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Brooke is 5!

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IMG_0051 copyI’ve been really good about doing Blake updates because things are constantly changing with him. He’s always learning new tricks and doing new things month to month. But Brooke is getting to be older and wiser that I sometimes forget to look back and think how much she has changed! {I was actually looking at this post that made me realize time is passing me by.}

SO, since she turned 5 last month I thought I’d do a quick post about my wonderful girl Brooke.

-This girl has the most tender, sensitive heart. Loud noises, being scared or anyone being mean or her perceiving it as mean makes her start to cry. She doesn’t like unkind acts to happen to other people or to herself.

-However, sometimes if she gets sassy, she herself can be mean and not even bat an eye at the fact that she was rude.

-She actually wants to help around the house and loves to earn and spend her own money. We recently started doing a chore chart with things we know she can do {like unload part of the dishwasher, tidy her bathroom, clean the windows, etc.} and then once she completes that chore, she earns $0.50.

-Then if she remembers to bring her money to the store with her, she’s allowed to buy what she wants with it. If she forgets her money, tough. {I got sick of her asking me to buy her all sorts of things and I really got sick of me having to say no all the time.} But now, she completely understands that mommy and daddy don’t buy her things unless it’s for special occasions. She is responsible for buying things she wants….mostly gum and little polly pockets.

-She loves purple and pink. And dresses. And barbies. And all things girl.

-She also loves coloring and is quite good at it.

-She asks me to give her homework to do because she enjoys it. {I need to enjoy this while it lasts! Lol!}

-She knows her alphabet and is starting to read out of those #1 ‘learning to read’ books. She really likes trying to figure out the sounds of a word and writing that word down in her notebooks. Just the other day, she wrote all our full names out, middle names included! Still gets a little confused between N, M and W but the rest are good.

-She is really excited to start Kindergarten! I’m really nervous about it because I just want her to make some nice, kind friends who won’t be mean to her and make her cry {because it really does’t take much to make her cry.} Also, there are some mean kids out there. Bullies are jerks that I want to punch in the face.

-She loves pizza and could eat it at every meal. She also likes a good bean and cheese quesadilla. Meat isn’t necessarily her favorite thing. Neither is rice. Or pasta. {weirdo} She LOVES bread, especially homemade bread with copious amounts of butter. {maybe she DOES take after me….} Fruit and veggie wise, she loves strawberry salad, cucumbers, berries, apples, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, grapes and watermelon.


-Still loves to do her crazy eyes. That will probably never change.

-When she doesn’t get her way she will give a look to us…..basically just a mean glare. I try not to laugh but don’t always succeed. Sometimes she stops her foot for effect and run to her room.

-If she does freak out for whatever reason and run to her room for not getting her way/for being rude/ for a time out, I usually just say “when you’re ready to be kind/apologize/be happy, you can come out”. Then usually 2 minutes or less she’s out of her room and back to normal again.

– She loves her little brother and can make him laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s super adorable. We didn’t go through a phase where she didn’t like him or anything. The first few days when we brought him home from the hospital, she wasn’t too terribly thrilled but got the hang of being a big sister really quick.

-She is always readily helpful. If I ask her to get something for me, 99% of the time she will. I even sometimes get a “here you go mommy! I love you!” It’s pretty awesome.

-At night time, my husband and I snuggle with her right before bed and talk about the day. I hope I always get to do this with her. I ask her what her best and worst parts of the day were, we say prayers and sometimes even play a little bit. She always has funny answers to my questions.

-She loves the movie frozen and asks me daily when we’re getting our own copy.

-She’s overall a really happy, healthy, wonderful little girl I love to parent. It’s honestly a joy to be her mother. I just LOVE her.

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10 Responses
  1. Katie @ The Surly Housewife

    Such a sweet post! And such a sweet and pretty little girl. Happy belated birthday Brooke!! My youngest turns 4 in 2 weeks. Where does the time go?!

  2. barbi

    She is soooo adorable! Happy Birthday # 5! Oh how I sometimes wish I would of been blessed with a daughter ( I’m mom to 5 sons, my favorite number) I love purple ( my fav all time color), pink and ,of course, Barbie Dolls and all things girlie! She sounds perfect to me and I’m sure you’re very proud of her. Maybe I’ll stop over to play Barbies…LOL!
    Best Birthday Wishes!

  3. Anna (Hidden Ponies)

    What a sweetheart, and I love your idea of paying for little chores already at this age, I may have to start that with my 5-year-old. Happy birthday to Brooke, and congrats to her mama 🙂

  4. Stacey I

    She is just precious! I have a little girl who is four, and they have so many similarities – the dirty looks, but the loving heart. The girly girls, My daughter absolutely loves her baby dolls, she is such a little mommy 🙂