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50 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

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Back to school time means we’re all looking for easy and healthy school lunch ideas. Browse this list of 50 ideas to get more variety in your day.

I’m posting these 50 Healthy School Lunch Ideas because my daughter is starting school in September. And, wouldn’t ya know my child doesn’t like sandwiches. GREAAAAAAT.

School Lunch Ideas

But, I was exactly like her growing up so lucky for me I know a thing or two about lunches that don’t completely revolve around sliced bread and meat. My mom always packed a healthy, well-balanced lunch that I for the most part enjoyed. Sometimes, I’d get the occasional sandwich, but all in all, it was just a series of snacks put together that covered all the basic food groups. That’s usually how I throw lunches together for Brooke. Protein (dairy included in this), carb, fruit, veg.

School Lunch Ideas

So, here’s a list of 50 {yes, that’s FIFTY!} healthy lunches that my daughter happens to like that you can try out on your little ones this coming school year:

1. Greek Yogurt, granola, peppers, baby tomatoes, grapes, mini muffin

2. Ham & cheese mini bagel, banana, a cup of greek yogurt, sugar snap peas

3. Peanut butter & Banana tortilla roll-ups, unsweetened applesauce pouch, celery sticks

4. Cracker pizza, broccoli with ranch, apple slices

5. Hummus & Veggie Wraps, dried fruit, crackers, hard-boiled eggs

6. Tex-Mex Chopped Veggie Taco Dip, tortilla chips, orange slices, frozen Greek yogurt tube

School Lunch Ideas

7. Four Cheese Pepperoni Pizza Knots, carrot sticks, a cup of diced unsweetened peaches

8. Southwest Pepper Turkey Egg Cups, watermelon cubes, fruit leather, celery sticks

9. Veggies and dip, cheese stick, banana mini muffin, trail mix

10.  Tuna fish on a croissant,  mini chocolate doughnut muffins, baby carrots, yogurt

11. Tuna Pasta Salad with Dill & peas, unsweetened applesauce pouch, red pepper slices

Cottage Cheese and Fruit

12. Basil & Pecan Chicken Salad, crackers, cucumber slices, blueberries

13. Macaroni Salad, cheese stick, apple, fruit leather, cauliflower pieces

14. Tuna California Club Sandwich, babybel cheese, dried fruit, celery sticks.

15. Hummus, pita, cucumber slices, carrot sticks, homemade granola bar

16. Cottage cheese, peanut butter sandwich crackers, strawberries, baby carrots

17. Roasted Red Pepper Dip, deli turkey, soft pita, veggies, grapes

Pita Pockets

18. Coconut Curry Chicken Salad, tortilla chips, cherries, tube yogurt

19. Turkey and cream cheese tortilla pinwheels, dried fruit, baby tomatoes,

20. Cucumber tea sandwiches, apple slices with peanut butter, cheese stick

21. Chicken Caesar Pasta saladhomemade granola bar, strawberries

22. Homemade Lunchables with meat, cheese, crackers + juice box, raspberries, unsweetened applesauce pouch

Lunch Box

23. Mini Salad Pita Pockets, pretzels, carrot sticks, mandarin oranges

24. PB&J tortilla roll up, Cocoa-Nut Almond Energy Balls, grapes, bell pepper slices

25. BLT on a soft roll, fruit leather, cheese stick, sugar snap peas

26. Ham & Cheese Melt Deviled Eggs, tube yogurt, strawberries, celery sticks

27. Laughing cow cheese wedges, pretzels, fresh cherries, lemon poppyseed mini muffin

28. Chicken & Ranch Wraps, goldfish crackers, peach, celery sticks

Turkey Slider

29. Sesame Noodle Salad, mixed fruit cup, yogurt, watermelon cubes

30. Turkey and cheese roll, goldfish crackers, green pepper slices, strawberries, nectarine

31. Fancy Chicken Salad on a mini bagel, dried fruit, black olives, cauliflower pieces

32. Green smoothie, peanut butter sandwich crackers, pear slices, trail mix

33. Jalapeño Artichoke Dip, crackers, orange bell peppers, sugar snap peas, watermelon, dried apricots

Vegetables, Chips and Dip

34. Homemade Pizza Lunchable with pita, pizza sauce, grated cheese, pepperoni, grapes, black olives, broccoli + ranch

35. Chicken soft taco, banana, unsweetened applesauce pouch, mini muffin

36. Apple slices turned into peanut butter sandwiches, yogurt raisins, cheese stick, baby tomatoes

37. Mini bagel ham sandwich, cheese stick, cucumber slices, apple, pretzels

38. Leftover slice of quiche, cherries, celery and carrot sticks, homemade crackers

39. Mini Cheese tray: Brie cheese wedge, crackers, grapes, strawberries, baby carrots

40. Tuna Fish, crackers, cheese cubes, pear, yogurt covered raisins

Cheese and Fruit

Warm School Lunch Ideas

41. Chicken Noodle Soup, crackers, apple slices, homemade granola bar

42. Homemade Spaghetti-Os, pear, cucumber slices, soft dinner roll

43. Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup, trail mix, cornbread muffin {leftovers :)}

44. Secret Ingredient Tomato Soup, biscuit, a cup of greek yogurt, fruit leather

45. Irish Beef Stew, crackers, blueberries, side salad

46. Simple Chili, grapes, cheese stick, trail mix

47. Macaroni and Cheese, a cup of fruit, carrot sticks, ranch

48. Tomato Basil Alphabet Soup, chocolate milk box, garlic toast, strawberries

Bagel Sandwich

49. Sweet and Sour Meatballs, rice, yogurt, apple slices

50. Spaghetti, fruit smoothie, yogurt raisins, broccoli and ranch

Looking for even more school lunch ideas?

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94 Responses
  1. simranjeet singh

    their is nothing healthy i found here , just some raw cucumber and carrots with ranch or cheese on the side is not a meal. give some good ides please.

  2. Jacquie

    Saw this thought fabulous my baby doesn’t like sandwiches, now crying because she’s leaving soon for university so I won’t be doing lunch. Her favourite lunches were your noodle salad.

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  4. Sarah N.

    This list is going to be a lifesaver for the rest of the school year! I make 5 lunches nightly for my family (my husband and I and our kids) and I am already bored with what I am packing is and we have only been in school for 2 months! Thank you, thank you!!!

  5. Christy Butler

    This is such a great list for lunches! I have a picky eater and this still offers a wide variety that I can use. You rock, Lauren!

  6. Jana Pace

    I am 57, manage amazing nurses, am in a master’s program, and l am tired☺️ I love these ideas for me!! Fresh, healthy snacks are fantastic and the variety is wonderful. Love your blog!! I’ve used so many of your recipes- they make me look like a great cook. I never worry that they won’t be terrific- turn out perfect every time!

  7. Marg

    Are my children the only ones at a nut-free school? Some good ideas, but a lot of unusable ones. I also doubt many school-aged kids are going to eat cottage cheese and the fancy salads.

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  12. Megan, mom of 5 boys-they eat ALOT!

    Finally someone that gets kids and lunches. I have read and researched countless easy lunch ideas instead of PB or boring turkey sandwiches because my boys get tired of the same old. You finally nailed it on doable, tasty and not fancy or hard lunches for kids on the go! Thank you for sharing!

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  16. Emily

    My daughter just started preschool Monday so I came to your site specifically looking for this post! I hope I can implement some of these ideas 🙂

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  18. Lisa

    5 stars
    LOVE these..I have 2 high schools that are always watching their habits..love more for all of us!! I work from home and these are great reminders! i

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  20. Alexa

    A junior girl in high school needing some lunch inspiration.. this helps so much!! Thanks for the awesome ideas!!

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  22. Juliann Richard

    excellent kid lunch suggestions~ Thank you~I sure wish I could have your M .O. Lauren~!!! “Thunder thigh haver” is the Best~!

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  24. Vincent Mulligan

    I like your website I am under contract for feeding 2 high schools and 1 grade school in Florida and I will be using a lot of your ideas.