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A Trip to the Library

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Lauren with Blake and Eddie

My husband hasn’t even been gone a week and already I’m running out of ideas on what to do with these crazy kids of mine! For those of you asking questions, my husband got his dream job (which I can’t share details of currently) and left for several months of training. It is not the best.

But anyways, here I sit as the Mom of these hooligans, trying to come up with ideas to keep them interested, occupied, preferably learning something and happy. Obviously we went to the LIBRARY! It’s free and my kids could stay there for hours looking through the movies, books, magazines and playing with all the toys! Our library has a room with just toys, puzzles and blocks. It’s amazing!!

Anyways, here are a few photos from our 2-hour stay the other day. I’m not sure Eddie has ever been to this library before, though, I can’t imagine not taking him with us previously?! But anyways, he found a small cart and pushed that sucker around for at least an hour making lots of friends along the way 🙂


He loved banging the blocks! Thankfully, this part of the library isn’t meant to be too quiet.

Eddie and Blake playing

Eddie is barely tall enough to stand at this work table Blake was using. But, homeboy made it happen! A man with a plan, ya’ll.

Eddie with his tongue out

His tongue kills me every time.

Lauren reading to Eddie in her lap

Oh look, he sat still for two pages of a board book, or as Eddie likes to call it bored book.

Lauren Eddie and Blake

Both my boys looking disinterested.Typical. They didn’t want to read, they wanted to PLAY!

Eddie pushing a mini shopping cart

Here comes all the photos I took from Eddie running into things. But, look how cute he is!

Eddie pushing a mini shopping cart
Eddie pushing a mini shopping cart

Do you see the librarian in the background? Ed was all for listening to what she said and after about 10 seconds literally turned his cart around and walked the other way. Hopefully, Eddie will get brave enough to start walking without holding onto things soon! Eddie pushing a mini shopping cart

It’s like he’s saying “anytime now mom. I’m just over here…running into these bookshelves. ”

Eddie pushing a mini shopping cart

He really is so little pushing that cart around!! And when compared to things around him, he just seems so itty bitty!

Eddie pushing a mini shopping cart

See ya later, Ed.

Anyways, we love reading at our house and particularly love the library. Here are a few of our favorites! What books do you like reading to your kids?

Our favorite Books

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We love reading to our kids and over the 8 years we’ve been parents, it has come to help our children calm down and practice focusing. We’re still working on Eddie, but Brooke and Blake love love love to read. Here are some of our favorites that are on the regular rotation:

Goodnight Gorilla–hardly any words in this book but, perfect for observant little ones!!

Harold and the Purple Crayon–my husband introduced me to this book. It’s a really cute book. When Eddie was in utero, Gordon called him Harold because his profile was just like Harold’s!! Proof here.

The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear–Another book that my husband grew up reading that I had never heard of!

The Pout Pout Fish–we have this pretty much memorized!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar–I remember reading this book in school and thinking “how did they make this book?” I was fascinated by the holes and the smaller and larger pages.

Llama Llama Red Pajama–my Mom brought a few of these books to us when Blake was born and I just love the rhythm and rhymes. These smaller board book versions are really good for Eddie!

Love you Forever–a classic! Of course we love this book. We own nearly every Robert Munsch book.

The Giving Tree–always sparks a few questions from our kids. A great message 🙂

Goodnight Moon–Eddie will sit still for about half of this book, so it could be argued it’s one of his favorites!

Runaway Bunny–I love this book because it helps solidify that Moms love their babies no matter where they go!

Any book by Mo Willems–Brooke was introduced to these books when she was in first grade and since then, we’ve been slowly adding to our collection. The Pigeon books are so fun 🙂


What are your favorite kids’ books?

Helpful Links

My sweater I’m wearing in these photos is pretty old (it’s from a stitch fix box!) but this is a similar shirt…which I might have just purchased. I also wear maternity tanks underneath almost all my outfits because they are so darn comfy. One day, I’ll buy regular clothes, one day. Haha!

My black jeans are these Paige Jeans which I’m slightly obsessed with.

Booties are from the Gap, though I couldn’t find them online, but these are similar ones.

Eddie’s t-shirt is homemade from yours truly, taken from his first birthday party 🙂

If we weren’t moving, I’d get Eddie his own cart to use at home! I found one by Melissa and Doug which looks like the exact same one from the library.


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3 Responses
  1. Chrissy

    Eddie is such a little ham! And “Gorilla” is a favorite bedtime story around here, I can’t tell you how many times we’ve read it. (Thankfully, it’s short!)

    1. Lauren

      I know!!!! I love the short books because it means I’m outta there 🙂 I love my kids…but just a tiny bit less at bedtime!!