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Baby Update {6 months old!}

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IMG_0094This boy kills me!!!! I cannot believe he is already 6 months. Day by day, things seem to drag on, but looking back it’s like they just flew right by. CRAZY!

The biggest news is probably that he’s started on some solids! Stinky brown poop, here we come! *shudder*

We only started him on some veggies a few weeks ago and rice cereal a few weeks before that. Blake can seriously pack it away! Probably why he’s so…..hefty.

IMG_0097 copyHis favorites BY FAR are pureed sweet potato and butternut squash with a tiny sprinkle of cinnamon. He thinks bananas are weird and doesn’t really like them, but will eat them most of the time.

He HATES peas.

Avocados and more veggies to come!

He has his well baby check next week, so I’ll have to come edit this post and put in his stats. I’m guessing he’s about 18 pounds. He’s long and pretty active, but totally SOLID. He’s in size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothing. This little boy of mine is turning into such a big baby! It’s crazy!

Speaking of pretty active….I put him down in one spot and 5 minutes later he’s totally somewhere else. Case in point:photo-7He started on that play mat…..I started a load of laundry….a few minutes later, he’s rolled all the way over here! He also kicks his legs a bunch to scoot on his back around the floor. I’m so glad I have a sunken living room so he has boundaries! Except I’ll probably be cursing them once he starts crawling!! Yikes.
IMG_0101 copyHe’s a big fan of his fingers. He loves putting anything and everything into his mouth. I think he has some teeth coming in, but they haven’t reared their big ugly heads yet.

Sleepwise, he’s waking up about twice every night. He’ll sleep from about 8:30-2 or sometimes 3. Then he’ll be up again at 5:30. Sometimes he’ll go right back to sleep with a pacifier but usually I need to feed him. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and he’ll sleep 8:30-5:30 which is AMAZING but that’s only happened twice. *womp womp* I’m hoping his sleep gets better for my sake, but who knows. I’ve thought about letting him cry it out, but my daughter wakes up so easily. I’ve tried putting fans in their rooms too, but it doesn’t seem to help. Ahhh, babies.

Soooo, questions for you lovely people:

What tips and tricks do you/did you use on your kiddo’s to get them to sleep through the night?

And, what pureed foods did your kids love and hate?

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15 Responses
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  3. krissyw

    I have a 12 month old and he started sleeping through the night shortly after we introduced solids, (4-5 months) When do you do the rice? I used to do it in the early evening and it seemed to fill his belly for a good nights sleep. Your kids are adorable.

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  5. Anna

    Blake is a cutie! Sounds like he’s already sleeping through the night. Sleeping through the night actually means a 5-6 hour stretch. He’s still so young, night wakings are normal (waking up 1-2x is awesome! Wish my little guys only woke up that many times at this age!). Sleeping through the night is a developmental milestone he will reach when he’s ready, just like with crawling, walking, talking, etc. Teething, sickness, working on new milestones can all cause night wakings. I would recommend Elizabeth Pantley’s book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution for gentle sleep tips.

    As for solids, my first son wasn’t a huge fan of solids until 11 months though he did like bananas and sweet potatoes. With my 2nd son, I took more to a Baby Led Solids approach (letting him feed himself with soft finger foods).

  6. Kelly

    routine is key, we did the same thing every night. When I put mine in the crib for the night i pushed this little bunny/bear that said the no i lay me down to sleep prayer. I did the prayer only at night time sleep. My son was not a paci baby so he fussed for about 5 minutes and then went right to sleep for the whole night starting at 9 weeks. He was a big boy too and the cereal before bed did the trick. My daughter was a paci baby and we followed the same routine: 7 pm bath or wipe down, jammies on, read a story, gave a bottle, pushed the praying animal and then out like a light.

    Food: my son ate everything. My daughter ate 4 things. She would not eat baby food at all!!!!! I am serious!!! She ate bananas, avocados, milk and baby puffs. I just put chunks of avocado down and she gobbled them up. She loves rice but she will be 5 in two weeks and still will not eat mashed potatoes. I don’t understand.

  7. Erin @ The Grass Skirt

    OMG- he is so cute! My son turns a year old tomorrow, and I can hardly believe it. Why do they have to grow up so fast?

  8. Laura @ The Rookie Cook

    My daughter absolutely loved almost any puree we put in front of her. Although it didn’t take her long to realize that we were eating something different than here and pretty soon she was eating our food instead of pureed foods.
    If you figure something out about the night waking, let me know! I let my daughter cry it out at 6 mos and it lasted one miserable night. After that, she was great! (Although I probably wouldn’t have let her cio if she hadn’t been waking almost every hour to feed. Many people say a breastfed baby will continue waking 1 – 2x a night) However, it’s gotten worse again, and I’m tired of all the crying, but mostly I would just like to get a decent night’s sleep again!

  9. Summer

    First, I would consider your little guy to only be getting up once. 5:30 am is morning to many kids! What I have generally heard is that if a child wakes up at the same time every night, it’s a habit. If they wake at different times, it’s hunger. Once you identify the root problem, then you can find a solution.

    What helped my son was to offer a bottle with water instead of milk in the night once he hit six months. If hewas happy with that, then he was just thirsty or wanting some comfort. If he was still upset, it was something else like being hot or cold, hunger, acid reflux, or a bad dream.

    The No Cry Sleep Solution book also has a great approach to night waking and the baby who is dependent on night nursing. I also LOVE the Baby Whisperer. She is very into independent sleep skills and routines, but without letting the child cry alone. Cry-it-out is easy for the parent, but it seems pretty selfish on the parent’s part in my opinion. Those two books/appraoches have GREAT options that are gentler on the child, but accomplish the same goal: a child who sleeps better.

    We also always gave my son baby food meat with his dinner starting around 6 months. I know I always sleep better if I have a complete protein with dinner! If I just have veggies and rice for dinner, it’s a guarantee that I will have my face in a bag of taco chips around 10:00 pm. I think the same thing applies to babies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Suzanne

    I’ve used the BabyWise method with all three of my children and plan to use it with my fourth (due next year). I just can’t handle getting up during the night for so many months. We are all miserable when that happens. Usually it only takes a few nights for them to “cry it out” then it’s pretty smooth sailing from there. As far as your daughter who is a light sleeper, it might be worth it to have her wake up a couple of nights in a row if it means that cute little Blake starts sleeping straight through the night after that. That’s my two cents. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Christina Gathright

    So much cuteness! Both of my little ones loved sweet potatoes! Neither were crazy about bananas until they had a couple of teeth come in. As for sleeping my two were like day and night. Dylan has been an awesome sleeper his whole 2 1/2 years and Avery didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was about 11 months, she’ll be 14 months this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s crazy how we can adapt to very little sleep.

  12. Amy

    Opps! Forgot to answer your other question! ๐Ÿ˜‰ My son LOVED purรฉed carrots. I made all his food as well & that was his fav. As he got a few mon older I added baked chicken to it. Mmm! Also made him baby stew & baby shepherd’s pie. He loved em both. He’s a chunk, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Amy

    Oh my. He is a total sweetheart. Eeeeek! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it!! This brings back memories. My son is 1.5 now but at 6 months I had no choice but to let him cry it out. It only took 2 nights! SO worth it!! Cause he too woke up 2-3 times a night & it got quite exhausting. We downloaded this app on our iPod touch that we no longer used & it’s ‘white noise’ that plays through a speaker. It’s great! It calmed him down so quick & after those 2 crying nights he slept 8:30-9am every night. So wonderful!! And he’s kept up that schedule except its 9-9 now. Good luck with your lil tooter! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He’s oh so cute & they love playing tricks on us.

  14. rita kavanaugh

    So far aarin loves bananas in his rice cereal, he likes apples okay, carrots not so much yet. We are getting ready to try squash next! I’d love to tell you my tips, but aaron wakes 2 times still ๐Ÿ™