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Brennan Baby #3!!

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IMG_0378Happy exciting news ahead!

Gordon, Brooke, Blake and I are so so excited to announce that a new little member will be joining our little clan this January!

We always wanted a third child but since it was such a struggle to conceive Blake/convince him that he wanted to leave heaven to join our super cool family, we weren’t sure how this whole ‘get pregnant’ thing was going to play out. We actually tried a few months prior to get pregnant with some fertility meds and clearly that was a bust. Ahh, infertility. What a pain in my side you are…literally. It is not awesome.

WELL, to our surprise, delight, shock, amazement, etc., etc., I was able to get pregnant without having to do any rounds of fertility medicine. When we actually found out that I was pregnant, Gord and I just sort of looked at each other and were like “um, ok?!?!”  Like, we both had a ‘how did this happen!?‘ look on our faces.

Maybe my lady parts are finally starting to understand how they’re supposed to work after all.

Highly unlikely, but we’ll take any more babies that God will give us. Children are such a blessing; infertility definitely gives me perspective on that.

So, here are all the details of my pregnancy thus far:

How far along are you?

A few days shy of 15 weeks! Hello 2nd trimester 🙂 So, if you do your math correctly, I’m due the end of January. Wednesday the 27th to be exact. And if history repeats itself, I will also have this baby on it’s due date like my first two.

Weight gain?

10 pounds so far…I typically gain the most of my weight at the beginning of my pregnancies because the only food I can stomach involves carbs. Since I gained 60 pounds with Brooke, 50 pounds with Blake, I’m aiming for anything under 40! #babysteps

How have you been feeling?

From 5 weeks on, I’ve had the worst morning sickness ever! It’s been the worst out of all 3 pregnancies and it lasted the longest too. Talk about awful. I forgot how 24/7 nausea really puts a kink in your day. I never threw anything up but I almost wish I had so I could at least have those few moments afterward of relief. Beyond 11 weeks, the nausea tapered off and so did the exhaustion, thank heavens! I still need to lay down every afternoon for a little, but things are starting to get back to normal. Ok, semi-normal.

How have you been sleeping?

I don’t know if it’s my age or because this is my third pregnancy, but I have been the most uncomfortable that I’ve ever been in my life as I sleep. Turning from side to side is quite the ordeal because my round ligaments are giving out on me. The pain is real, folks. Also, from the beginning, I’ve needed a pillow to tuck under my teeny tiny belly. It’s just more comfortable that way. I typically will get better sleep during my naps than during the night. If it’s not round ligaments, than its having to pee every 5 minutes or being overheated. I hope as the fall weather sets in, my body adjusts. And, I feel like the further along I get the better this pregnancy will get. At least that’s the hope.

Exercise? Yay or Nay?

Yes! I’ve been trying to keep up with my exercise routine as best as I can. Obviously, I need to take things a little slower and not be as rigorous, but I’m still doing my elliptical machine, spin classes, body pump classes and the occasional brisk walk on the treadmill. I’m hoping this will keep my weight gain below that 40 pound mark. My doctor noticed a little flutter in my heart beat the last time I was in the office and he said that I should not overdo the cardio because my body has already increased it’s blood volume by a lot, hence the flutter. So, I’m doing my best to work my muscles more than my lungs.

Favorite moments during this pregnancy?

Finding out I was pregnant. That was a TRIP. Also, being able to see my baby at 12 weeks on ultrasound! I had some genetic testing done and part of the testing is measuring the baby between 11 and 12 weeks. It is so amazing to see this fully formed little person moving around! This baby likes to move and I even caught the baby opening and closing it’s mouth and sucking on its hand. The miracle of life is amazing. Just sayin’.

Boy or girl?

I don’t technically know yet, but my mother’s intuition is screaming girl. We will be thrilled with either, but I have a feeling it’s a girl. I’d be surprised if it was a boy. With my luck it WILL be a boy. This baby has been throwing us curve balls from the beginning.

Have the cravings started yet?

Sort of. Occasionally, I will crave random things but for the most part I haven’t really had any. At the beginning of my pregnancy when I had a hard time keeping food down, I would think about different restaurants and all their menu items to see if anything sounded appealing. Only twice was I lured into such locations to eat a meal out of the whole 6 weeks I was feeling crummy: once to subway for a 6″ tuna sub with a side of baked chips. The other time was to McDonalds for an egg white egg mcmuffin with an orange juice. Random, but they hit the spot.

Some other cravings I’ve had post-morning sickness include: beef jerky {I usually HATE beef jerky}, watermelon, caprese ANYTHING, anything made with heirloom tomatoes, really sweet summer peaches, sour patch kids, onion rings, cold milk, homemade bagels from the farmer’s market.

Are you looking forward to anything specific during this pregnancy?

Finding out the gender and giving birth! I cannot wait to see what this little person looks like.

How does this effect that ebook you were in the middle of writing?

Oh yeah, my second ebook! It’s still in the works and I haven’t forgotten about it, but I did have to push back some dates because of my 6 week long nausea stint. Now that I’ve gained some energy back, I can devote more time to it. Now we’re looking at a September/October release date. I promise it’s coming. But, I feel like this is a really good excuse 🙂

What does this mean for the blog?

This means a whole lot more family/baby blog posts and a little less food. Since I will soon have 3 babies to take care of {gulp} I’m going to have less time to develop recipes. Obviously, I love to cook and will post recipes as soon as I am able to, but as my life unfolds with fun surprises {like this pregnancy} I will have to make adjustments of how I spend my time and these days, I choose my family. On average, it takes me between 8-10 hours to develop & test a recipe, photograph it, edit images and write a blog post. Since I have nearly 1000 recipes on my site, that’s a whoooole lot of time. BUT, posts like this take me an hour or two. So, in the future, you can expect my posts that involve:

>restaurant recommendations
>best baby gear
>maternity clothes post {what I wear, where I got it all and prices….like my stitch fix posts, but with cheaper options…like H&M, Target, etc.}
>Family updates
>pregnancy updates
>obviously more recipes!
>and anything else you’d like to see….tell me in the comments below!!

If this doesn’t work for YOU and this is something you don’t want to read or be a part of, you are welcome to find other blogs that focus more on food. Heck, I could even refer you to a couple, depending on what you’re looking for.

BUT, if you like my writing style, my random everyday musings of my children and my husband, I’d love for you to stick around. I love being a wife and a mother and want to showcase that more on my blog because that is what will work for me. Thanks so much for your understanding, your daily support and kindness. We appreciate you all 🙂

Thanks, friends! xoxo

Lauren, Gordon, Brooke, Blake & Baby Brennan

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65 Responses
  1. Maryann

    Congratulations to you and your husband. I enjoy reading your blog and trying your recepies and cooking tips and will continue to keep following. Even though my boys are adults now, I still remember going through your experiences, and smiling. Take care of yourself and baby.

  2. Liz

    My obstetrician recommended keeping saltines on the nightstand to eat before you even try to rise out of bed for nausea. It worked for me and kept the nausea in check and short. And rise by rolling to your side then using your arms to push yourself up (sideways). Keeps you from straining. Congratulations and Best wishes to you and your husband ! Let me know if the saltines worked for you too!

  3. Donna

    SO THRILLED FOR ALL OF YOU! I have been reading your blog for a long time and love the way you write and hearing about your family life. I certainly look forward to sticking around and hearing EVERYTHING going on. Major contrats to you.

  4. Kara

    I LOVE the family posts. Watching Brooke and Blake grow up, seeing Gord off to training, and all the little posts make me feel like your part of my family so keep them coming! congrats on number 3!! Can’t wait to follow this pregnancy just like I did with Blakes!

  5. Shannon

    congrats! It took me 2.5 years to get preggers with my first and 1 month for the second. My SIL did in vitro for the first and than preggers with her 2nd with out trying. I think your body does kick start and it gets easier.

    Enjoy, Rest, and have a wonderful blessed pregnancy from a long time reader.

  6. Angelyn

    Congratulations!! Babies are the bestest so I’m really, really happy for all of you and can’t wait to “meet” the new baby!

  7. Angelica

    I feel your pain on the pee thing and not sleeping! I’m 32 weeks due September 25th.. it’s gunna be a long 53 days lol congratulations and I look forward to reading your blogs!

  8. Jill

    Congratulations Lauren!! Such great news:) I love your food blog, but I am also excited for all of the upcoming posts you talked about. Congrats again!!

  9. Karen H

    Seriously so excited for you guys! That little baby sure is lucky to be joining your family.
    Take your time and do what you need to do–you know I’ll be sticking around. I love reading all that’s up with you guys.
    Incidentally our own baby #3 is due 1/26. Wish I were still around to commiserate with you!

  10. Rachel J

    So SO happy for your family Lauren! I had to go the fertility med route with my first and am hoping for similar success as you when we go for number 2. Yay! Can’t wait to follow along with you!

  11. Sharon B

    I am thrilled for you all! Are you going to continue to “B” baby name? Has Brooke understood she is getting a new brother or sister and is she excited? I bet she wants a little sister!
    Enjoy your pregnancy, they go by so fast and half of the fun is anticipation and imagining!

  12. Meagan

    Congrats Lauren. I love coming to your blog, it’s my go-to for recipes. Having just recently had baby number 3, I can totally relate to this post. My round ligaments also were the worst, but I slept the best out of all my pregnancies, and I give full credit to my Bumpnest pillow. It’s like a snoogle, but better! Hope you find something as great to keep you rested, because being pregnant and running after two little ones is tough work!

  13. Christina @ Every Little Thing She Does...

    Congratulations, Lauren! My baby girl was born 1/28/15, so out littles might be birthday twins! Best wishes for a healthy rest of your pregnancy!

  14. Jennie Wilson

    Congratulations! I have had 6 kids and have 3 step kids and I totally understand what a blessing babies are. I love your blog and although I love your recipes, I love reading about all the other random craziness of your family life. It’s all relatable, and always beings a smile. Good luck! I look forward to reading all about this newest adventure!

  15. Marge

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am looking forward to your pregnancy/family posts! Food is good, but I liked following your pregnancy with Blake and I look forward to this one. I hope you do the month by month (or thereabouts) pictures. This is the closest I will get to being a grandparent, so thank you!

  16. Chris

    I am sooo beyond happy for you, Lauren! Having been down the infertility path myself, I understand the struggles. It took us years but finally had success (hello triplets!). So happy everything worked out for you!

    Your family is just adorable and I’m looking forward to reading all about this journey 🙂

  17. betty thompson

    You are very wise in your thinking about trying to juggle too many plates.
    Your little ones are the most precious possession you’ll ever claim.
    Enjoy each day and live with peace.
    You have left us foodies with more than enough recipes.

  18. Tiphanie W.

    Congratulations on baby #3! So exciting for you and your family. Wishing you all the best!

    Of course, I’m going to stick around! Love reading about your family and I love your recipes.

  19. Sam

    Congrats! I just recently found out I’m pregnant for the 1st time. I’ve been having g all dbasicaply basically since I found out. If you have any tips for how to help get through, I would greatly appreciate it. I love your blog and am excited you follow along on your journey as I am experiencing mine!

  20. Emily

    Congrats! We’re due just a few weeks apart! I hear you on almost all of that. Gained 50 with my first and so far 10 with this one…hoping to keep it at a slow and steady gain 🙂 I also have a feeling I’m having another girl and would be surprised if it was a boy, but we’ll confirm in just a couple weeks! So exciting!

  21. shaffy

    Hi 5!! I am smack in the middle of the second trimester with my third kid. (First is 15, second is 9. This one is an unexpected “accident”). Check-ups at the gynae have been super. But this pregnancy is zapping my energy level so fast, I need a nap to recover from my nap, and I can nod off while standing! I don’t have specific cravings, but I find that consuming chicken worsens my eczema and I can’t tolerate chocolates (woe is me!). I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way till you pop!

  22. Helen

    Congrats !! I am happy for you both. I have to say that I will miss your food blogging. I have loved them and try as many as I can. I will stick around and enjoy all your stories I love your style. Hopefully your food blogging will come back

  23. Jan

    Congrats, Lauren!! So happy for you and your family! I’ll be sticking around, way past diapers (except for the grandkids kind) but I do love your writing style and you have a kicky sense of humor that I do appreciate 🙂

  24. Alisha

    Congrats!! So happy that it happened so ‘easily’ this time. We are in the same boat basically. First one took almost 2 years (and born a week after Blake)and now, after a much easier time, We are due 1/27th as well with our second! Too funny! RL pains have been so much worse this time around, hopefully they ease up for you! Looking forward to family/recipe updates, love both!

  25. Morgan

    Yay! I’ve been reading your blog for years and really enjoy it…with or without the recipes. Looking forward to hearing more about your pregnancy…I’m at 27 weeks with my first baby and enjoy reading other people’s pregnancy journey. Best of luck!

  26. Jennifer

    I feel your pain with the morning sickness! This is my first pregnancy. I’m 23 weeks now and holy smokes. I’ve lost about 35 pounds since being pregnant bc of morning sickness.

  27. Aimee @ like mother like daughter

    Congratulations Lauren, to you and your family!! What a sweet blessing babies are, and this little one will be so blessed to be part of your family! Can’t wait for more pregnancy updates! Hope all is well!

  28. Emilee

    Congratulations! Pregnancy #3 was a lot harder on the round ligaments and general stomach muscles for me. Everything just gave out. And lots of moms with 3+ babies told me, “Oh, yea…#3 was a lot harder to carry around.” So it’s normal…and good luck!

    I’ll be sticking around. I love your writing and your stories, so I always read the whole post even of recipes I know I won’t be making.

  29. Pauline Gudas

    Congrats to you and your family. Can’t wait to see the latest addition to your family. Hoping and praying that this pregnancy will be joyful

  30. Lauren M

    Congratulations! I will definitely be sticking around – I love your sense of humor and writing style! Can’t wait to hear more about your new addition 🙂

  31. Rachel

    congratulations! what a blessing! So so happy for you. I love your non-food posts just as much (if not more), so I’m excited to follow along!

  32. Charlee

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! I will not be going anywhere!!! I love your blog, recipes and style of writing, and I am so excited to follow you through your pregnancy. Take care & I pray your sickness and tiredness keeps improving.

  33. Lauren Kelly Nutrition

    Congratulations! I had a much harder adjustment join from 1-2 kids than 2-3 kids. I thought having my 3rd was so much easier! It’s just now when they are all in activities and sports that it gets busy but it’s such a blessing! I am so happy for you!!

  34. Patricia

    Hooray for babies! Wishing you a happy pregnancy.
    I will attest to number three being a game changer! I have three littles under 5 and the last pregnancy was by far the most physically challenging. Round ligament pain IS real. I did find relief with a pregnancy support garment.
    Best of luck and enjoy the miracle!

  35. Sarah S

    Congrats! So happy for you! I will definitely be sticking around! I love the family updates and restaurant reviews just as much as recipes!

  36. Stephanie

    Congrats! I don’t have any kids yet, and I love the recipes but I’ll keep reading. You guys are such a sweet family!

  37. Natalie

    Oh wow. So thrilled for you guys!! I can totally empathize with crazy weight gain (I’ve gained 60/40/45/55) and those women who are like “I gained 25 lbs!” I want to smack in the face. Lol. Also, I really think the round ligament thing gets worse with every kid. It KILLED me this last time around and was most of the reason why I induced myself. Heh. Good luck!! Glad you’re feeling better and I can’t wait to see your next little nugget as well. Xoxo