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Brooke {First Grade!}

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This sweet little 6 year old of mine started first grade this year and both her and I could not be more thrilled. Not only is Brooke an overall sweet girl, but she is really intelligent, fun, shy, funny, helpful, sensitive, goofy, artistic, sporty, detail-oriented and beautiful! Gordon and I both just love her to pieces for so many reasons! Yes, she definitely pushes her boundaries {comes with her age and being the oldest}, but for the most part as long as we set those boundaries and stick to them, she listens and obeys! Her memory is so sharp that I cannot forget a thing or else she will remind me exactly what I promised. It’s a blessing and sometimes a curse! She is a great big sister and loves her brother, but more importantly, Blake loves Brooke so much! He is sad to see her leave for school and is happy to have her home in the evening. We love love love our sweet Brookie cookie and are so glad to have her in our family to be the big sister that will oversee her soon to be two unruly brothers!

Here are her answers to these questions I had for her the other day 🙂

Favorite color?

“Hot pink”

Favorite animal?

“Cheetah because it runs fast”

Favorite thing to do?

“Ride my bike”

Favorite food?


Favorite book?

“Piggy and Gerald books. Mo Willems is awesome!”

Favorite thing to do with Mom?

“Mommy/daughter dates”

Favorite thing to do with Dad?


Favorite thing to do with Blake?

“Play tag”

What was your favorite part of the summer?

“Playing with my family. Zoo camp and ballet camp.”

What are your favorite parts of school?

“Lunch, two recesses, P.E., Music, Library and Technology”

What are you most looking forward to in first grade?

“The last day of school because last year in Kindergarten, the last day was awesome!”

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7 Responses
  1. Marilyn brennan

    Your blog is full of variety. Love the family comments as well as easy to follow instructions in recipes. You have described Brooke well! Quite the character and such a joy! Great job on raising her, Mom.

  2. Diana Burke

    I think you and your husband are very proud parents that is one of many things that gets me wanting to see your food recipe s each morning. Kind of a bad habit for me because it makes me late for my volunteer job at the senior nutrition center. There is lots I could say but don’t want to be late again. Thank you for lots of good Healthy ideas. I cook for only one now because my husband died last year at age 94. Bye