Baby’s Nursery

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Finally, I have a finished nursery! Boy oh boy was this a long time coming. We had a wall to take down, a closet to expand, walls to paint and babies to grow, but by george we got there! Hallelujah.

Here’s a quick peek into the baby’s nursery. I’ll try to explain where I got what, but a lot of this was already in our house from when Blake was a baby 🙂

DSC01632 copy

Emerson Crib in navy from Pottery Barn. We bought this last year or maybe even the year before when Blake was still in a crib. We ended up switching him to a big boy bed sooner than we had expected though, so we stored this little gem in our garage hoping that mayyyybe there would be another baby in our future. And lo and behold, we were blessed with another 🙂 Read about that story here.

Our crib sheets are just from Target. I really like the jersey sheets because they just seem so cozy! Best $9 I ever spent.

DSC01636 copy

Changing table is from I love this table because the top part is totally removable so I can use this as a regular dresser down the road. It’s not just limited to baby usage. The shelf is courtesy of a 2015 windstorm blowing down a portion of our fence. My husband just added some brackets to it and voila! Shelf. Wooden alphabet art from Little Sappling Toys.

Basket from Target. I just threw blankets in here…will probably end up storing toys too.

DSC01648 copy

Plush rocking chair from Costco that I picked up 2 1/2 years ago or so. Picked up that pillow from New Orleans a few years ago. Art on the wall is from Minted which I LOVE. The arrow shelf is from Hobby Lobby.


An unclose picture of this art on the wall from Minted. So cute!

DSC01630 copy

And the bookshelf is another find from Homegoods. Nursery Art from Minted, the empty picture frame and propeller are also from Hobby Lobby.

So there she blows! Now all we need is the baby 🙂 Fingers crossed for this week.


PS-I’m also planning on getting birth announcements from Minted for this baby too! They are so stinking’ cute 🙂 Check them out here.


PPS- from today until January 31st, Minted has 15% off all their art + gifts. Simply use promo code VDAYGIFTS upon check-out 🙂


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9 Responses
  1. Jenny Busch

    Your efforts on baby room are great. your little one must be here by now, I can’t hardly wait for pictures.
    I’m a collector of little bulldogs, would you part with the one in one your pictures? ” I’m serious” ! Please email me?

  2. Marilyn Brennan

    Lauren how inviting and picture-perfect. I was just picturing things on the floor, dirty baby clothes and some normal mess things. But the room would still be darling with a lot of personality. We can’t wait to hear about the new little boy!!

  3. sandra

    looks like a nice place love the chair looks comfy I hope and pray your delivery goes good I had 4 kids I know how deliveries can go they are all different I wish you all well

  4. Alison C

    What’s the name of the grayish color paint on the wall? I’m looking for a similar color that would work well with navy. Thanks and the nursery looks great!