Eddie on Solids

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This love bug is starting in on solids! I roasted some sweet potatoes and after he got used to the new flavor, he was loving life!! So of course I had the camera out and took some fun video to remember him at this stage and age. I tell ya, if he slept better, I’d be popping these adorable blue-eyed babies out like crazy. But, REALITY CHECK: this boy is still waking up 2 times a night. Mama’s engines don’t run on 6 hours of interrupted sleep very well. So, we’re holding steady with 2 kids and 1 baby. Ha!

Anyways, I know you all love seeing this boy grow, so enjoy this fun video 🙂

I’ll have a new recipe for you on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.33.39 PM

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18 Responses
  1. Michelle

    This photo of “Eddie on Solids” has always made me smile as I would be scrolling through looking for a recipe for my family. — I just viewed the video and oh my gosh…what a cutie-patootie!!! Love those eyes. 🙂

  2. Dawn Williams

    I remember the girls at that stage…fingers make everything taste better! He is such a cutie pie, and those gorgeous eyes!

  3. Kathi

    He’s too cute!! I think my little man is about the same age, (He’s 25 weeks this Thu.) and he’s also still waking twice a night, too! So glad I’m not alone! Love seeing that face, but I’d be happier to see him in the daylight after a better sleep!

  4. Marilyn Brennan

    Is this the cutest little boy in Idaho?? He must have some good-looking grand-parents. We got to enjoy with no mess. Can we stop in for the night in about 13 months?

  5. Sarah

    I just love reading about Eddie. I gave birth to a baby boy named Colton on Januay 24, 2016 so our little boys are almost the same age. I can relate to so many of the things you post. Colton is also not sleeping through the night. We are up 2 times most nights as well. I also have a 3 year old who occasionally wakes during the night too. This momma craves sleep 🙂 We, too, are making our own baby food and beginning the solid-food adventure!

  6. Laurie

    Adorable video! He likes his hand as much as the sweet potatoes. Hopefully more food in his belly and he will sleep better at night.