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Diet & Exercise Update

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Well, hi friends! I’ve been getting slightly bombarded with emails wondering how my diet and exercise plan have been going. So here are the dirty shocking details.

First of all, I stopped seeing my trainer. Turk was wonderful and I probably would still be going to see him if {1} money was no object and {2} it didn’t take time out of my day. Since my husband got laid off from his job, there were a few conveniences that we had to give up and that was happened to be one of them. Also, I was going to be traveling a lot for the blog {which means lots of good food and less time at home to exercise and physically show up to my training sessions.} So, guh-bye trainer. Womp womp.

But, exercising and weight training on my own for the last 2+ months or so has been quite the enjoyable learning experience and I’ve actually learned quite a few things. 

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 7.46.32 AM

Here are the top 10 things I’ve learned these last several weeks:

  1. I really liked someone telling me what to do. Being accountable to someone other than myself really keeps me strict.
  2. When I commit to something, I’m all in. It’s a characteristic I’ve come to love about myself. That’s probably why I did so well and saw great results the first couple of months.
  3. Being super strict is suuuuper exhausting, mentally and physically. There were times where I wanted to say “screw the diet” and eat whatever I wanted. But, I kept going.
  4. Except now that I’ve been on my own, I’ve come to realize that in my life realistically I cannot make it to the gym for 1 ½ hours 6 days a week. I was really committed initially and I was forming my schedule around my workouts. Now, they still remain a priority but I don’t beat myself up over missing the occasional workout. I average 4 days a week of exercise and I’m perfectly fine with that.
  5. I’m totally over the whole “I need to lose more fat and gain more muscles in this area and this area”. My body is happy where it’s at and so am I.  Things are good enough. Yes, there can always be improvements to be made, but for how much I work and how much I travel and how many kids I’ve had, I’m looking pretty damn good. So screw you naysayers!!
  6. I’ve got thick thighs. Ain’t nothing gonna change that. But on the bright side, they’re seriously muscley, so holla!
  7. It’s ok to eat one cookie. It’s not ok to eat one batch of cookies. Sugar all together was a no-no when I was being crazy strict on my diet. Now, I do indulge weekly but I still feel sick when I have some, so typically it’s a swipe of the batter here, a bite of cake there to prevent that from happening.
  8. I am much more aware of what I put in my body. I am also much more aware of how my body reacts to certain foods {ie dairy, gluten, etc.}.  Knowledge is power, man. Read food labels.
  9. Drinking water is still super important. If my eating and exercise goes out the window for some reason, the jugs of water I drink will stay. It cleans out my system, detoxifies, de-bloats and keeps my skin looking good.
  10. People need to stop comparing themselves to other people and start comparing themselves to them. I’ve noticed from the comments I’ve gotten that a lot of you out there in the interwebs are frustrated because your bodies will never look ‘as good’ as my body {which I think is kind of hilarious because my body has some funky quirks I don’t like to mention all too often. Ahem…..thunder thighs.} Once I stopped seeing my trainer, I did gain 2-3 pounds back which I noticed immediately in my midsection. I mentioned it to one of my personal {heavier set} friends who responded with an “oh shucks, you went from an extra small to a small?” Umm, what? Sorry, but that’s not how this works. I’m not comparing myself to you. And you should not be comparing yourself to me. We all have different genetic makeup. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, especially when it comes to diet and exercise. What works for me in my life won’t necessarily work for you in your life. I guess what I’m trying to say in a roundabout way is everyone needs to get over their own issues, take a breath and calm the heck down.

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 7.46.05 AM

So, where I’m at now is:

-I’m working out 4 days a week, approximately {sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on my schedule}

-I’ve gained 2-3 pounds back of what I lost working with Turk. No big deal.

-I’m a size 4 or 6, depending on the brand.

-I still feel sick when I eat sugar

-I typically don’t drink any soda {with the exception of the occasional diet coke}

-I try to keep my carb intake high in the morning and lower in the afternoon and evening.

-Still trying to get more protein in my diet

-I busted my knees while running, so I’ve been taking it easy for the last 6 weeks trying to recover from that. Hence a little weight gain.

-I love my body and it will always be a work in progress. And that’s ok!


So there you have it. I’m loving life, enjoying my job, finding time to work out and just doing my best. Hope you are doing the same–>and I truly do mean that.

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27 Responses
  1. Marjorie

    It sounds like you have struck a nice balance…which is key in my humble opinion. If anything is too restrictive or too difficult, we most likely won’t stick to it long term. Good for you!

  2. Annamaria @ Bakewell Junction

    You look great. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight the past few years. I think it has a lot to do with my age (don’t ask). I’m sure that being a food blogger doesn’t help. I’m working a lot of hours and my bum knee has been bothering me so my walking hasn’t been happening. I do what I can but there aren’t enough hours in the day.
    Congrats on your successes.

  3. BusyWorkingMama

    I simply can’t carve out 1.5 hours a day at the gym. My husband and I discovered T25 and have been meeting at this little gym near our offices to work out over lunch. I love that I can get a good sweat in, shower, and get back to the office in under an hour. We try for 3-4 days a week, and have been managing to get 4 in. I do need to add more protein to our diet. It is harder than you’d think! I’m a veggie-holic and eat too many carbs through fruits and vegetables. Great list of things you learned!

  4. Jamie Thompson

    There is so much about this that I love – – you are so REAL and such an inspiration to so many women! As an avid believer in clean eating, portion control and regular exercise I think that you’ve got it figured out, lady! I love all of your “where I am now’s!” You look fabulous – – best of luck to you!!!!

  5. Natalie @ Paper & Birch

    Hey Lauren, you gotta do what’s realistic for you. I totally get that. Had the same issue a workout plan I was given. You look great and as long as you know that – its all that matters! 😀 Now unfortunately, I wanna cookie 😉

  6. Karen

    Balance…you have got it and once you have it you won’t lose it. You are a quick learner. You have all the tools and you have a wonderful family. You are in a good place! You can take it from here. Everything in moderation and what you need is a lifetime plan and you have it!

  7. Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    Lauren, I think you look great, and most importantly it sounds as if you feel great inside too! Comparison is the thief of joy (can’t exactly remember the attribution for that one at the moment), so we shouldn’t spend our lives comparing ourselves to others, or the ‘ideal’, because all we are doing is watching our joy be stolen from us.
    Real health is about cookies and kale, exercise and a realistic schedule that allows time for relaxation too. This post was a great reminder for us all, and thanks for sharing such a wonderful and realistic perspective 🙂

  8. Emma

    Yay for you and Amen girlfriend! Very well said xoxo

    PS – you really do look amazing and I love, love, love your healthy balanced outlook. You rock

  9. Shannon @ Bake. Frost. Repeat

    I love your honesty in this post and it’s inspired me to keep going with my weight loss/getting fit journey. I met my short-term goal back in December and for some reason it has been hard to focus since then. I still get in my workouts 3-4 times a week, but I’m lacking on discipline with my food intake. I’ve only gained 3-5lbs since, but I still have 30lbs to meet my overall goal and I’m trying to get my arse in gear 😉
    In reality, and in my opinion, no one can restrict themselves entirely from all things that are “so horrible”. Everything in moderation as they say 🙂

  10. Brittany

    First off, I love your blog and I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across it, but I’m extremely glad that I did. I love your honesty about life and especially working out and trying to maintain a crazy workout regime. I’m healthy and happy with my body, although I could work out more, not to lose weight or become a body builder or anything like that, but simply to maintain my health and bring the percentage of certain diseases down I suppose. I was actually feeling bad today about how little I’ve been working out lately because I see this person or that person on Instagram or Facebook, but your post made me snap back to reality. And that reality is that working out 7 days a week isn’t always realistic in real life, or for everybody. So thank you for that! You look amazing! Would you mind maybe sharing some workouts you do at the gym? Or some tips!?

  11. Andrea

    Thank you for a realistic glimpse of staying fit in a busy world. Being fit and healthy is different for everyone and that in itself ebbs and flows with our own lives. For me- being healthy and happy is having the energy and fitness endurance to do what I love. When I am active- I feel better. I eat better, being active takes less effort. It’s cyclical. I like that you mentioned how sugar makes you feel. Because again- part of the cycle of being mindful of activity and a reasonable diet will do that. It all balances out. I really enjoy your blog.

  12. Katie @ Run Now, Wine Later

    So important to remember to not compare yourself to others. We all have our own challenges and all our bodies are different!

    It’s awesome that you’ve been able to keep up with your healthy diet and exercise. As long as you’re feeling good, it will show in how you look, despite a couple of pounds here or there! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Stephanie Hanson

    Love this! And I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Having gone through weight loss myself, I can attest to the fact that the process is exhausting and it’s ok to just be normal and ok with your body. And I love, love, love your comment about only comparing yourself to yourself. I am never going to have the perfect body…and even if I worked slightly harder and lost more weight I would still find areas to complain about 😉 Thanks for sharing – good to know you have settled into things!

  14. Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog

    Love the update and message-particularly that you said to not compare oneself with others 🙂 Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone has to do what works for them in their own way. You just gotta keep on keepin’ on 🙂 Thanks for sharing as always!

  15. Patty Page

    I love this post and I am going to try to follow your relaxed attitude about weight and diet. I have been overweight all my life and am now 67 years old. I need to lose some weight for health reasons. I love your recipes and your philosophy. Wish I had been as smart as you when I was your age.

  16. Libby Bunch

    Love love love this! I am almost 6′ tall, and am about a 6/8. People constantly make remarks about how “skinny” I am, or how they wish they could wear what I wear, and so on. Sometimes it is very hurtful. I have my own battles that I am fighting – please don’t compare yourself to me and act like I have it so easy. I dance 5 days a week and teach dance, I have a different body type and makeup than you. Everyone is different in their own way, and every person has beautiful things that make them them.

  17. Karli

    Great post! I appreciate your honesty and how you really make us all feel better about where we are individually1

  18. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    I love that you are so brutally honest about time and not beating up yourself if it just doesn’t happen. Thanks for sharing, Lauren!

  19. Debra

    Great positive feedback. I’m a calorie watcher myself. I only walk and do a little workout for me. We are all made a bit different and I don’t want to look like a model period.
    Plus I know that at my age( late 50s )weighing 115 isn’t the same as when I was in my 20s. I will stick with what I weigh now and enjoy life to the fullest .

  20. Connie

    I know some people will see you stopping the trainer as a bad thing, but I think you got out of it what you needed to. I feel you have a healthy relationship with diet and exercise so for what it was worth, the training sessions helped you find your comfortable, but healthy habits as a lifestyle change. Your last point, “I love my body and it will always be a work in progress. And that’s ok!”–that is my favorite line because it is so true. Cheers to a healthy, happy you!!

  21. Rebekah

    I love this! You have such a great perspective. I fully believe that everyone needs to find what works for them and focus on their own body/journey. I so identify with the comments you’ve received from people, and while I feel their pain from years of comparing myself t other women – I agree that it’s a journey with ourselves, with our own body, and learning to do what’s best for it. As I’ve shifted my perspective this last year to focus on being a healthier me I’ve lost weight and learned to love myself where I’m at. Though I still would like to lose a decent amount of weight I feel a 1000x better now that I eat healthy and take good care of myself. My “indulgence” is taking care of myself and I love it! Thanks again for your blog, fabulous recipes, and being a bright and sunny positive spot on my facebook feed! Praying for your hubby to find a new gig soon! xoxo

  22. janice yang | yang janice

    This was inspiring! Your point about not comparing yourself to others is so key and important. And I liked how you didn’t let your friend gaslight you.

  23. Shaina

    I love your healthy perspective on food and maintaining for the long term. Your trip last week looked like a blast!