4th of July

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Brennan family under fourth of july balloon arch

We had a lovely (and very humid) 4th of July! Gordon didn’t have to work, so we attended a fun “small town” parade with some friends in Central Park, had brunch and then had a picnic dinner with friends. These photos I’m sharing today are my favorites from the parade my boys were in! Gordon decked out their scooters and both boys had a ball scooting around! I didn’t expect to take so many photos, but I’m so glad I did. Happy to share these sweet photos today.

Brooke is still having a ball with her cousins up in Canada, getting spoiled by her grandparents. It’s weird to take all these photos without her being in them, but there’s always next year 🙂

Blake and Eddie eating

Blake and Eddie riding scooters

Blake and Eddie riding scooters

Blake and Eddie riding scooters

Eddie sitting on a bench
Poor Eddie was so hot and sweaty the entire 3 hours we were outside. We all were pretty drenched, but particularly Eddie was REALLY drenched. This is why we need his hair short in the summer!
Eddie eating grapes in the grass
At our picnic brunch. Can you see he’s in the middle of telling me something important? Look at his hand out there mid-explanation. Haha! He is such a sweetheart.

Blake eating in the grass

Eddie resting on Laurens lap

Lauren and Eddie
One of my favorite photos from the day!

Lauren and Eddie

Eddie and Blake in a group of children riding scooters

Eddie riding his scooter

Blake riding his scooter

Blake riding his scooter

Eddie riding his scooter

Eddie on his scooter

Gordon holding Eddie

Gordon holding Eddie


Family under the balloon arch


Gordon Blake and Eddie crossing the street

Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Here’s to hoping Brooke is back with us for next years’ festivities!

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4 Responses
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    […] sweat our royal taneenees off on the 4th of July. You can read my post and see all the photos here. We had plenty of fun with some friends, enjoying a brunch and then going out for a dinner picnic […]

  2. Susan Crawford

    All the cute photos….you will probably know of or been to where we went…Lincoln City, Oregon…camping in our trailer at the KOA. We have had the best weather 68°…perfect for me. Fireworks two different nights/ two separate towns…A 4th of July parade. Boating on Devils lake …a perfect day at the beach…a much needed pedicure…dinner at mo’s and tomorrow will be some shopping and dinner at Kylos…yum your 4th sounded perfect.

  3. Erika Adkins

    Your boys are very handsome. Love Eddie’s blue eyes. My husband and I have 5 boys and only one of them got my husband’s blue eyes.

  4. Donna Brennan

    Great pics. Where was Brooke??? Looks like a lot of fun. Our schedule for our NY visit has changed–we are coming in Dec!!! Dec 2-8 Everyone wanted to see NY with Christmas decorations–freezing here we come!!