Beauty Tuesday

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Welcome to Beauty Tuesday! Where I stop being a frumpy Mom and actually care about my appearance. Haha!

Between the sleepless nights that come with having a baby, being a Mom to two other kids, being a wife to a painfully good looking man and all my work that never seems to end, there ain’t a lot of time for me. Plus, having the weird not-skinny-but-not-pregnant physical attributes makes it hard to have a lot of self confidence. {Whyyyy can’t these last 12 pounds just melt away?}


So, I’m starting to do things with intention for me {and only me} to make myself feel great on the inside and out.

Up first? My hair.

I thought I needed a big drastic change to be happier with my appearance. Turns out, learning how to style my hair in a different way filled that craving and now I love the waves and the tighter curls!

What do you do to make yourself feel beautiful? I’d love to hear to give me more ideas for Beauty Tuesday!

This was the Motherhood Post I referred to in my video.

Still working on that baby weight, though these darn cookies are certainly making it difficult.

I use this curling iron with this hair tutorial.

Turns out texture spray was the key for styling with these curls. My hair dresser recommended this one from Kenra {a little goes a long way!}, though I want to try this one next.

Also, this is the best dry shampoo I’ve used!

Have a great day!


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10 Responses
  1. Chrik

    I barely used to wear makeup before I had kids, but now I find a touch of blush and eyeliner can help me feel somewhat normal. I also try to work out every night for the energy boost and simply for the feeling of having it together somewhat. You look great, Lauren! Finding something small that can make a huge difference may not be wild, but it helps makes you a great mom and wife.

  2. Catherine

    Hi Lauren!! Loved this video post! I have felt exactly the same way. I am a homeschooling mom of five ( my husband is in the army like yours) and I struggle with this is too! My oldest is 12 and I have a joke that I’ve been in my PJs since 2003, when he was born. It’s not exactly a joke, though, cause it’s pretty much true! So something I do to feel less frpy is simply get dressed! Actually changing into something that isn’t yoga pants or sweatpants makes a world of difference for me. Also, just taking a shower! I know, it sounds bad. I’m not an Elizabethan over here, but close! Being able to tell the difference between my asleep clothes and my awake clothes is really important though!
    Catherine in Kansas
    Long time reader, first time commenter
    PS thanks for all the amazing recipes. You have changed our world over here!!

  3. Chels

    I felt this way after I had my 3rd son and I went and chopped my hair off like 7 months after he was born. It was a cute cut, a nice healthy change for my hair, but I missed my long hair and I’ve been growing it back out ever since. I recently bought one of the NuMe styling wands ( love my wands) and the wands do make it easier to get those beachy waves and I use a sea salt texture spray on mine and I LOVE IT! So for me, what makes me feel beautiful and less frumpy…don’t laugh. But I love workout clothes and working out! I follow the Tone It Up girls for my workouts and I cannot swear by these workouts enough because they have really helped give me confidence in my appearance that I’ve never had before. I quit the gym and I do all my working out at home which is great for me because I also homeschool. But ,workout clothes…I love them! A new pair of leggings from VSX or Fabletics can do wonders for your mood when you workout and for me, that whole combination helps. Of course, workout clothes can be spendy, so I don’t buy a ton, but a new top or sports bra or leggings now and then really help boost my mood.

  4. sandra

    Beautiful picture you look really great for having a baby not long ago hope you feel as good as you look how you feel is important too

  5. Lori

    Hi Lauren! Just gotta say, I think you look amazing!! Love the curls, and did you lighten or highlight your hair too? Love it! You aren’t giving yourself enough credit. You are caring for 3 little ones, taking care of your household, running a blog and look great. I’d say you have your sh** together even though you may feel you don’t. Doing what you do is dang hard work, but so worth it. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m guilty of it as well, but trying to get over it. I don’t think social media has helped. I bet a lot of the people posting themselves in picture perfect lives, clothes, hair, and make up don’t always have their sh** together either. No one is perfect and put together all of the time. I think your beauty Tues. idea is a great idea! No matter how young or old we are it’s good to do little things for ourselves that make us feel good, and beautiful. It doesn’t always have to be something drastic.


  6. Jena

    Rodan + Fields is my beauty “secret”! I love it! It’s premium anti-aging skincare created by the same doctors who created Proactiv. Check it out! (I’d be happy to send you some samples!)

  7. Andrea

    You look great! I don’t even have little ones and I feel frumpy. I’m also addicted to my flat iron because it’s a way I can do my hair super fast. I’m 41 and don’t know how to curl my hair either. I have VERY natural curly hair and I hate it!
    I’m happy you didn’t chop your hair. If you love the long look, it’s something you’ll regret. I know I did when my kids were younger. Like you, I felt like I needed a DRASTIC change. Drastic sucks!
    The one thing I love most about your blog is that you are ‘average folk’ and you don’t come across as pretentious. Keep doing you!

  8. Robin

    You are adorable and your hair looks beautiful!! I am a first time mom to 6 month old twins and what makes feel less frumpy is showering and actually drying the front part of my hair! I don’t have time for any more than that but right now it’s the best I can do. Mascara also helps 🙂 I love your blog!