Baby Update + Weight Loss Progress {sort of}

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So, I’ve been sort of a slacker on my family page….but it’s only because I’ve been busy with my family! Aren’t they cute?! I think so.

Baby Blake has been a wonderful addition to our family and Brooke has adapted so so well to having him here. No jealously so far {knock on wood}! She basically just loves her brother and wants to squeeze him like crazy….literally. I tell her to be gentle, but she’s starting to forget what that means. Gord loves his little boy and always takes him in the evenings when he’s a little fussy so I can get some work done {bless his heart…}. I forgot to make him a 2 month appointment when I took him to his 2 week checkup, so I’ll have OFFICIAL stats in a few more weeks, but here’s what I know:

-Blakeman has officially grown out of his newborn clothing and is now sporting everything 3-month size. I guesstimate he’s 11 pounds and very long.

-His cheeks are getting bigger along with his double chin and thighs 🙂 I love chubby babies!!

-He’s starting to crack some smiles here and there. This photo is the best smile pic I could snap thus far. He has two dimples just like his Daddy!

IMG_0360 -His eyes are starting to get bigger and bigger and they’re slowly changing into a lighter blue color.

-He can also hold his head up like a champ!! Boy’s got some serious neck skillz.

-He hates tummy time and even rolled over to get out of doing it! I think it was just a fluke thing, but I’ll keep you posted.IMG_0359-When he was first born, I had no idea who he looked like. I certainly thought he was completely different from how Brooke looked when she was this young. WELL, turns out they’re a lot more similar than I thought. Isn’t this crazy!! IMG_0341-Sometimes Blake hates his sister. The stuff he has to put up with sometimes makes him hate his life. Having bubbles in his tummy, trying to toot out his farts and his sister are things that sometimes make his suuuuuper cranky.

-His hair is mostly blonde, but in the right light looks red!! This comes from my husbands side of the family. Wouldn’t he be so cute with strawberry blonde hair?! I think yes.

IMG_0390-Blake is slowly getting used to his car seat. He used to hate it, but now that he’s a little bigger and on more of a set schedule, he does better in it.

-The sleep situation is going really well. I get on average a 5 1/2 hour stretch of sleep followed by another 3 hours or so. It’s lovely and a whole lot more than I ever got from Brooke at this age. But, I also think I’m adapting a lot quicker to a lot less sleep. I feel exhausted by 6 pm, but at least I have energy for the majority of the day.

IMG_0302Now for the weight loss situation…or lack thereof.

I weighed about 10 lbs less than I did when I delivered Brooke. I lost a big chunk of that in the first 2 weeks after giving birth. Now, things are tapering off slowly. Right now, I weigh about what I did when I got pregnant with him….maybe 2 pounds less?! This is great progress, but I’m soooooooo jelly-ish. Nothing is toned and my love handle situation is out of control. SO, I’ve started meeting up with a few friends and we’re running the track at the high school. I used to be a big runner, but then stopped once I got pregnant. Mainly because I was too sick/tired to get out of bed. So now I’m trying to get back on the horse. I’m not pushing myself as much as I probably should, but I’m ok with that.

I average about 1 lb of weight loss per week. And this is with NOT cutting out treats, but drinking a butt load of water and getting my fruits and veggies in. By default, I’m less likely to have a treat when I drink enough water/eat the healthy things I should.

I should also note that Blake has a sensitive tummy, so I don’t typically have any chocolate, dairy or spicy foods. That really REALLY helps with the weight loss.

I’ve started logging my foods into the MyFitnessPal app and allot myself 1700 calories. I usually go over by 200. Meh.

As you can tell, I need a little motivation!!

My goal is to be down 8-10 pounds and running up to 5 miles by the time Blake is 4 months old and starting rice cereal. Once the solids start, my milk production sort of slows which means my weight loss slows too. I need to get going.

Feel free to leave any healthy snack ideas, motivational quotes or any weight loss tips you have! Any and all are appreciated. Thanks, friends!

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16 Responses
  1. Karli

    Such a fun post!! I love MyFitnessPal because they make it so easy to track all sorts of foods. So far I haven’t found anything that isn’t included in their database. I love that you’re not cutting out treats and all the yummy foods you create–it’s all about moderation and getting some activity. Sounds like you’re well on your way!

  2. Keeley

    You have a beautiful family and it looks like you’re ahead of the curve on getting in shape. This is my two cents: don’t restrict your calories too much while you’re nursing. Consider waiting until your son is 6 months old to introduce solids (guidelines recently changed). My son is 11 months old and I lost all the baby weight by exclusively breast feeding and making (reasonably) healthy food choices. When weather permits, I walk with his stroller. You look great!

  3. Karen

    Sorry to comment AGAIN….weight training is very important. Check out
    For your abs, just start with a basic plank and maybe some body weight training, squats, lunges, pushups and you will get plenty of bicep work lifting your baby. Be mindful before lifting and tighten your core.

    I waited until 6 months before introducing rice cereal to my babies and mixed it with my breast milk, and recent studies have supported the waiting until 6 months to introduce solids. You really shouldn’t restrict your calories when breastfeeding as you need about 300 extra calories to support it. ( Even I at my age of 57 eat over 2000/day.)
    I am just grateful that you and your family are healthy! You are a wonderful mother and person.

  4. Jenna Z

    I second what Karen said! You’re loosing weight at a steady pace… I’ve stalled and I think my boy is right at a week older than yours. BUT! I’m a couple of pounds lighter than when I started. Is there a reason you’re starting him on rice ceral so young? I would wait until at least 6 months. Little babies can’t digest it too well and your milk is more important!!

  5. Kim

    I love seeing your posts and this article. Kids are adorable. Keep up the running. My son will be 7 months on Saturday and I’m still having issues getting running in.

  6. Debra

    tone your abs ,laying flat on the floor or bed . hands behind your head, lift legs up then down but don’t touch the floor with your heels . Build up your count a few more each day.

  7. Debra

    eating 3 radish before a meal help fill you up & a fat blocker. Also as they say your morning meal is the one that counts . So eat a healthy one. getting through the day with protein helps give you the energy boost we all need.

  8. Dianna

    I started every morning out with oatmeal or an oatmeal breakfast cookie (basically a cookie made with apple sauce, oats, raisins, nuts).
    This really has helped me loose weight.

  9. Christina Gathright

    He is just adorable! Beautiful family! It sounds like your weight loss is going really well. My daughter, Avery, is 9 months and I still have 10 lbs to lose 🙁 With my son the weight came off fast, but man you are very right about the body being all jelly like. If you have a few extra minutes after your run lift some weights. Nothing too crazy heavy, maybe just some 5 pounders depending on your strength level. It’ll make a huge difference in losing the weight and tightening back up. Muscle burns more fat

  10. Melissa B

    Such cuties! You make beautiful babies 🙂 You asked for advice, my first thought was Oh my gosh, she just had a baby she shouldn’t be worrying about that. But my old thinking is why I ended up at my highest weight ever (even 9 mo pg) last year…. so I decided I should rethink. My advice: Let go of the numbers. You just had a baby. You are doing the right things by eating healthy and exercising. Take measurements if you need to, but try not to worry about the scale. Your body is still going through major post baby adjustment. Take care of you, take care of them and the rest will be ok.

  11. Cookin Canuck

    What wonderful photos of your little one! And go easy on yourself with the weight loss thing. One pound per week is actually fantastic and definitely the healthy way to go. In the meantime, keep posting those pics of your beautiful family.

  12. Anna M Contreras

    Super cute little guy, and such a happy family! Two thumbs up on the weight loss, you will totally knock out the rest!

  13. Karen

    Great pictures, and really love your honesty. I laughed when I saw Brooke rubbing Blake’s head…just remember my daughter being in my son’s face and how annoyed he was. There are 4 years between my children too. A little motherly advice if you don’t mind. I think you should be eating more calories, (especially since you are nursing) and giving yourself more slack and less deadlines in the working out department. Do not get me wrong…I was a runner when I had my babies and am still, at age 57 very fit as I workout with Cathe F daily. I nursed my babies (total of 7 years). Nurse your baby as long as you want, eat more calories, stress about working out less, and wait until he is 6 months or so to introduce solids. I love your blogs, and many of your recipes are regulars in my cooking rotations! I can’t wait until your ecookbook comes out in hardback…yes, am old fashioned.