Bliss Cupcake Shop {Portland, OR}

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IMG_0176I love cupcakes. I think we all know this. I found another cute little cupcake shop in my neck of the woods called Bliss. Brooke and I stopped off here on a weekend when my husband was away at his drill before Blake was born. The lady behind the counter probably thought I was a starved pregnant lady considering me and my toddler ordered one of each of their baked flavors and proceeded to eat them all! LOL! Oh well.

IMG_0170So, lets dig into these babies!!

IMG_0174Also, lets take a moment to look at this cute chevron table!! I just about died when I saw it.

IMG_0180Moving on to these babies! This cupcake was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting. It had sprinkles, therefore it was Brooke’s favorite.

IMG_0182This was a really decadent triple chocolate cupcake . Their chocolate frosting was almost like fudge! Really sweet and thick.

IMG_0183I think this was their Limeberrylicious cupcake. Lime filling, berry frosting.

IMG_0185Birthday cake cupcake right here! Simple vanilla cake with that chocolate frosting!

IMG_0189Cookies and cream was a big hit! Loved this one.

IMG_0194My favorite of the day was their red velvet. The combination of cake + cream cheese frosting was divine!

IMG_0197Now for the mini ones! This one right in the middle was a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I loved this one because I’m a big time vanilla fan.

IMG_0200And, how cute is this little cupcake?! Bliss only makes these on the weekend. It’s called the breakfast in bed cupcake! It’s a maple cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a piece of bacon on top 🙂 So creative!

IMG_0203This is the Luscious Lemon cupcake. Lemon Cake, lemon frosting with raspberry filling. Loved how lemony this one was!

IMG_0202And, this cute one is the hummingbird cupcake. I love the dried piece of pineapple on top! So pretty!!

We had a great visit here and think you might want to stop by too if you’re around Portland!

Bliss Cupcake Shop
4708 NW Bethany Blvd
Portland OR 97229


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6 Responses
  1. Lisa

    This look delicious, makes me miss home even more. I’m from Oregon, I will have to stop by here the next time I make a trip home.

  2. Dea Zufelt

    My son is moving to Portland in June. We plan to visit in the fall. I’ll put this shop on my list. Thanks for the pictures! They all look wonderful.

  3. Sara | Simply Happenstance

    Passing this along to one of my best friends! She’s moving to the area this summer! They look delicious!! LOVE cupcakes!