December Stitch Fix

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Screen-Shot-2013-09-17-at-10.48.29-AM*This is not a sponsored post! I pay for these clothes on my own. However, this post does provide referral links for new sign ups which gives me a little credit to go towards my next box. 

So, I already got a box at the very beginning of this month, but because it’s an extra long one, I got a second box! The last Stitch Fix box I got, I requested that I only get tops and accessories. Well the stylists actually read that and pulled through. Hallelujah! So, here’s what I got. {Please excuse my messy hair, messy house and makeup free face….these pics were taken Christmas Eve before we left for my in-laws.}

IMG_2837First item: LA MADE Redhouse Striped Hooded Sweatshirt in XS- $108. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like this shirt, but I love that it’s longer, soft and stretchy! Really comfortable and cozy. The only problem I had was the price BUT, I will say that I ended up keeping this….I will explain why in a moment. IMG_2842Second item: 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan in XS- $48. I loved the cut, the color, the length….everything about this I loved! So I kept it. This was probably my favorite item in the box.IMG_28453rd thing: a Fuchsia Collective Concepts Melandry Button-up Tab-Sleeve Blouse in XS- $68. This price was a little high for me, but I loved the color. It was actually the color that ended up selling me on the shirt. It’s so bright and cheery which is what my wardrobe needs these days.IMG_28524th shirt: 41Hawthorn Dollora 3/4 Sleeve Zig Zag Blouse- $58. I’ve seen lots of my friends get this shirt in their Stitch Fix boxes and thought it was super cute. Well, lucky for me I got it too 🙂 So, I kept it.
IMG_2856Last item: Bay to Baubles Jennifer Pave Links Necklace- $42. I hate this necklace. I think its goddy and awful. I know this is kind of the ‘in’ look these days, but I hate it. Am I crazy? Should I like this necklace?

But, it was cheaper for me/a better deal to keep everything in my box and get a 25% discount {-$76} on all the clothes than send it back. This is part of the reason I kept the very first sweater. Minus the discount, my overall total wasn’t so bad.

So, can you believe it?! I kept all five things in my box! PROGRESS! I’m really happy with my decision to just get tops and accessories. I’m getting a lot more stuff I like, so hooray for that!

If you’d like to sign up for Stitch Fix styling service, check it out here.

And if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check this first post I wrote here.

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22 Responses
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  3. Jeannette

    that necklace is my life!!! i’ve been looking for one just like it but $42 is wayyyy outside my price range for costume jewelry :-/

  4. Amanda

    Hi there–Have you been handwashing your abrianna sweater? I recently received it and I really want to NOT handwash it. Seems like it would be a gigantic dripping mess. If you do handwash it, does it dry wrinkle-free?

  5. Lauren's Latest » January Stitch Fix

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  6. Lauren

    Services like these make me miss living in the US. There is so much available with such wide variety at very reasonable prices. We have nothing like that here in Australia and if we did we would easily pay three times the amount.

    I quite liked all the tops! And the necklace is also nice. Little black dress + necklace + date night!

  7. Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    Love that first item, but definitely too much for me. I think they sent me the exact same tourquoise cardigan. I loved it but I didn’t keep it as I wanted a warmer cardigan for the winter months.

  8. Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen

    Such a great box, Lauren! I’m so-so on the necklace, but I LOVE the hooded sweatshirt and chevron top!! I’m getting my third box next week and I’m keeping my fingers double crossed that I get the chevron top too 🙂

  9. KIM A

    Under no circumstances should you like that necklace. While the other items were OK, I thought they were fairly basic and awfully expensive for basics.

  10. Valerie | From Valerie's Kitchen

    You did good on this one! I’ve been trying out Stitch Fix as well and have had some good and also some pretty awful boxes so far. But, I just love it when a box is delivered. It’s so fun to see what’s inside! The possibilities 🙂

  11. Kristy

    I’ve got to be honest — I can’t believe you kept all of that! While the tops are cute, they aren’t anything WHOA special (I do love the pink blouse and zig zag blouse) — but the rest are basic items you could get anywhere. Why spend (by my calculations) $228 when you didn’t really even like the necklace and thought the striped sweater was overpriced? (I CANNOT believe that striped sweater is $108! What the heck!?)

    This has cemented my decision to stay away from Stitch Fix!! Sorry if you are offended by this comment — I don’t mean anything personal, and perhaps I’m just cheap.

  12. argentina_nina

    I love the color of the blouse. That cardigan is very nice!

    I agree with you though, that necklace is hideous. But if they’re so en vogue, you might be able to sell it?

  13. Linda

    That striped hoody is adorable, but so are you. You look good in all those tops, regardless of …..what did you say….messy hair? I don’t think so!
    i agree with the previous comment regarding the stitching on the chevron top. Hmmmm…..much too noticable for this girl.

  14. Donna Abell

    I liked the zig zag blouse until you showed it with the necklace. I thought the stitching didn’t look very good, especially the v neckline.