Berry Picking with the Kiddos

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The other day, Gord and I ventured out with the kids to pick some Oregon berries. The first time this season! I asked around and heard the best place {semi close} to go was Dave Heikes Berry Farm so off we went one 90 degree morning.

Even though it was quite the drive to get there, it was totally worth it! For this whole flat of berries, we paid only $7.50! We’re going to be eating berries all summer long!

Anyways, here are some of the photos I snapped in between all the picking.


Blake leading the way. Blueberries are his very favorite!



He basically was no help whatsoever. He just kept picking blueberries, showing them to us and then eating them.


Telling Dad all about his yummy berries.



Dirty little rascal!! Proof he just did blueberry eating. We went through ridiculous amounts of baby wipes!


I spy a Brooke in the raspberry bushes.


Brooke insisted on picking some flowers too. She is total girl through and through.



Because Portland is boiling and close to 100 degrees nearly every day this summer, a lot of these u-pick stands are closed. Hopefully once things cool down, things will open back up again for business. I miss having these beauties in my fridge!

If you are close to any u-pick fruit farms, I’d highly encourage you to go! It’s a great convincing way to get my kids to eat fresh, healthy food! Plus, you know exactly what you’re getting because you’re doing all the picking. Plus odds are you’re getting fruit that is perfectly ripe and sweet. Hopefully by summers end, I’ll have found some perfect summer peaches…my very favorite!

Happy Monday! New recipe coming up on Wednesday.

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