Baby Update {2 months old!!}

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Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 9.08.59 PMMy baby boy is almost 11 weeks old! Incase you were wondering time is not standing still for me. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday for his 2 month check up and his shots. Poor little dude took them like a champ. He only really cried on the last one and then calmed right down.  *Big sister did not take her shots very well as a baby.

So all his stats are in: he’s 13 ½ pounds exactly, 24 inches long and has a big ol’ head. Totally could have told you that as I was pushing that sucker out. #yowza It’s 41 cm around which is the 93rd percentile. Basically, he’s growing at a great pace and hopefully sucking all the fat out of his momma. 😉 He has a really strong neck, yet hates tummy time with a passion. He’s averaging waking up once a night giving me a 6-7 hour stretch which is amazing if I go to bed when he does which is usually NEVER. I’m smart like that and clearly prefer Dawson’s Creek reruns.

As far as my weight loss goes, I’m about 3 pounds away from my first milestone which is my high school weight and then I’m hoping to loose another 10 pounds to be where I was at when miss Brooke was about 8 months old. I stayed at this weight for about 2 years or so and then it started to creep back up because of all the fertility meds I took to get pregnant with Blakers. I did keep running throughout this time- I think my body just got used to it. Womp womp.

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 9.09.14 PMNoteworthy things:

-I’ve started using the MyFitnessPal app to track my calories. I’ll usually consume 1700-2000 calories per day. I find that limiting my calories to 1200 actually does the reverse thing to my body and I end up gaining weight, so I added an extra 500 to make up for breastfeeding and it seems to be doing the trick. The extra weight is coming off slow and steadily, so that’s good J Progress!

-I’m slowly getting my running stamina back. I can go 2 miles now without stopping and walk 4 before I need to go home with my tired kids. {Yes, I bring my kids with me….its annoying, but better than getting up early to run!} I also am doing a few Jillian DVD’s and P90X {but like half of the workouts…I don’t have time for the whole thing!} I really just want a flat stomach again. AHHH!!!

-I also signed up to do a DietBet. Check it out if you’re interested in losing 4% of your body weight in a month and betting on it. Everyone who reaches their goal gets to split the pot. It’s an extra motivational thing for me to keep my eating on track. Right now, the pot within the group I joined is past $20,000! Totally awesome J Check it out!

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  2. Jolene (

    He is so cute!!

    That dietbet thing sounds really interesting … but also a little dangerous. When money is involved I would guess that a lot of people might go to some extremes to lose the weight.