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Baby Must-Have’s

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Today marks 39 weeks pregnant *exactly* for me! YIKES.

I think I’m ready?! Haha!

I have a long list of to do’s to really feel like I have things under control, so hopefully by Friday, it’ll be complete and I can focus on getting this little boy out of my belly and into my arms. Hopefully, I only have 7 days left {or less!!}

Since I’ve been talking and posting all about this pregnancy, lots of you have emailed me, asking for recommendations of baby products I use and love. Well, ever since Blake has been getting older and older {and I’ve been out of the baby loop for a while now} I’ve been doing my research and compiling a list of new baby products I would be excited about trying. Since I have no idea how much time I’ll have AFTER baby is born, I figured I’d post about all these items now. Here is my list! Keep in mind all the links are NOT affiliate links and these companies aren’t paying me to say nice things about them. I just genuinely like their stuff…time will tell if baby likes their products too 😉

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 11.53.45 PM

Britax B-Agile3/B-Safe 35 stroller & car seat travel system

I am a big Britax fan. We had a Britax car seat with Blake and it worked well {not that we were in any car accidents or anything} and had great product and safety reviews, so we decided to get the latest {and safest} car seat Britax had to offer for this baby, called the B-Safe 35 Elite Car Seat {pictured above…Blake thinks its a recliner!}. The B-Agile 3 Stroller also came with the travel system and it seems to be one of the lightest, most convenient strollers I’ve ever used…not that I’ve used it a ton, but when pushing Blake around in it, it’s been great! Get yours here.


Freshly Picked Moccasins

You guys, I just about DIED when I got these teeny tiny shoes in the mail! When Blake was born, moccasins weren’t really a “thing”. But since then, I have completely fallen in love with the look of these guys and the idea of having babies toes covered, warm and in a shoe that doesn’t have a hard sole. These are from a company called Freshly Picked in weathered brown. Get a pair here.


Solly Baby Wraps

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this wrap. A few moms recommended this wrap to me, so naturally, I had to see what all the fuss was about and get one! I’ve never had a baby wrap before but really like the idea. From what I’ve heard they’re SO SO comfortable…and cute too 🙂 I got mine in Grey & Natural Stripe found here.


Little Sapling Toys

I’m kinda-sorta in love with wooden toys! Ever since I had Brooke almost SEVEN {gulp} years ago, I’ve always preferred wooden toys over plastic ones because they lasted so much longer and stayed new-looking for years. I heard about this brand from another blogger and after one click through to their website, I was sold! I ordered this moose teether, a personalized rattle {with our baby’s name on it…which we’re not revealing quite yet} and some Alphabet Wall Art, all made of wood. Order yours here.


Stokke Steps System

I don’t really remember who referred me to Stokke, but boy am I glad that I heard about this company. Their Ergonomic Stokke Steps Chair is a product I can use from the time this baby is born up until he’s 3! Click through to see all the different transformations this one chair makes. I LOVE that we can have our little baby at the dinner table with us instead of me having to hold him. Get this high chair here.


4moms mamaRoo and bounceRoo

Ever since Carrian mentioned the mamaRoo to me, I’ve been a little obsessed. It’s like *the best* baby swing/rocking chair/person-holding-baby-simulator I’ve ever seen! The movements this product makes are so smooth that they mimic someone holding your baby. It moves up and down, side to side just like parents do! Brilliant. Also, the bounceRoo is a perfect, lightweight, portable seat that vibrates. Perfect for an infant. Get these amazing seats here.


Simple Sawyer

I first heard about this Etsy shop from the Gardner Quad Squad who dressed their quadruplets in these adorable outfits. Since I was trying to get pregnant and then miraculously GOT pregnant when their babies were in these cute sweatsuits, I made am mental note to get some for this next baby! I have the Heather Grey Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in 0-3 months and the Mustard Yellow Sweatpants and Sweatshirt in 3-6 months. I can’t wait for this baby to get here so I can dress him in these cute cute clothes!! Order these outfits here.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.06.59 AM

June and January

So, this company made me fall in love with them because their clothes looked so darling on everyone! Ha! I blame the company. They have a lot of girl items, so I was a little hesitant at first to order anything for a boy, but then a few other items kept calling to me and I just HAD to get these lounge pants in cobalt and onyx stripe {with matching hats!} and some jumpers, one in cobalt and one in wasabi! And yes, wasabi is like a neon green…and I kind of LOVE it. All of their clothes are lightweight and seem so darn comfortable: stretchy, colorful fabric that feels almost like yoga pants for babies! I’m excited to see how fast this baby grows so I can get him in these fun outfits!!

So there you have it. A quick little list of products I have at my house RIGHT NOW that I’m dying to try. Stay tuned for this little boy making his grand debut sometime in the upcoming few days!



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  1. Whitney S.

    So just curious about the Stokke chair….i have heard great things about it too! But, did you buy all of the components for it? I would want them all, but not sure my wallet would! 🙂 I’m just curious what others do with it and what works best. I want one for my next baby!