Eddie Update: 1 Month!

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This little guy is just his one month birthday, so I thought I would do a quick update on how things are going and how already he’s growing like a weed!


Eddie has been eating like a champ ever since he got his tongue clipped. This poor boy was tongue tied and had to get his frenulum snipped in order to breastfeed comfortably. He could barely eat with this problem and got so mad/frustrated probably because he was starving, poor guy!  So, we had that done when he was just  two days old and we haven’t looked back since. He did lose 3 ounces of his birth weight in the first two days, but after that at his two week check up, he was up a full pound! Now that we’re one month in, I’m guessing he’s about 10 pounds! {He was 7 lbs. 13 oz. when he was born.}

Bring on the chunk 🙂


How goes the sleeping? Hahahaha. Really great for Ed, because he just sleeps when he wants. Me on the other hand…mama mia! It’s hard to keep up with my older two kids when I’m running on 6 hours of completely interrupted sleep. I’m contemplating pumping my milk just so Gordon can get up with the baby and feed him so I can get some decent rest. But, I feel guilty about asking him to do that because Gordon still has his military and church responsibilities AND is still working on his master’s degree making him just as exhausted as me! He stays up late trying to get his work done and then gets up in the night if Blake needs to use the potty and then gets up with Brooke and Blake in the mornings to get ready for school. We are two tired parents! Like forreals.

Edward’s long sleep stretches are typically at night, so for that I am grateful. BUT–he won’t stay asleep when we lay him down in his bassinet. I mean, the most he’s lasted is 10 minutes, but then he consistently wakes up and can’t remember that he was tired, self sooth himself, and go back to bed. I would let him cry it out but he’s still way to little to do that yet.

Daytime naps are all inconsistent and typically, someone has to be holding the baby in order for him to sleep longer than {you guessed it!} 10 minutes. We’ve tried rocking him to sleep and then setting him all sorts of places, but he won’t stay asleep unless it’s right beside a warm body in bed. I’m hoping this is a phase that will pass, but in the mean time, waaaaaaahhhhhhh! I just want to have a happy smiling baby that sleeps a long time in his own bed. For heaven sakes, that’s a nice place to be.


Baby Development

My little jelly belly has started working on his tummy time and gaining neck strength. Although tummy time is really angrily anticipated by him, it’s good for him so it continues on. Plus, he doesn’t really lift his head off the ground. He just whines and is able to scoot forward on his tummy by kicking his legs and he jumps forward. Soooo, that skill is still being worked out! Haha 🙂

SMILES! They are almost here for good! Occasionally, we’ll see one or two pop out because he’s about to poop or he just finished nursing, but after that he doesn’t really see the need. We’re not hilarious to him….yet.

That’s about it.

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Blake is coming around and starting to enjoy his baby brother as we had hoped. I think things will get much better once Eddie can actually respond to our facial expressions and surroundings.

Brooke has been the biggest help around the house and with the baby! All she wants to do is hold and cuddle him! It’s seriously so sweet. It’s the first thing she wants to do when she wakes up and the last thing she wants to do when she goes to bed.

My back has been KILLING me lately. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t walk around the house holding Eddie for more than 5 minutes without sever lower and middle back pain. I’ve been taking Ibuprofen to help, but I need more of a cure than just pain management. Hoping to go to a chiropractor or our MD this week to figure out what’s going on.

Eddie is super cute and we love him a lot even though we are struggling through these tiring, long days.

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27 Responses
  1. Mystic Patterson

    I can’t remember if it was a post on your blog or Facebook page but it was my VERY first time following you. I remember it specifically it was right after Eddie was born and you had taken a picture outaitof Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland with your Mom. My daughter lived in Portland at the time and I was missing her a lot that day and when I stumbled on your post it made me feel better and remember when her and I had been at that very spot a few months earlier. Since I have enjoyed your recipes and your family adventures. Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me!!!

  2. Jamie

    We were having the same sleeping troubles with our new baby. I received a leachco pods dater and it is a serious lifesaver. It snuggles her just like she’s being cuddled. Wish I would’ve had it earlier! Good luck!

  3. Shelley

    Hi Lauren. Congratulations on your new son, he is perfect! I have a suggestion in possibly diagnosing your back pain. After my first daughter was born, I experienced horrible back pain right around two months after her birth. Long story short, I saw a physical therapist (after seeing many other doctors) who figured out that my pelvis didn’t return to the right position after I had the baby and was causing my back to hurt so badly. I hope this helps and that you feel better soon.

  4. Jenny

    I love reading about Eddie! My baby just turned 19. It seems to go by so fast! I hope your back feels better soon. Good luck.

  5. Lenora

    What a cutie – my daughter was a December baby many moons ago. She was the same way only wanting to sleep next to a warm body – then I realized when putting her to bed after falling asleep on me she would wake up because her bed was cold. I got out the heating pad and put it in her bed to warm it up before putting her in. Best thing ever – she started sleeping for a 6-7 hour stretch. Just don’t forget to take it out when you put him in. Good luck.

  6. Kim

    I love your blog. I just had my 3rd baby on January 20th! Maxwell. We were both due the same day. We also had tongue tie that was pretty severe as well. My oldest just turned 4 and the middle is 2.5. It is completely exhausting! trying to enjoy all the moments at the same time. We do not yet have much of a long stretch of sleep either- crossing my fingers for one as well. Just wanting to wish you the best as I’m right along with you!

  7. Pamela Mann

    Hang in there Lauren ! With your experience with your other children, You know it gets better 😉 Don’t ever hesitate to ask for a helping hand from a friend or family 🙂 Your baby is adorable as are your other two! Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Roberta Collins

    Hang in there, Lauren! He’ll be heading off to college before you know it. I can’t believe how fast my babes grew up. Thanks for the update. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  9. rachel

    Pretty sure God made babies cute because they are so exhausting otherwise!! My baby boy also wouldn’t sleep on his own — I wasn’t into cosleeping until it was literally the only way we’d get any rest. At 5 months, he’s doing much better on his own sleeping. Hang in there!

  10. Corey

    My little girl will be 6 weeks tomorrow. Have you guys tried a rock and play? We were having trouble with her not sleeping in bassinet and my sister said my she had good results with rock and play. Bought it on Friday and love it! Best $60 I’ve spend in a long time! 🙂

  11. Sherry

    Eddie is so gorgeous! While it seems like it’s taking forever for him to develop a sleep pattern, it will happen. And please be careful with the Ibuprofen, Lauren, it can damage the lining of your stomach. It happened to my daughter and she ended up with a bleeding ulcer. I look forward to your updates and love the pictures!

  12. Karyl Friedman

    Hi Lauren and Family,
    I am a senior citizen, not a blogger and don’t EVER read blogs, but Eddie grabbed my mind and heart! Loved every word. I will follow his world of smiles, finding his toes, belly swimming, and more with glee. Take good care of yourself, Lauren. If you lived in Rochester NY you would have a ready Nannie.

  13. Kate

    He is too adorable! That back pain is very familiar–definitely had it with my last two kids. Nursing all the time and holding babies is taxing on a body–hope you can start to feeling better (and sleeping better!) soon.

  14. Judy M.

    My two grandsons would often sleep in their swing. It was truly a lifesaver and they are now 5 and 3 and are great sleepers. If you don’t have one I strongly advise you to get one. You’ll thank me for sure. Get one that can be plugged into an outlet., He’s adorable!

  15. Joann

    Your body has been a working machine for 9 months and now needs time to repair with as much rest as possible. We love you, but we all can wait a few weeks for another of your delicious recipes. My “first” had his days & nights mixed up for 2 months and I almost lost it. You also have two more wanting attention, so you are stretched to the limit both day and night. Learn to say “NO” to those unnecessary things right now. Your readers will totally understand, as we all want a rested and healthy Lauren to return to us! Wishing you the best in the days ahead.

  16. linda damschroder

    hello, I am new to your blog you sure have an adorable baby, but its all worth it tired and all. you get so much love in return. I am 61 years old and retired right now not sure if I will ever work again my husband and I do craft shows and flea markets . I enjoy your recipes too. take care, linda

  17. Kelly

    soooooo cute and sweet!!! thank you for letting us in and seeing ur sweet family. I sooo miss those days…but that’s only because I’ve got all teenagers now…sigh……

  18. Angela Erickson

    I had a baby who would NOT sleep in his bed just like Eddie, had to be on a body ….I thought I was going to die from lack of sleep….BUT I saw a trick on Pinterest and it worked! Take a rice bag/sock bag that people make and heat it in microwave for a minute or two ( just until is pretty warm and comfortable to hold ) and then lay it next to him in his crib, the weight and heat feels like a human and they will sleep. It worked for my kiddo and he would sleep for an hour or two at a time with it! It was AMAZING!

  19. Daycare MOM

    Have you tried to let him sleep in a swing all swaddled up? If it is the heat that he likes get a corn pillow or a rice pillow and warm it in the microwave and put it next to him while swaddling him with a blanket or swaddler. Have you heard of those bouncy seats that have the heartbeat in them? That might work also. I am a daycare provider and these are somethings that have helped me out.

  20. nicole

    The 4moms momaroo was a life saver for sleeping when my granddaughter was born.
    They are a little pricey but so worth it for getting a little sleep

  21. Glory Gooding

    He is starting to look familiar to one of your children but I can’t quite decide yet. He’s so darn cute! He has your big eyes! He’s beautiful Lauren!

  22. Colleen

    Awww hope Eddie lets you get some good sleep soon! It’s so hard not be a grumpy mope when you’re hardly getting any sleep at all much less no good sleep! But he’s so so cute so that’s gotta count for something!