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Edward at 7 Months

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Hello from my sometimes red-headed boy! In certain light, Eddie looks like he’s got the strawberry blonde thing going on but in other light he has dirty blonde hair. So weird, but fun!! I’ve never had a red headed little guy before. He’s so dreamy!! I love this kid so so much! Here’s the latest and greatest on my sweet Edward John.


Eddie is still guzzling bottles! He loves formula and has even been able to hold his own bottles to feed himself. It’s hilarious and cute.

As for pureed foods, he loves rice cereal, mashed banana with a little cinnamon, mango, prunes, sweet potato, sometimes avocado, sometimes butternut squash. I haven’t tried much else, but the more I feed him, the more hungry he seems to become. Typically boy, right? Starving all the live-long day.

We’ll be making some green juice and giving him a taste. When Blake was a baby, he guzzled green juice and loved it so much! So I want to give Ed some in a sippy cup to see how he likes it.

For a fun video of Eddie trying sweet potato, click through hereFullSizeRender (6)


Progress is the name of the game when it comes to his sleeping habits. On average, he wakes up 1.5 times a night. Sometimes it’s only once at 5am, sometimes it’s twice at 1 and 5. Bedtime is starting to get earlier….between 8:45 and 9:30pm. Since he’s considered to be small still {see notes below}, I need to feed him a bottle when he wakes up. I’ve tried giving him a pacifier to put him back to sleep, but that doesn’t work. I think this is a pretty bad habit, but if he continues to extend his sleeping, he will be sleeping consistently only waking up 0-1 times by 8 months. Cross your fingers that this happens!

If you have any magic tricks to help this become a reality, let me know!

I’m still working on getting Ed down to sleep groggy and it’s still hit and miss, but I think this is because he’s starting to become even more alert and is transitioning to 2 naps per day instead of 3. We’re just now starting to get into that {I hate change! It’s so hard with babies!}

I think Eddie has been the worst sleeper out of all the babies I’ve had. I know he’s not TERRIBLE, but I seem to function so much better with a full night of sleep. Can you guess the last time I got a full night of sleep? BEFORE I WAS PREGNANT WITH HIM.

The lack of sleep is the only thing I can’t handle. If I get sleep, then I’m seriously the happiest person ever.

With no sleep, you can image how awful I take it.



Other Miscellaneous Stuff

So, this photo below is of Brooke as a baby! I cannot believe how similar Eddie looks like his sister! Like, the resemblance is incredible to me! Since Blake looked like a completely different person, I was expecting Eddie to pop out like that too. Not so! Our genes are real. We even watched a few videos of Brooke as a baby and their cries sound identical. So nuts.


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.22.21 PM

I took Ed to the doctor a few weeks ago for a belated 6 month well baby check and he was 15 lbs 10 oz and 25 inches long. These stats are almost identical to how big Brooke was at 6 months! The only difference is Eddie is a boy and boys are supposed to be bigger so he’s in the super low percentiles {1st and 9th percentile to be exact}. The doctor is a little concerned about how small he is, but considering his sister was the exact same way, I’m not too concerned. The doctor did mention if he doesn’t grow quicker by his 9 month check, then they’d have to run some tests to check for growth hormones or lack thereof. I asked ‘what if the tests come back normal?’ and he said ‘then he’ll just be a small boy’. So, maybe he’ll be a shorty like his mama. Who knows.

Eddie is starting to sit up like a champ! He’s usually a pretty solid sitter for 2 minutes or more. I know that doesn’t sound like very much, but for a little guy like him, it’s awesome!

No teeth yet, but I think they’re on their way! My first two started getting teeth around 7 1/2 months, so it should be a few more weeks until a few pearly whites start poking through Eddie’s gums.

Speaking of teeth, Eddie likes to bite my shoulder…and it totally hurts {!!!} even though he’s just got gums in there. I’m concerned for the future once those teeth start popping up like daisies.

Eddie can say “dadadada” but no “mamamama” yet.

Eddie is very ticklish everywhere. Especially his thighs and back.

He’s still a very happy baby which I LOVE!

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10 Responses
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    […] you remember Ed’s 7-month update, we were just starting to introduce him to solids. There was a week this past month where Eddie […]

  2. Kweya

    My daughter is now 7months and she doesn’t like food. I want to try different food jut of don’t know which ones. Which foods would you recommend I try out? She is teething so only wants milk. She has a tooth popping out.

  3. Barbara Marcyniuk

    Lauren your Eddy is a beautiful baby boy…..you have a lovely family…Keep up your good work ..We enjoy your recipes….just tried Best fried ri e And everyone loved it….Thanks

  4. ShaNae

    Beautiful kiddos! Eddie does look like Brooke except his eyes are the bright blue.
    My son was in the 0 percentile until he turned about 3 then started to grow. He just turned 11 and is now in the 20th percentile with height and weight. All tests were normal and he’s fine just small. I’m only 5’2 so not to surprised and his great grandpa was only 5’4. You never know what growth spurt they’ll hit. He’s adorable though! Enjoy! Have a happy Labor Day!

  5. Jeanine

    Eddie is adorable! I have a small baby who just turned 12 months old. He has always been in the 4th percentile and our doctor does not worry at all because he has stayed consistent since birth. At his 12 month check up, he weighed 17 lbs even and is 27 inches tall. I am not too worried because I am only 5’4″ and my husband is 5’7″, so we are both fairly small people.

  6. kelly

    He is sooooo cute!! I LOVE the sideways binky picture!! & i love the fact his hair has a tint of red…I was sooooo hoping my 3 girls would be redheaded..since my hubby is but…sigh no…:(
    anyway, very cute update

  7. Julie Taylor

    Lauren , it just seems like he might be long , tall. With formula feeding , he should gain weight. Cute little guy you have . Interesting blogs . I read what you are going thru, and it reminds me. Of our daughter. So I learn from your notes and share with our Kristen . You are feeding. Every 3 hours , and at least 5 oz each time? He looks normal and is darling . I am a short little person. My parents were also . Will pray for you and baby. Happy blog and good recipes by the way!!