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Edward at 2 months

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Well, incase you’re wondering, time is not standing still. Sometimes I wish it would and other times {usually right around the 3 am feeding} I wish it would hurry up! But generally, I’m being really good at savoring the quiet and not so quiet moments with sweet Edward.

Eddie is such a wonderful blessing, even though his pregnancy was my hardest and his sleep habits are basically non existent. Time is fleeting when they’re this little so I’m doing my best to enjoy his sweet face and personality.


Well, this baby boy certainly loves to eat. He will typically never turn down a meal or a snack and can fall asleep eating almost instantly…though never stays asleep. Good eating means he’s growing, though our appointment to go see the pediatrician for his 2 month well baby check up isn’t until next week. I’ll have to update this post with his stats once I have them. My guess is he’s 12 pounds.


Well, the night sleeping is going well! Eddie will go down anywhere from 4pm to 9pm and stay asleep for 6-8 hours. Then he’ll wake up and nurse for 15 minutes and go back down for another 2-3 hour stretch. Depending on the evening, he will have his 1 long stretch followed by 1-2 shorter stretches right after each other. Not bad at all. BUT! His daytime naps are non existent. Like, he will fall asleep, we’ll transfer him to his crib and he’ll wake up in a rage 20 minutes later. Normally, I would just let him cry it out until he falls back asleep because we know he is SO exhausted, but I feel like he is just too small. I’ve read that 3 months is the perfect age to start sleep training the little dude, so that’s when we’ll start officially. Right now, we’re trying to put him down drowsy or asleep and then hope for the best, but the last week or so, it hasn’t worked out too well. But at least we have those long night sleeps!


I’ve never met such an expressive baby before! He has a face for every sort of emotion and he isn’t afraid to let you know if he’s super ticked off at you or if he’s loving life. The mornings are his happiest times because he’s fed and well rested. By 6-8pm he’s a bit of a monster because he’s over tired. But we deal and he eventually stays asleep in his crib for that 6-8 hours.

Eddie is a smiley baby and will always smile at you when you smile at him. I feel like we are only a few weeks away from laughing! Seriously one of my favorite milestones for a baby!!

He likes to gasp in air like he’s forgotten how to breathe which always gives me a scare and his bottom lip and chin quivers like nobody’s business {and it makes us think he is hypothermic} but all in all a sweetie pie!

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

Eddie still has all his hair! I know people say babies loose all their hair, but not by babies! Brooke had a TON when she was born {probably 1 1/2 times more hair than Ed} and she didn’t lose any. I think Edward will be the same way 🙂

Eddie is starting to HATE being swaddled. Sometimes he likes it, sometimes he doesn’t.

Definitely hates the pacifier! We try to get him to like it, but so far our attempts have failed.

I don’t think he looks anything like Blake did at 2 months!! So crazy that they’re brothers. Welllll, maybe if Blake had hair when he was born or if Eddie had practically none then they’d be a closer match. Haha!

Baby Weight Loss Situation

I’m currently sitting 6 pounds above my high school weight which is 16 pounds heavier than my overall goal weight. I try to get to the gym, but that doesn’t always happen. I’m also trying to eat a little healthier which….doesn’t always happen. Sooo, basically I’m trying but not very hard. Haha! Hopefully, my mediocre efforts will pay off?! Not likely. But I am trying. Expect a post in the next week or two detailing that whole situation. Yikes.

In the mean time, enjoy twenty five million pictures of this sweetie pie!! Gosh, living with a few extra pounds around my middle because of this little guy is certainly a price I’d pay again and again. Already a heartbreaker.

We love you so much Eddie!






























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35 Responses
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  2. Linda Anderson

    He is absolutely gorgeous! Growing so fast. I had 5 and it seems like only yesterday they were this small. I know you enjoy him. Thanks for the pics

  3. Heather

    You guys make the cutest babies!! He’s adorable and it looks like life is good! 🙂
    (Love the “many expressions of Eddie”) 🙂

  4. gjfrancis

    He really is such a beautiful little guy. I’m enjoying reading how you enjoy you’re baby and what you are going through in your routines. I’m amazed you have the time and energy to cook and blog with a little one. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mary Beth

    I think if I were around Baby Edward, I would be laughing all day with those cute smiles and funny expressions he makes.
    Before you know it, he’ll be heading off to college. Times goes by in the blink of an eye.

  6. linda

    What a beautiful baby so happy for you and your family wish i could have one lol no really I want to be a grandma one day hopefully!!

  7. Pam Watson

    Love the pictures! It has been fun for this old 50 year old woman with grown children to enjoy Eddie with you! He is a doll! Give him lots of hugs and kisses from your internet friends!

  8. Dyanne Dudley

    Lauren, Eddie is a very beautiful little boy. Wishing you all the happiness with this little addition to your family. Use your receipes quite frequently and are delish. Bless you and your family. Dyanne

  9. Karyl Friedman

    Your little guy is a treasure. What a treat to see the photos. Keep them coming! Those expressions bring joy to us all! Hooray for Eddie!

  10. Mary Eickman

    How can you get anything done??? I would just want to stare at that face all day to see all of his expressions, smiles, frowns, etc. ????what an incredible blessing!

  11. Margarette Karasz

    Oh my, what a little sweetheart !!!! Perfect little baby. They bring so much love and joy into our lives. Enjoy each moment even when they are cranky, teething or not feeling well. It doesn’t last long because they grow up way too fast.
    We love your recipes and I’m glad I subscribed to your site. Many blessings to you and your family.