Family Photos Fall 2019

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Brennan Family posing for the camera

Hi Friends!

Today I am sharing some sweet family photos we had taken a few weeks ago (before this gross winter weather hit). Since we added another little family member to our clan, we wanted to document it! So here they are 🙂 My friend Amanda took these ones and of course she did a wonderful job. If you are coming to the city, I’d highly recommend getting her to take your photos. It’s worth every penny!

I think its important to note that Eddie pretended that he was a kitty the vast majority of the time (we said a lot of “smile baby kitty!”) and Porter did really well, except for the last few minutes when he was just over it. Haha! It’s really weird looking at these photos and again understanding that yes, I now have four kids. Logically I know that but sometimes it certainly doesn’t feel like it. Anyways, here is just a sampling of all the photos we got. Thanks for following along the highs and lows with our family. We sure do love and appreciate all you devoted readers! Have a great day! xo

A woman holding Porter
So happy to have Porter officially documented as baby #4!


Brennan Family photo
Always pointing out the airplanes and helicopters.


My beautiful girl!!

Gordon and Eddie

Brooke and Porter
Big sister doing what she loves best! Snuggling that sweet baby.
Blake is so so handsome! So full of life and genuine happiness. I love him.

Gordon and Lauren

Family walking down a city street
I love this photo.

Family walking down a city street

Family sitting on stairs

Family sitting on stairs
Eddie truly is the heartbeat of our family. He is big and loud and so hilarious! He definitely makes sure he is known in every way possible.

Family sitting on stairs


Lauren and Brooke

Lauren and Eddie

Eddie and Blake hiding behind legs

Blake sitting in the grass laughing

Blake and Eddie
Blake’s eyelashes kill me. Also, I’m so excited to take these photos next year with three little boy faces in this picture!!

Blake and Porter


Brennan family

Brennan Family
A good depiction of our life right now. Happy chaos.
Gordon and Brooke
She’s almost as tall as me….and now her Dad at 10 years old!

Gordon and Brooke

Gordon and the boys


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28 Responses
  1. Gwen

    Where do you purchase Brooke’s clothes? My granddaughter (11) lives in Manhattan and I like to buy her things but I get the feeling she doesn’t really like what I pick out. Thanks.

  2. Maggie Herron

    Love your family photos, blog, your humor, fun stories and recipes. Thank you so much for sharing. You’ve got your hands full. Take good care.

  3. Shelli

    Simply wonderful gaming pictures! I certainly could pick just one lol
    Happy holidays! I hope your darling family has another positive and healthy year ❤️❤️❤️
    Blessing to you,

  4. Lois Oleson

    Great family pictures. I feel like I know you even thought I don’t! Beautiful children and so glad for a loving healthy family.

  5. Sam

    Wonderful pics! I love following not only your recipes but your life as well. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my 4th and my 3rd is also the heartbeat of our family, he just does the strangest but cutest things! He is obsessed with lions but likes to be called kittykat, he is 3, so I totally get that vibe lol. Yesterday I was craving homemade crepes so bad. During the night i screenshotted pics I was drooling over and then in the morning I was at the grocery store and decided to buy me 2 crepes at the cafe. They were so expensive and the 2 was not enough. My eldest, 6, tooth fell out over the weekend so we had celebratory pancakes last night using your Better Than Paris Crepes recipe. My husband works away alot so he is coming home tonight and that means we will have more crepes using the leftover batter…. yaaaay!
    Btw you look amazing after having just given birth. I have no clue how I will be burning the post baby weight in a couple of weeks. Did you use a belly binder? Will be my 4th csec though

  6. Mary Looram

    What a beautiful family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. You have much to be thankful for this year.

    Continued Blessings to your family.

    XO Mary

  7. Marilyn Brennan

    I love these all but I especially like the one on your front stairs when you two are looking Eddie’s way. I am glad to see Brooke smiling genuinely so much. Sometimes she doesn’t smile when you think she might. Also love the one with Dad and the two boys. Walking in the street is fun too!! Very fun. Thank you!

  8. Carolyn S Cheeseman

    Beautiful! These are incredible! Love watching you on this adventure and seeing your beautiful kids grow up! Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. Courtney

    Love these. Can’t get over how grown up Eddie and Blake both look. The 3rd pic in is my favorite of Eddie. I love the 1st pic of all of you on stairs and no one is looking at the camera, but looking at each other. Those black & white pics always get me. Especially the one with Gordon with all 3 boys.. 🙂

  10. Jeanne

    What wonderful memories these will be. Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves. Nice to catch a warm day in the fall to take family photos. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and of course don’t eat to much. 🙂

  11. Joanne

    Beautiful family amazing pictures love your recipes
    Children’s are growing so beautiful Happy holidays to you guys 🙏🙏❤❤🤗

  12. Lena Boyd

    The pictures are wonderful. Brooke is growing into a lovely young lady. She is changing so much in every new picture she is looking more like her dad thru the eyes and of course both of you. The boys seem so happy as do all of you. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Be well.