At the Hospital with Eddie

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So happy to be sharing with you all some beautiful photos taken of 12-hour old Eddie! This boy already has personality, loves to cuddle, get cradled in my or anyone’s arms, hates diaper changes and being naked and is growing like a weed. I can’t believe he’s two weeks old already!

All these pictures were taken when Brooke, Blake and Grandma Ernhofer {my Mom} came to the hospital to meet Eddie for the first time. I’m SO glad I had an amazing photographer there to capture these memories.

DSC_8355 copy

DSC_8360 copy

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Lauren holding a baby

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38 Responses
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  5. Christine Hansley

    Great photos. But, PLEASE, next time use a different heading. “At the Hospital With Eddie” made my heart stop until I could open the e-mail. Maybe something like “More photos of Eddie.” I am now breathing again. Have a great Valentine’s Day with your littlest Valentine.

  6. Marilyn Brennan

    Brooke obviously adores this new little baby. I see a lot of adoration here from everyone…. I know I surely enjoyed holding him….

  7. Nola

    These made my heart smile and a tear roll down my cheek. Absolutely precious family you and Gordan have! Sending my best wishes from California! Xoxo

  8. Elizabeth

    All so very beautiful! Lovely family!
    OMG! The one with Brooke looking up at her daddy while he’s holding Eddie, priceless! Made me cry!

  9. Jan

    Lauren, your family is so beautiful! Love looking are your wonderful family! I needed inters from you looking so happy and calm when I delivered our 3rd child who is now 39 my face was more like OMG…Thank You for sharing your beautiful family!