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Eddie at 10 months

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This little nugget turned 10 months a few weeks ago {I’m a *leetle slow on this update…oops!} so here lies the latest and greatest.


This little guy continues to keep us on our toes. Sometimes he likes certain foods, other times he does not. Recently, we were doing so well with plumping him up and then BAM. He got the stomach flu. He lost a good part of his chub {it goes so fast!!} but thankfully the worst of it is over and he is back to eating again. He won’t eat as much as he used to and he doesn’t really want to have a bottle either. I’m probably going to take him to the doctor this week if his appetite doesn’t pick up again. *sigh*

I’m trying to broaden his palate a little but he doesn’t like the things my other two kids used to like. Pasta? Nope. Bread? Depends on the mood. Yogurt? Puh-lease. Lately, we are sticking with his favorite fruit/grain/veggie blends to see what his tummy will tolerate. He still LOVES mashed banana mixed with a little oatmeal or whole grain cereal with a touch of cinnamon. And black beans with a hint of cumin.





This little guy is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Everyone, sing it with me: HALLELUJAH!!

Finally, we’ve made it. As long as he has a full tummy when he goes down, he will sleep anywhere from 12-14 hours…but usually it’s 12 1/2 or 13. 6:30 to 7 or 7:30 if we’re lucky. It is amazing and I seem to love him 300x more that he’s acquired this little skill. WAY TO GO ED!

He still takes 2 naps a day; one around 9 and one around 2. They are hit and miss. Typically the afternoon nap is shorter than the morning nap, but sometimes it’s vice versa. Generally, he will sleep 3 hours between the two. I love me an adorable, predictable child.



Other Miscellaneous Stuff

A few times we’ve gone into Eddie’s room after hearing him fuss and we’ve found him sitting up or even STANDING up in his crib. It’s shocking! I’ve never seen him pull himself up to stand in person, but he apparently can do it since I walk in to get him and voila! Standing child. So, that’s fun!

He still doesn’t crawl, though I’ve seen him crawl a few strides. He prefers to army crawl his way around. {Blake at 10 months wasn’t crawling either!!}

Still only has one tooth on the bottom in his mouth…and it is the cutest little thing you ever did see! No signs of others joining the party any time soon.

Loves to babble and lets you know exactly how he is feeling, hence all of these expressive photos in this post. Still no ‘mama’ yet. WHATEVER.

Loves peeking around or over things to play peekaboo.

Adores the bath and splashing kicking the water at his brother who typically bathes with him.

Eddie can wave hello or goodbye and clap on demand. It’s so cute!!

Anyways, that’s the latest and greatest on our sweetie-pie Ed. We love having him in our family. He’s so easy to squish and hug and love on!!

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49 Responses
  1. Rachel J

    LAUREN- help! SOS from mama of 2 little boys. My 8 month old is waking earlier and earlier in the morning. He went from 6am to 4:50am wakings! Whyyyy. We put him down at 7pm. Any advice other than a full tummy before bed? Does he have a sound machine??

  2. Justine

    Seeing this post with your baby makes me miss my kids at that age my kids are 20 & 17 I even miss the times I thought were difficult at the time like teething

  3. Veronique Contratto

    I love to read about your little cutie pie. My little girl is a month older and I hear ya, it’s not easy everyday but all the snuggles make us forget about the sleepless nights and the worries.

  4. Stephanie Rowells

    My son is a week younger than Eddie. I love reading your updates. Amazing how different babies can be. My son crawls like a maniac and I had to finally let him cry himself to sleep at night. Full night’s of sleep make everyone happier!

  5. Crystal W

    Your Eddie is too cute with those baby blues! Time flies with the children of others – almost 1! Thank you for sharing Eddie with us!

  6. Monique Rizzo

    Eddie has got to be one of the cutest little guys I have ever seen! Those eyes are to die for. Love hearing all about him growing 🙂

  7. Krysten

    My newly-12-month-old is STILL not sleeping through the night. In fact, it’s gotten WORSE in the last month. TELL ME HOW YOU DID IT!

  8. Kayla Grable

    He’s such a cutie, love this big blue eyes! My 3rd is turning 6 months on December 30. So hard to believe! It goes do stinking fast! Love your blog posts and recipes!

  9. Mary

    Watching your sweet Eddie grow has been almost as fun as trying your recipes…neither disappoint! Enjoy every minute. They grow up so fast. ????

  10. Lauren

    My baby who’s about the same age as Eddie loves yogurt too (seemingly above all other foods). I am so jealous about your sleep situation as I’m still facing 1-3 (some nights even 5) wakings!

  11. Nancy

    I have loved seeing Eddie grow. What a wonderful way to record his development. I so wish I had been better about pictures and recording my children’s development. But before digital it was so much harder.

  12. Katrina

    I love this pic of Eddie especially the 2nd one. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes. My grandfather was named Eddie so I am loving the name also.

  13. Katrina Draine

    I love these pics of Eddie and those gorgeous blue eyes. Especially the 2nd pic. My grandfather name was Eddie so I am also loving his name. 🙂

  14. Lori Thomas

    Your little guy is the cutest! I always enjoy your post about your babies! They always crack me up! Thanks for sharing your family with us!

  15. Catherine l.

    He’s too cute. I have 2 boys. One was the pickiest eater ever. I don’t know how he survived off of 3 spoons of food per day when he was younger. But he’s now a healthy 14 year old eating me out of house and home. He was my firstborn so I guess it’s their job to stress their mom out. I truly believe yours will be fine too and eating everything in sight soon enough. Hugs

  16. Carol Davis

    Love this! Our grandson is the same age, and this reassures me that everything is fine. Wyatt walked st 8 months, but his sister was 12 months. She ate everything, he is pickier and has only wanted chunked-up table food the past three months, not fed any baby food. Pass on your sleep tricks, please! He is still waking up to nurse (but his dusted was s champion sleeper).

  17. Bri M

    He is seriously SO CUTE! I can’t get over how gorgeous his eyes are. It’s such a relief when they finally start sleeping through the night. My little one is 6 months lld and shes sleeping in her own crib through the night! Whoop whoop! I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog posts and trying/loving your recipes!!!

  18. Denise F

    Love those blue eyes! Mommy, my 1st son wasn’t much of a foodie, the doctor said he woul eat when he wanted to. He is 44 now and at 5’11 weighs 185, so they catch up. Lol. Merry Christmas to your family.