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A Day in the Pearl

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Last week, some of my closest friends and I decided to venture out {with all our kiddos} to the Pearl district in Portland to check out some of my favorite shops! Between the Pearl, the Alphabet District and Downtown lie some of my favorite places in the city. Here are three of them:


Up first: Nuvrei. Upstairs is a patisserie and downstairs is a macaron bar!! It’s basically my idea of heaven.


Here’s what i got upstairs–


a big box of goodies! Some of my favorites include…


this flourless chocolate walnut cookie. Chewy, crunchy and completely all chocolated out. So so divine! Obviously if you don’t like walnuts, you might not like this as much {and they have just a plain chocolate cookie} but I thought this was well worth our time spent. PS- they were also selling cookie mixes for these bad boys. Should have picked up one {thousand}.


Also delicious: almond shortbread cookies! SOMANYALMONDS and it was also slightly chewy. Chewy cookies and I are bff’s.


I loved this almond croissant too. The buttery crust of croissant with the crunch of the almonds and the lightly sweet almond filling….ohhhmyyy. I want a whole box of these at my house delivered every morning.


Also holycrapthisisgood: the passion fruit lemonade. So refreshing. I’ll be craving this allllll summer! You must get it immediately. Not overly sweet with a hint of effervescence.


Downstairs were the macarons! #dreamy


I don’t know why, but this little box made me one happy girl! My favorites of the day were the dark chocolate macaron, the coconut macaron, the hazelnut macaron and…


the salted caramel macaron. Chewy salted caramel in between two light as air macaron shells? Puh-lease! It was so ridiculously good.

I’ve never met a macaron I didn’t like.


Blake was a fancy little toddler and chose the dark chocolate macaron to munch on. {Stroller we have is here. One year later and I’m still in love.}


Down the street from Nuvrei is Cupcake Jones, so obviously we went over and did quite the epic sampling.

By the way, all their cupcakes are filled! My happiness level just quadrupled.


The group favorites were this chocolate chocolate cupcake,


german chocolate cake,


the red velvet,


and chocolate peanut butter. Honorable mentions {because I didn’t have the photos} were the lemon cupcake and the cookie dough cupcake.


A 10 minute walk through some cute neighborhoods will bring you to our last stop: Sammy’s Flowers. Two of my friends have been telling me and telling me that I need to go here so I finally had a chance. Wowowow! So wonderful and fun! Take note, Gordie!


So here’s the lowdown: you pick out the flowers you want in your bouquet from their selection and they put it together for you. Brooke picked our flowers out {with a little guidance from the florist}.


Of course she picked the pink roses and the mini pink roses. 🙂 I love everything about this bouquet. Especially love Brooke picking out some of her favorite flowers too.


What a wonderful afternoon we had! I’m sure we’ll be doing this more and more once summer is here! So grateful for these gals. <3

Info about my Portland picks below:

404 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Cupcake Jones
307 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

Sammy’s Flowers
1124 NW Lovejoy St.
Portland, OR 97209

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4 Responses
  1. Shelley

    I live in Central Oregon and love your tips on places to visit when we make the drive over the pass. Can’t wait to try these places.

  2. Tara

    Did you happen to notice how many of you were wearing stripes? All but one of the Mom’s (she didn’t get the memo?) and several of the cute little kiddies. So cute!!