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Blackberry Picking

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Blackberries! In Oregon, we are lucky enough to enjoy all.the.berries. But because this summer has been so hot, our berry season was cut short. But that didn’t stop us from trying to find some blackberries a few days ago before school started up for Brooke! Here are a few photos from our trip. But because my kids are fruit addicts, we left with approximately zero blackberries. So, it was a nice little afternoon ‘field trip’. Ha!


Culprit #1.



Culprit #2.





IMG_0500 copy

This photo was obviously taken a few weeks prior to my latest pregnancy update 20 week photo which I posted yesterday! Yay for growing bellies! And babies. I mean BABY. There’s only 1.


This boy cracks me up. He’s just starting to like wearing sunglasses which is so fun!! Certainly makes for adorable pictures! Too cool for school.


And here’s a little PSA for all you ladies out there…I found a cute, non-maternity yet so ridiculously comfortable pair of pants that are perfect for fall {as seen in all these photos}! They are called the Stockholm Pant from Hanna Andersson Women’s Line. They’re like comfy sweatpants that totally don’t look like sweatpants. Totally acceptable for all occasions! Comfort at its finest. And if you have a burgeoning belly {like me!} they are crazy comfy. Stretch elastic waistbands will do that. ANYWAYS, I love ’em and thought you would too.

And, just fyi, Hanna Andersson has 20% off all of their sweaters and jackets right now! Click through here to take advantage of that whole situation.

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2 Responses
  1. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    Yep, all of our berries dried up quickly in the summer heat.
    My kids were such fruit freeks that I had them picking their own by 2 and 3. They consumed more than they ever got in the bucket for a few years. Ten years later they have more self control when picking fruit.

  2. Krista

    I grew up in Oregon and so miss the weather, and the berries! We used to pick at Minto-Brown Island park and then we had a few places just along our drive to the coast. Purple hands and faces were the norm with the kids when done. It was a sign they enjoyed the trip!