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Family Photos Fall 2018

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Brennan family crossing the street

So excited to share these beautiful images we had taken last week!

My friend Amanda took all of these photos last Saturday afternoon and they turned out even better than I thought they would! When Gordon and I got them back, we couldn’t stop staring at them all because every single image was so gorgeous! Shooting all the photos was such a breeze and like her website says, she brought bribes! Ha! Worked like a freaking charm. I’m sharing just a few select ones that miiiiight be my favorites, although I do sincerely love them all.

Gordon thinks my borderline obsession with documenting our growing family is a little out of hand, but I disagree. I love all the photos we have collected over the years! I will always consider it money well spent and now we have some lovely photos of us in New York City! 

Brennan family crossing the street

Brennan family walking down the sidewalk

Brennan family on the corner of a street

Lauren and Blake

Gordon Eddie and Brooke
My little sweetie pie! <3

Brennan family

Blake, Brooke and Eddie

Lauren and Eddie with Blake in the foreground
I am in love with this photo. I LOVE our expressions.
Brennan family

Gordon and Brooke

Lauren and Blake
He is such a stud. I can already see that his future is so bright because he is basically MR. POSITIVITY (89% of the time)

Gordon and Eddie

Lauren and Brooke
My sweet girl with such a big and tender heart.


Gordon and the kids


Gordon, Blake and Eddie


Lauren and Eddie

Brennan family

Brennan family

Gordon Blake and Eddie
Can we just take a moment to appreciate these two crazy boys I have? Their expressions are priceless.
Gordon and Lauren
He has my heart forever.
Gordon throwing Eddie up in the air
hashtag classic.

And because you will ask, here are a few details on our outfits. A few affiliate links are listed below.

My dress is found here and my shoes are here.

The boys’ outfits are nearly identical: trousers in navy here, oxford shirts in ‘shoreline blue’ here.

Brooke’s dress is here, shoes here and I don’t remember where her headband came from. Oops.

Gordon takes care of his own wardrobe so I can’t help ya there.


If you are in or around NYC, I can’t recommend Amanda enough. I am so pleased with how these all turned out.


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17 Responses
  1. Lena Boyd

    The pictures are awesome, so happy. Brooke is really changing into a lovely young lady. The boys are so grown up and cute, lady killers for sure. Eddie looks just like you and Blake looks like his dad for sure.
    I agree, family pictures create the history of the family, year to year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lauren J.

    These did turn out perfect! I feel inspired to do this as well with our family! My husband isn’t a fan : )
    I really dig navy blue…especially in the fall.