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Beauty Tuesday Week 4–Nordstrom Personal Stylist

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YOU GUYS! I did something so fun this week for Beauty Tuesday 🙂 I went to Nordstrom and got styled! It’s an absolutely FREE service that gave me one on one time with the stylist of my choice. I got so many good ideas on cute outfits, what would work well on my post-pregnant-now-nursing-body type and tried on several outfits as well. I told her I wanted to get out of my rut of not feeling cute and she was ON IT. You can watch the video to get the whole story and more details, but I’ll try to type out all the info I can think of.

The Process

I basically just googled “Nordstrom Personal Stylist Portland” and a few options popped up.

I clicked on the first link that took me to this page and then clicked “book an appointment” button. Seriously, it’s that easy.

I selected the Nordstrom closest to me, what kind of appointment I wanted {I chose the 2-hour woman update because, lets be honest, that’s what I need}, given the option to choose who my stylist would be and what times were available for the appointment.

After I filled all that out, I received an email from my stylist asking me questions about my lifestyle, trends or looks I like, my sizes and links to my fashion-related Pinterest boards.

I replied back with as much detail as possible and then went to my appointment a few days later.


How was your Personal Stylist Appointment?

When I arrived, my stylist, Kelly, greeted me and had a whole dressing room filled with outfits for me to try. Aaaand, I was so excited because a lot of them were very similar to outfits I had just pinned on Pinterest! It was amazing.

So, basically, she let me lead the appointment from start to finish, checking in on me every 10-15 minutes or so. She would come in to see if I needed smaller or larger sizes, different items to try or how I was feeling about certain looks she had pulled for me.

Several times, she did say “please don’t feel pressure to buy anything” which was really appreciative.

I did end up buying several of the items she had pulled for me, but she had EVERYTHING I was looking for. All her bases covered. I even told her I was at Nordstrom a few weeks prior trying on jeans and came away empty handed because I had chosen the wrong ones! Duh, Lauren.

We ended a few minutes early because I just zoomed through everything, plus my husband was with my cranky, hungry baby at Nordstrom Cafe, so I had to rush a little.

Overall, I was really happy with the service, mainly because she had my style down to a T. I told her what I wanted, what I was looking for and she totally delivered.



What did you buy?

I tried to take as many pictures as possible to document the process for Beauty Tuesday, so here are some of the outfits I tried with links and details:


Hinge Army Jacket // Madewell tank top // Paige Denim Skinny Jeans


My own jean jacket {similar here} // Stem Ruched Black Tank Dress // Steve Madden Slip-On Sandals


Lush woven tunic // Paige Denim Skinny Jean



Madewell Flutter Sleeve Dress {tried them on with the Paige jeans because I didn’t want to take them off! This ‘outfit’ was not approved by the stylist ;)}



Paige Demin Skinny Jeans // Madewell ‘Whisper’ Cotton V-neck Tee // Chest Pocket Demin Vest by Madewell


AG-Ed Denim -The Prima Crop // CurrentElliot White Jean Jacket // Army Green shirt


Madewell striped shirt // “destroyed” jeans by Current/Elliot


Madewell striped tank {similar here}// Madewell denim jacket // jeans same as above


So, after seeing all those outfits {and trying on more that I didn’t take any pictures of}, here’s what I decided to buy:

‘Whisper’ Cotton V-neck tee’s in black, army green and pink–these shirts are so comfy! And under $20 each. Score.

Prima Crop Jeans–these are so so comfy! Left them at the store to get hemmed for free!

Paige Denim Highlight Skinny Jeans–also so so comfy! These are the ones Kelly referred to as yoga pant jeans. They are so awesome! These had to get hemmed too.

Chest Pocket Denim Vest by Madewell–I’ll have this forever and I think it’s so cute!!

Ruched Black Tank dress–so freaking soft and comfortable. Perfect to dress up or dress down.

Hinge Utility Vest {not pictured because they didn’t have my size, but I certainly ordered it!}


Overall, I feel like this was money well spent! The bulk of my total went to jeans because those tend to be on the pricey side, but everything else I purchased was on sale.


Moral of the Story

I don’t know fashion.

Nordstrom Personal Stylists do! {At least Kelly certainly did.}

I didn’t feel pressure to buy, even though I went in thinking I would.

I loved the items they picked out for me.

Nordstrom does free alterations!!! Hallelujah!

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe or just get an outfit for a special event, I would highly recommend this service. Slash Kelly at Washington Square Nordstrom in Portland.


Do you like the items I kept? Have you done anything like this before? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below 🙂 Have a great Tuesday, friends. xoxo


**some links listed above are affiliate links 🙂


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11 Responses
  1. Lana

    I may have just gotten lucky one weekend, but I was shopping at the I.N.C. section of Macy’s at the Galleria in Roseville, CA, when I encountered THE most fantastic CSR. She made recomendations based on my body type; when I reached for an XL, she coaxed me into trying a Large instead (it fit!); she coordinated ensembles for me to try that I never would have put together. When I lose the last of my 38 lbs,. I will be seeking her out for a complete wardrobe overhaul. With personal service like that, it’d be silly to shop elsewhere! Personal service has gone out style for some companies, and the younger employees don’t seem to be familiar with the concept. But, if I find someone who gives me five star service, I’m a loyal customer for life!

  2. Christy

    Thanks for sharing this! I went and used this service this past weekend as a result.

    One thing to note, I was told they do not do free alterations. They only do up to $100 of alterations a year “free” IF you open a Nordstrom card. I ended up doing this since I got 3 dresses that needed to be taken in at the top, as well as a blazer that needed arms shortened. I was well over the $100 of alterations, so just keep that in mind when you’re going into it.

  3. Katie

    I don’t know how you left that white jacket behind! So so cute! Love everything you tried and selected. What a neat service, I’ll have to give it a shot!

  4. Allison Jones

    I loved this! I have worked in retail clothing for years and I have always loved helping women find pieces that made them feel beautiful, and themselves!! Not someone else’s version. I recently cut my hair into an A-line bob, with the front a couple inches below the chin with a little stack in the back. I can still pull it back, wear it curly(natural) or dry and straighten it. As for color, go with natural blonde highlights and maybe the chestnut underneath? I love that contrast, and it’s really fun!

  5. Andrea

    Thank you for sharing this. I had a baby six months ago and don’t like any of my current clothes for a number of reasons. This is just what I need!!! Wondering if they gave you any written information on the pieces so you know what they showed incase you want to purchase later?

    1. Lauren

      No, they didn’t but I didn’t ask! I took pictures of the labels though so I could link to them in this post 🙂

  6. Fellow Canuck

    Thank you for sharing all of your great stories about life. The Nordstrom stylist blog hooked me. I didn’t even know it existed. I love when the Canadian comes out in you!

  7. Karen

    Love the jeans, also really liked both of the striped shirts on you. Think this looks like a lot of fun. Think you made good choices. I would not cut your hair really short…maybe a few inches because you need to be able to put it up. Like your current color. Think about the maintenance if you go too much from your regular color.

  8. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    I had no idea this service was available! I am definitely going to have to check it out. While I also do Stitch Fix, I find that I rarely want to keep more than 1 or 2 items because it either just isn’t my style or the price is too high (despite me telling them my price range, over and over…). You got some great stuff!

  9. Cindy

    Thank you for showing cute modest current fashion. Also thanks for not being a size zero just days after giving birth. You showed outfits that interest me and things that would look good on lots of body types. I’ve got a few ideas for myself now! 🙂

  10. jodi

    I have never done this. I struggle with matching things together too. Now only if I had one close to me. May have to try the online one. Love the clothes you kept. I would cut your hair shoulder length so you can still put it up. Have a great vacation!!! Love Hawaii!!!!