Baby Update {10 months}

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IMG_0333 copySo, February only has 28 days! No 29th to celebrate his 10 month birthday, but we’re doing it anyways 🙂

Here’s the latest and greatest:

My baby boy is still a bottomless pit. Will eat anything you put in front of him except peas. He lunges forward to try and eat whatever it is you’re eating if he happens to be in your arms at the same time. LOVES little bites of bread and yogurt. He would eat yogurt non stop if we let him! He doesn’t like yogurt with fruit chunks in it which is exactly what I hate about fruity yogurts. Maybe he’ll take after me!

Blake finally started cruising along furniture and has even had the guts to try and reach out to go from the couch to the ottoman. He still refuses to crawl and is sticking with his army crawl on his tummy. I have caught his a few times rocking back onto his knees, but he doesn’t seemed too thrilled with the idea of using them. Ha! He’ll also scoot along the floor on his bum too to move. He still doesn’t try to pull himself up much…he’s very cautious. The whole transferring from sitting to crawling to pulling himself up to stand doesn’t seem to interest him much.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.37.41 PMI’ve noticed most recently that he’s getting a lot more sensitive to noises and the emotions of others around him. If I’m happy and start laughing, he will too. If Brooke is sad, he will start to cry right along side her. He also doesn’t like getting scared or loud noises. The blender and vacuum cleaner are his nemesis. I also sneezed the other day which startled him and he started to cry. He was not a fan of that.

I divide his baths between the kitchen sink and the big bathtub. He loves the ‘showers’ he gets in the kitchen sink though and doesn’t mind getting water in his eyes or on his face. Splashing is his very favorite thing to do ever and I typically get drenched when I bathe him. He also thinks it’s pretty hilarious to scoot on his bum around the bathtub in the water. Plus, it’s slippery so he moves faster!

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.37.36 PMI think he picked up a couple pounds this last month because he is feeling heavier and heavier these days. My arms are getting all buff just by carrying his car seat to and from the car!

He’s pretty much weaned himself from nursing and hates drinking from a bottle because he doesn’t want to sit still to drink anything. I tried everything to get him to keep nursing, but he would scream every time I’d try to hold him still to eat. Any time you try to hold him still he screams, come to think of it. THAT should be fun in the next few months. His favorite way to drink a bottle is with his head tilted way back {so he’s almost upside down} so he can see what’s going on in the room. He has tried to drink his bottle sitting up straight, but bottles don’t exactly flow northward. He takes about 3 sometimes 4 bottles a day. 8 oz in the morning and between 4-6 oz the rest of the feedings, depending on his appetite. He also always wants to hold the bottle himself. He’s seriously getting to be so independent.

Blake is pretty much down to 1 {2-ish hour} nap per day and goes go bed right around 7pm to sleep 12 hours straight through. We do a small book with him, rock him a couple minutes and lay him down in his crib. He just rolls over and goes right to sleep! Not one peep. It is glorious! When he was 4 months old, this is what I would think about during those night feedings. Finally, I made it through those rough nights and I’m out the other end. Everyone sing it with me: HALLELUJAH!

He is really into clapping these days and his clap is actually pretty loud. It’s so cute!! He claps all the time, like when he’s happy and even when he’s not, he just claps away. Totally hilarious 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.37.52 PM

Questions for you:

-Did any of your kids wean themselves? I feel like this may have happened to one or two of you before?!

-Am I totally in trouble with this little busy body baby? Boys are usually go-go-go all the time, right? Should I just get used to the chaos now?

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11 Responses
  1. Eddie at 10 months | Lauren's Latest

    […] He still doesn’t crawl, though I’ve seen him crawl a few strides. He prefers to army crawl his way around. {Blake at 10 months wasn’t crawling either!!} […]

  2. Kathryn

    Hi Lauren! Have you tried just giving Blake a cup instead of a bottle? My nephew weened himself, but he did not want a bottle, he went straight to a sippy cup at 7 months old. Maybe try a sippy cup with handles and see how he likes that. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Ashley | Our Full Table

    My son weaned himself at 11 months. It was heart breaking for me. I wasn’t ready. He started a biting spree and just wouldn’t let up. My milk supply was gone within a week. But dealing with a screaming baby at the boob isn’t fun.

  4. Susanne

    My little guy (another Blake!) weaned himself at 11 months and we went straight to cows milk at pediatrician’s suggestion.

  5. Nikki @Seeded at the Table

    He is still so beautiful! Those EYES! Yes…boys are busy bodies…so start getting used to it! haha! Judah is ALL over the place and Simon is right there with him. 😉

  6. Kori

    My youngest boy weaned himself at 10 months too, just like your sweetheart: to busy to nurse. I pumped and supplemented with goats milk until 13 or 14 months. Then just goats milk for a few months then onto whole milk.

    Your deer little boy is the absolute cutest!

    Take care mama!

  7. Amy

    I love these baby updates 🙂 Blake is such a cutie pie. I have 2 boys myself & I’m totally inventing a girl repellent! 😉 My older son just turned 2 (my younger one is 6 weeks) and yes, the chaos never stops! Ha!! It’s go go go from the min he wakes up till the min he goes to bed! But what a joy they are!!

  8. Andrea

    My youngest of two boys weaned himself at 10 months…..too busy to sit and nurse! I asked my ped about going straight to whole milk with him rather than 2 months of formula and then milk. She said it was fine, and I’m really glad we went that route. Boys are very busy, but some more than others…my oldest is pretty chill, bit my younger one can’t sit still and I way more of a handful!

  9. Samantha Dorion

    Hey Lauren! Your little guy is growing so fast and he’s adorable! Rolan just started sitting up on his own. He sounds a little like your little guy. Very cautious. I know he can roll over cuz he did it once out of anger but doesn’t seem interested in flipping over to crawl at all. He’s only 7 months so we will see if he skips crawling. Maybe he will do the bum scoot too! Lol he loves standing so maybe straight to that!

    Anyways, I just wanted to drop you a line since I never comment. I really enjoy all your updates and recipes!

  10. Kelsey

    He is such a cutie! My little girl is almost 9 months and is also a busy body! I am totally jealous of your nighttime routine and that he sleeps for 12 hours straight!! We have had some issues with ear infections the past few months, so I’m starting to forget what a full night’s sleep feels like. I also have an almost 3-year-old boy and can tell you that, yes, they are always into everything!! But they are also the sweetest and will definitely keep you entertained! 🙂

  11. Melissa D.

    What a sweet update! I just became a FB fan so it is fun to see the personal side of things in your life! Thanks for sharing.
    My youngest (of three) also weaned himself from nursing. I would likely have nursed him for quite a while longer but at about one year (or a little before if I am honest), he really fought the whole “lay down and snuggle, it’s time to nurse” thing. He was getting his nutrients through other food so there were not issues on that end but I missed my baby snuggle time for sure!
    He’s nine now and a wonderful kiddo! Your little one is adorable! Best of luck with everything!