not digging into my fat back.

*smaller love handles

*more definition in my calves.

Other things I’ve noticed recently:

*My husband took a video of me on a swing holding Blake. When I watched it, I was surprised that my legs looked thin! Like, I was expecting to see one thing and saw something completely different. I’m still a size 8 in my mind, but in all reality I’m not! That was a pleasant surprise for sure.

*My appetite is increasing. I still think it’s hilarious that the smaller I get the more food I get to eat…and I still keep losing weight and gaining muscle. Totally rad!

*I’m a lot more comfortable trying on clothes now. Things just fit better, especially pants.

*I have more energy….but only if I get enough sleep. I can eat all the healthy food in the world, but it won’t make any difference with my energy levels if I don’t rest 7+ hours per night. I’m learning this the hard way, but am still trying to be strict with myself. Damn you, Netflix and all your addicting shows too!!

Where do I go from here?

*Well, I’m still trying to work on getting nicer legs and butt, so I’m going to continue seeing Turk.

*I don’t feel like I necessarily need to lose more fat weight, but if it keeps coming off I won’t complain.

*I’m starting to get back into running 🙂 I am amazed at how easy it is to run after losing only 7 pounds. I ran before I got pregnant with Blake, so I was sort of conditioned for it but I did not expect to feel GREAT. Two weeks ago my long run was 5 miles and just this past Saturday I ran 7! SEVEN MILES YOU GUYS! Guess I’ll be doing another half marathon sooner than later!! Yay!

*I think my diet is going to stay generally the same, but I’m not going to freak out if I have a piece of chocolate here or there. Or a cookie when I make cookies. My success will be only having a taste and leaving the rest alone. I’m loosening the reins a bit, but not going buck wild.

So there you have it! Pretty amazing what the human body can do in only 3 months!

If you’re in the Portland area, I’d recommend going to see my trainer, Turk. It’s because of him that I’ve seen great results. Yes, I did the hard work day to day, but he was the brains behind the whole operation. His email and phone number can be found here. Or find him on twitter here.

 Stay tuned for month 4! Yay!

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36 Responses
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    […] you are new to my blog, you may not know that after I had Blake, I was seeing a trainer for a time to get rid of the last few pounds of baby weight and to have someone to be accountable […]

  2. Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction

    Congrats! You look wonderful. So great that you see results from all your hard work.

  3. Nicole

    You look great! What method do you use to measure body fat? I’m just learning the basics and would love your opinion. Thanks! Congrats again!

  4. Karen

    You look great and you do look more sculpted. Glad you are feeling so strong and healthy. That is what is important. Good for you and keep it up. I have “big” legs too…they are strong and do their job…so gotta love them!

  5. Melinda j

    Wow! You look so good! The before pics aren’t bad either! I do know what you mean about feeling hungry more! Thanks for sharing your progress!

  6. Ashley

    I totally have the big-leg thing and yup, just gotta embrace. Mine will never be lean + thin, so I just try to keep them toned. You can see a big difference in yours! You look amazing and most importantly, healthy! Great job!

  7. Cathy

    When I try to open up your diet and exercise link, it opens up an American Express link. Anyone else have this problem? Is there another way to see that info?

  8. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    Wooo congrats you look great (not that you didn’t before)! I have muscular legs and will never have slender chicken legs but I too have embraced them. Strong is definitely beautiful.

  9. Krista S

    Lauren, you look awesome. I am totally inspired to change up my diet plan. l already work out a ton but I seem to be gaining weight and I know I need to make a change. Quick (and maybe a dumb) question: how did you calculate the grams of everything you ate? Did you have a cheat sheet or do you use a kitchen scale? Its going to be hard giving up cookies but for the sake of my butt … I mean health 😉

  10. Connie

    You quoted “Never Been Kissed!” I love Drew Barrymore, one of my favorite movies she appeared in.

    YOU LOOK AMAZING! I hear you on the “lost only 7 pounds.” I used to be a slave to the scale and thought that if I didn’t lose a lot of weight that nothing was really happening. After 3 months into my own fitness journey, I only lost maybe 5 pounds, and I have substantially more body fat to reduce than you, but friends and family really did notice and complimented that I “lost weight” and “looked slimmer.” Keep up the good work–bet you feel amazingly stronger, faster and generally better all around!

  11. Katie D

    Great work, so much to be proud of! Are those Brooks shoes you’re wearing? Are they your favorite for running? I keep hearing good things about Brooks, thinking of buying some.

  12. Karli

    I noticed your posture too! You look amazing in both pitcures, but I can see how those after pictures are so motivating. I wish everyone could read this post to understand fat loss/muscle growth and how that affects pounds lost. I totally hear you on the “7 pounds after 3 months” thing. I have so many friends that would complain unendingly about only losing 2 pounds a week…they need to read this!!!

  13. Stacey I

    Girl – you look fabulous!!! And you do not have big legs AT ALL!! You’ve got a great shape – you’re an inspiration!!!

  14. Jasmine

    I also think you look great in both pictures! And I think I notice a positive difference in your posture? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your progress with us!!

  15. Patty M

    I just want to say that I think you look great in both pictures! Sometimes I think just the sound of losing say just 1 or 2 pounds doesn’t sound like much. But I like to get out a pound of butter. That big block of butter is only 1 lb and that’s alot of fat to get rid of.

    1. Lauren

      I use chocolate whey protein from Costco. I think its the cytosport brand?! It comes in a big black bag. Each serving has 27 g of protein and it tastes a lot better than most!