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Brooke is 6!

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Well last month, this girl turned 6! Since last year, a lot has happened. So, here’s a quick little update of Brooke!

-Sweet and sassy would be the correct words to describe her to a T. Most of the time she is thoughtful and kind but sometimes, she just has some serious sass that gets her into timeout. C’est la vie. Time outs are very effective for her and it usually means great behavior immediately after.

-She has a tender heart. Brooke is very sensitive and is aware of her feelings for certain things. Loud noises or even getting scared in some way makes her cry. Even when her friends say something in a forceful way that wasn’t meant to be mean can get her upset. She is really precious like that.

-It’s hard to convince her to do chores now. Some days, she does ok but generally she wants nothing to do with them. Even when I remind her that she will get paid, she doesn’t want to. The worst is hanging her clean clothes up in her closet. It’s like pulling teeth.

-Totally into Frozen and loves her Elsa and Anna dolls. Also still loves girly colors, barbies, my little ponies and doing crafts.

-She’s really really good at coloring. She stays in the lines and is particular about the markers or colored pencils. She doesn’t like using crayons because they are “for babies”.


-She started Kindergarten this past September and has loved learning and going to school. She’s made some great new friends and loves her teacher. After 2 parent teacher conferences,  I’ve learned that she is at the top of the class with reading, math, writing and behavior. I guess the school wants all the kids at a reading level 2 {whatever that means} before they go to grade 1 and Brooke is already beyond level 3. So that’s cool.

-We’re already reading harder books with her because she just wants to. Except sometimes she just doesn’t feel like reading AT ALL. It’s hit and miss with her.

-She loves pizza and could eat it at every meal. She also likes a good bean and cheese quesadilla. Meat isn’t necessarily her favorite thing. Neither is rice. Or pasta. {weirdo} She LOVES bread, especially homemade bread with copious amounts of butter. {maybe she DOES take after me….} Fruit and veggie wise, she loves strawberry salad, cucumbers, berries, apples with peanut butter, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, celery, grapes and watermelon. Brooke also prefers water over milk.

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-Most of the time, she is really good at helping me while Gordon has been gone. Like, if I need her to play with her little brother, she will. Usually when I’m trying to make dinner, I’ll get her to keep him occupied. They both love to swiffer the floors together, bounce balls back and forth down the hall, play piano and dance with each other and jump off the couch onto pillows. I’m so glad they get along!

-Brooke still gives lots of funny faces {like her crazy eyes} but they are getting more and more rare. I think because she’s getting older and is starting to realize what being embarrassed is about.

-At the bus stop she doesn’t want me to kiss her goodbye anymore because she doesn’t want the other kids to see. Whatever kid. I’m going to kiss you no matter what! After she gets on the bus, she waves to Blake and I every morning. It’s so sweet and Blake loves seeing the bus and the cars drive by.

-She loves going for bike rides and riding her scooter. She loves being outside, using sidewalk chalk or even going on a walk. Brooke especially loves going to the park. Everyday she asks to go, even on the rainy cold days.


-Generally, she is a healthy, happy, sweet girl who is fun to parent 🙂 We love you Brooke! Never change.

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26 Responses
  1. Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction

    Brooke is beautiful and I’m sure she gets that from you. Your love shines through in your words. Bless.
    Happy Easter.

  2. mary zurcher

    What a beautiful child. Aren’t they fun? Now I am blessed with 5 granddaughters!!! You have a wonderful family. Happy Birthday sweet girl….

  3. Stephanie @ Macaroni and Cheesecake

    Happy Birthday Brooke! She is such a beautiful little girl! And sounds like she has such a wonderful personality too!

  4. Becky @ lovetobeinthekitchen

    What a sweet girl! She’s a cutie! My oldest turns 6 in June, it’s crazy how much they change each year!

  5. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    What a precious child! Happy birthday Brooke.
    I remember when my oldest son said he didn’t want me to kiss him when I took him to his classroom at BSF. Broke my heart. It didn’t last long. At twelve he still likes to hold my hand when we go places.

    Love the update and all the pictures.
    God says that children are a reward. I don’t know what I did right but I’m sure glad He has given them to me.

  6. Terry

    Happy Birthday Brooke!! Sounds like you are one terrific kid!! Lauren you have a couple of sweet and gorgeous kiddos!! Love hearing updates about them!!

  7. Kellie Murray

    Happy birthday beautiful Brooke!! We almost shared the same birthday, mine was yesterday….but I’m a whole lot older LOL. I turned the big 5-0 woohoo. =)
    Y’all have an amazing day. Create some wonderful memories!!

      1. Kellie Murray

        Thanks Lauren. =)
        Gonna go spend the weekend with my son & daughter in law who I haven’t seen since they moved away to Colorado last August. What a wonderful bday gift for them to come down and see me and my parents.

      1. Andrea Heinrichsohn

        I am British and I live in Germany. Say hello to Brooke from me and I hope she continues to love her school. I agree with you that she is beautiful girl.
        I look at your recipies almost every day. I just love to read your american way of talking!
        Best regards,