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A long time coming

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Lauren on a bridge
Sarah Kuszelewicz Photography New York City

Hi Friends!

This post has been a year in the making and finally today is the day! I’ve been slowly pulling away from recipe development and sharing more about our family, partly because it takes so much darn time to test and re-test recipe after recipe and partly because I love sharing beautiful photos of my family and having the memories of my kids to look back on. Well, I’m here to tell you that I might be pulling back a little more. And by pulling back, I mean to the time commitment this blog requires of me. I love taking and editing photos, I love developing recipes, but I also love my family. And my sleep. And through this past year, BOTH of these things were suffering because of the blog. So, not only was I feeling defeated because I couldn’t keep up with the schedule I used to keep up with, but I was also feeling like I was failing as a wife and mother. It’s really easy to blame yourself for stuff when you’re getting 4-6 hours of sleep per night because you stay up until 2am writing blog posts or scheduling social media posts or analyzing google analytics…all things that I have been known to do. It’s the other side of blogging no one really talks about. The pressure is so real, you guys!

If you read my post about how blogging became my career, you’ll know a little about our backstory with how this blog became what it is today. Long story short, we needed it to make money in order for my family to survive. My husband got laid off from his job and we had to earn money. This blog was the blessing that we needed and it really blossomed when we needed it to. It was a big answer to our prayers.

But as Gordon has started working his way up in this new career (which is what brought us to New York City in the first place) we have come to terms with the fact that maybe the blog has run it’s course. While I’m confident we’re not closing shop anytime soon, I am trying to re-write my own rules and start blogging for the fun of it again.

What does that look like for me?

I’m still working it out.

But I know I will only share recipes that I love that have been tested properly. No set “3 recipes per week” rule because I can’t guarantee that.

I know I will only work with brands that I love. I already do this anyways, but thought it was worth mentioning again.

I will (try to) not feel guilty about only posting 1 post per week if that’s all I have to share. If I’m sick, if my kids are sick, if I’m needed in real life for something, if I have a vacation planned or if something comes up, that’s where I’ll be.

What does it look like for you?

Probably less recipes. Though, you will be happy to know they are thoroughly tested ones 🙂

Probably more family posts. Because I love those people.

Probably more instagram stories. It’s really the easiest way for me to communicate and share what’s going on in my life.

What happens now

My commitment to this blog has never faded or wavered because I truly enjoy having an outlet in sharing my joy in whatever form that is. Recipe development and my family are at the top of that list. I have also come to love and appreciate all you wonderful readers. I love ‘chatting’ with you online, whether that’s on social media, in the comments section or via email.

But I knew I had to post something letting you know why things have been quieter lately in order to free myself from all this guilt I’ve been feeling. This blog is called “Lauren’s Latest” for a reason and I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing things my way. And right now, less recipe posts + more time to play with my kids or read a book without feeling bad is where we’re at.

Thanks for understanding!

Much love,



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77 Responses
  1. Lori

    Good for you Lauren!! Your family time is more important, don’t know how you did it for so long. Your children are only small once, they grow so fast, you need to make and enjoy memories now. I do like the recipes, but I enjoy the family stories so much more! Time for yourself is also important for sanity reasons, a massage, browsing in stores or just reading a book in a coffee shop and people watching, all good! Enjoy your free time. Still waiting for pictures of new apartment though! LOL

  2. Jane

    Well, it is pretty obvious that your priorities are exactly where they should be! I have always been amazed at the level of wisdom I see in someone so young, but you sure have plenty! Have always loved following your blog, and will still love whatever you decide to share… You can never go wrong when you put your family first! Best wishes, Lauren.

  3. Heather B

    Family always comes first….its something that I had to do for myself about a year ago. Enjoy those people and we’ll all be here when you have time.

  4. Karen T

    Sounds good to me. I say, you go girl and more power to you. I will take whatever you have to offer. Be well and best wishes! Enjoy life and your kids….

  5. Kristen

    I’m so proud of you for recognizing that your sanity (and sleep) need to be number one and loosening the reigns a bit will help so much.
    Love you, friend! I can’t wait to see what this newest direction looks like for you ❤️

  6. Kathy

    Lauren, have loved your recipes. Turn this into an Instant Pot blog …and it will be so much easier. If you’re not hooked, you will be. I love mine!!

  7. Maya

    The pressure is so real and thankyou for sharing with such honesty. You have to do whats right for you and its so easy to lose yourself to the pressure and demands of a blog or indeed any kind of business. I dont know how you even do it with 3 kids! One post a week is still awesome! I love following your adventures and all your recipes are awesome! I love seeing your family and your real human life- not the blatant fakery that is so rampant on instagram etc i think its so refreshing. Keep up the good work and please put yourself first and keep on keeping it real xx
    I tried blogging for two years- i suppose i kind of failed at it but i never really gave it 100%. But it stole so much from me. I found myself up at 3am writing and fixing things on my webpage and got so run down my dream holiday was ruined by illness and my relationship suffered- even my pets suffered not getting walks as i was too busy. Sometimes i think we are our own worst enemies and put too much pressure on ourselves. I stepped back from mine almost entirely but i hope you keep up with yours as i look forward to it 🙂

  8. Gabbie

    I would say I’m sad about it, but over the past few years I’ve so enjoyed watching your family grow up – for me, the recipes are already the ‘side character’ of the blog, in a way. I know literally all my comments are about how much adorable your family is and pretty much anything along those lines, but it’s true. So I’m pretty happy this will be the main focus of the blog now! I really feel like I’ve gotten to know you (my partner even knows your voice – “oh you’re watching that person” – bc I watch your stories every day), and I’ve been following along since Brooke was only 3 or 4 so I definitely feel a connection with you on some level. I love seeing your life in NYC, as I live in Sydney Australia, so your world is so far removed from mine. It’s so fun to watch! Anyway, keep doing you ‘cause you’re great.
    Gabbie x

  9. Molly

    No worries! I just sold my business a year ago for very similar reasons. My family is my most important calling and I wasn’t giving them my all trying to juggle both. My business was also not getting my all so I was just giving everything bits and pieces of me and hated it. At least with blogging it truly can be on your own time schedule and when inspiration strikes and you don’t have to fully give it up. It’s always so admirable seeing a momma step back for a bit to focus more on the little eternal blessings in front of her.

  10. Courtney

    No explanation necessary, we appreciate the recipes you post because they are always so great. Some of my family “go-to “recipes are from your site. I’ll take quality over quantity any day!
    Enjoy the extra time with your family, while we all look forward to our new favorite recipe whenever that comes.

  11. Maartje

    You are doing an awesome job! And the most important thing is your and your family’s health and happiness. No need for guild. Plus, you have develloped more recipes than any of us could ever use in a lifetime so you’ve already got us covered 😉
    I’m happy your are doing what you need to do!
    We’ll stick around anyways.

  12. Gloria Hunt

    I am glad to hear that you are putting priorities in place. It is so hard when work becomes first and for most and marriage and family second. Marriage and family are the most important! I am glad to hear that we will still hear from you instead of ” I will not ever hear from you again”. I love your recipes and I love you and your family. We will still be here! I am glad to know you and your family will still be here also. Win Win!! (I still love the ” !!!!!” just like you!!!!).
    God bless you and your family!


  13. Cassandra

    Preach girl! Just went through an aha moment as a mom myself and am going to revamp some things majorly! 🥂

  14. Marieinva

    My ‘baby’ is a senior in college, and an instant ago he was in kindergarten. Enjoy your time with your babies- they grow up way too fast. We’ll be here. Love your blog and your story- no matter how often we hear from you. ❤️

  15. Monika

    Follow your heart and in doing so, you inspire others to follow theirs as well. Maybe many of your readers are also overdue for a shift of their own and it took seeing someone else step back for them to know that they could do the same.

  16. Alexis B

    Tired, guilty mom’s everywhere are cheering for you!! Yes! This is an incredibly genius move… Enjoy every moment you can. And share with us what you can… But never feel guilty about putting your family first! Blessings in your new endeavors 😉

  17. Amanda

    I don’t comment often but wanted to say that I love the recipes but I really enjoy the family posts too! I don’t have kids myself but I can’t imagine what blogging full time and taking care of a family is like. Please don’t feel guilty about not being able to keep up an intense posting schedule just to make readers happy. Your loyal readers should be happy that you are happy. I really enjoy your IG stories, by the way!

  18. Courtney

    No worries! Family always comes first. I enjoy your blog and will continue to read when the content is there. 😊

  19. Marlene

    I certainly understand your cutting back. Just don’t delete your blog! It’s my favorite. I go to it often to look for past recipes. I’d be lost without it.

  20. Denise Fonda

    Lauren, a Mom never needs to make excuses for wanting to spend more time with their families. Whatever time you find to share your beautiful family and new recipes will be enjoyed and appreciated! So take some time, enjoy time with Gordon and the Littles! Get some sleep.

  21. Linda Taboada

    I have constantly wondered how you do it all! As much as I love your recipes, I am glad you’ll be taking care of yourself and spending more time doing the things you love – and spending more time with family.

    Love your blog. Love the pictures and family moments. Love the recipes.

    Looking forward to the new blog. Take care of yourself. You can never get these moments with your kiddos back. They’re only young once.

  22. Ronnie

    Lauren I thank you for all the recipes and I have lived your life stories. You need to spend the time you need with your family and don’t miss those important life events with them. Your kids will grow quickly and they need their mom. I look forward to your posts whenever they happen. Thanks again.

  23. Kathy B.

    As a fellow Mom who runs her own graphic design business…(I started my business after a lay-off as well) .you live, you work, you mature and finally we start doing what makes sense for us and will still work for the business (individually of course!). Good for you. I’ll look forward to see your ~1x a week posts. All the best and many blessings to you and your family.

  24. Linda Leonard

    So glad you are doing this for yourself and your family! Balance is important and so difficult to achieve. I’ll still read your blog. Recipes are great but your stories are the best!

  25. Frank P

    No apologies necessary. To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. We’ve all been given a certain amount of time on this earth, and guess what? You can’t get it back and there are no do-overs. Sounds like it helped pay the bills for awhile and I am glad I was able to help in a small way by visiting your page. Enjoy the time, the life, and the family God has given you, and remember to enjoy Him as well. I have enjoyed your recipes.

  26. Alison Amaismeier

    You will never regret more time with your kids and husband! 🙂 Way to prioritize what means most to you.

  27. Soni

    Girl. Check your priorities. This seems like a really selfish move. You didn’t even ask your readers for their input on your life- and Lordy knows we all feel like we have a vested interest and deserve a vote here. Just kidding 😉. I just wanted to beat the trolls to the punch. You do you girl. You’ve done an amazing job building your little empire and we’re all so proud of you. Now take the time to relax a little and enjoy your family. Love you and miss you pal. 😘

  28. Barbara

    Thank you for the past years of recipes, family ,trips and showing us New York. Will miss your weekly post….But it’s time for you and your lovely family…..things get too much sometime….we are only human and rest is very important to ones health..All the best…..in whatever you do…..Barb M.

  29. Pamela Gauthier

    Lauren, reading about your family or reading and using your recipes has been wonderful. I’m personally proud of you for putting your family first. I’ll look forward to reading bout yiu nd them Nd will relish the occasional recipe you share. Keep us the good work, God blessings you all!

  30. Joan

    I love your recipes but have really enjoyed seeing more of your family. God and family come first. Don’t feel guilty.

  31. Joann Hippel

    Lauren, no apologies or excuses are necessary. I am sure that most of us have wondered how you kept your sanity these past few years. A new baby came, and then look at how many moves you made in recent years. I, for one, could never have stepped in your same shoes to accomplish what you have done. I can only thank you for selfishly providing so many new recipes for my family – and you doing this while neglecting precious time with those you love most. So be sure now to take a long break and re-prioritize your life so you can regain your spirit.. Wishing you the best.

  32. Lacee

    Good for you!! I love this, and definitely believe in taking time for family and yourself!! Hope you enjoy doing things your way, and not feeling guilty about it. 😊

  33. Sandy

    Great!!! I want only the recipes that you have tested and love! Spend time with your family and share what is worth sharing!

  34. Suzanne

    Good for you. I’m glad I’ll still be able to enjoy the adventures of your lovely family. An occasional recipe would be great ( still waiting for your mom’s butter tarts. Lol). Sharing photos of the city is neat as well as letting us know about great restaurants and shops. Good luck in this endeavor. I think your fan/friends will love it.

  35. Brenda Blloemer

    Do this change while you are young and you can have time with your hubby and children. They are the most important blessings in your life – nurture the blessings God has given you.

  36. Linda

    Yes, a long time coming 🙂 often wonder how you done all but let me tell you that we cherish your posts/pic even more when you do post 🙂

  37. Sheila Best

    Lauren, way to go! I raised my 3 girls myself and time flew. I ended up with a motto that stood me in good stead all those years. Don’t sweat the small stuff …. and it’s all small in the end. Every mom goes through mom-guilt. All it does is cause you to lose sleep. Keep up the good work. Keep loving on your sweet babies and share your stories when you can! Lots of hugs to all 5 of you.

  38. Tamara H.

    I am so proud of you! Isn’t that a funny thing to hear from someone you really don’t know? 😊. But truly, I will only appreciate what you do post and share even more. I hope that you find some great books, get some sleep, and soak up all the wonderfulness of being more present with your sweet family.

  39. Meredith

    Love you Lauren. Our kids are only little for a short time, that we should focus on that. I love your recipes as they are work well with my family. I can’t wait to see all of your N.Y. adventures. Xoxoxo

  40. Stacey Broton

    I’ve been a reader/follower for many years, and have often wondered how you did it all. I’m so glad you are taking this time to reconnect to what’s a priority for you and enjoy this precious time with your family. Wishing you all the best in this next chapter and I will look forward to seeing what that involves.

  41. Susan M.

    As a mom myself, I completely get it and admire you for all you do! I love reading about your family as well as your recipes! Hearing about your family makes me feel like someone else out there gets it and I’m not alone. Plus, you always give me a good laugh. Thanks for all you do! Good luck whatever the future brings you and looking forward to following you along the way!

  42. Stella

    God bless you and your family,Lauren.God,family,and then the rest.I love reading about your beautiful family..Best wishes!

  43. Natalie

    I love your family posts as much as your recipes! Good for you for making the best decision for you and your family. I will look forward to updates when they arrive in my inbox and keep up with Brennan happenings on Instagram. Enjoy your time with your sweet family. The time goes by so so so fast! Blessings to you xo

  44. Tiffany A.

    I love following your blogs since you were pregnant with Eddie & I was pregnant my last baby Landon. I love watching you grow, move & exploring NYC. Family & sanity comes 1st! 😉 You may be posting less, but your followers will hang in there with you. Thanks for allowing us into your family life.

  45. Mary Marcella

    Yes girl! I love following you on social media… Love your families, love your recipes… Everything you do is fantastic! I’ve been wondering for a while how on Earth you manage to do it all… and losing sleep and or family time is so not worth anything ever! I hope none of your readers give you attitude about this choice… They are getting recipes and advice for free after all… They should be thankful for anything! LOL. I hope that this move frees up some of your time and helps you not feel stressed overall so that you can really enjoy yourself with your family… Especially with little ones the time goes so darn fast! You do you boo.

    1. betty thompson

      Be well my friend and enjoy the very new chapter of what’s to coming your way
      God is awesome and a gift we shall
      Not take for granted.
      Ps. When we moved from Indiana to NYC
      The day
      I graduated from high school I thought I’d never be happy
      But I survived and very soon embraced our
      New environs (West 96th and
      Central Park ) 😎😎😎and ALL THAT THE CITY OFFERED!!!

  46. Gail Sands

    Lauren you have nothing to beat yourself up about. Life changes and with that our priorities change. you have a beautiful family and that is your only true priority in life. Kids grow up way too quickly and you need to spend as much time as possible enjoying every stage of their lives.
    i have 2 boys…..it seems 5 minutes since they were the same size as your boys and they will be 22 and 26 next month. No one is a perfect mum and we all struggle at times but when they grow up to be well adjusted, honest and decent human beings its all you can ask. My boys make me proud and happy every day just as your kids will. Enjoy them Lauren….your blog was important once to keep your family afloat but not any more. I hope you get to spend a lot more quality time with your family…..we will all still be here waiting for the next Brennan instalment 😉 xx