Easy Chocolate Dip for Valentine’s Day

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IMG_0170The Day of LOVE is almost here! I’m assuming my husband will forget and I’ll end up eating the chocolate I bought for him. Haha. Reese’s peanut butter heart {the size of my face} here I come!

I’m only half kidding about my husband forgetting, by the way. I’ll probably get flowers…..on the 15th.

Again, just kidding! {I hope}

Anyways, here’s an awesome and fast recipe that is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Chocolate Dip, ya’ll! Easier than fondue and just as tasty! Anything tastes good dipped in chocolate 🙂 This dip with fresh strawberries were my favorite, but bananas and rice krispie treats were a close second for sure. You only need 6 ingredients for this and maybe 20 minutes to throw it all together. Win win!

This is a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens that I wrote for their blog, Delish Dish. You can read my blog post, see more photos {step-by-steps included} and print the recipe HERE. Make sure to come say hi! I get lonely…..well virtually speaking.

Yes, that’s possible.

Oh you guys.


Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post or say nice things about my friends over at Brookside Chocolates. I just genuinely love these chocolates and wanted to share the good news with my readers.

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  1. Nancy

    I am a subscriber! Love your recipes (my family always asks for the homemade salsa and crockpot meals!) and stories about your family (can’t believe Eddie is already 2!) and I can’t wait to make this chocolate dip and fruit for my Valentine of 25 years!

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