Family Ski Trip!

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Snow with trees and a hill in the distance

We just got home from our wonderful ski trip at Deer Valley Resort and already we’re picking up again, catching an early flight today and flying out to Orlando to spend a few days at Disney World! But before we go, I wanted to be sure I wrote up a quick post about our trip because it was wonderful and memorable and so so much fun! I wrote a little bit about it here, but this is the official post 🙂

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A living room filled with furniture and a large window

When we rolled into Park City Monday afternoon, we were able to relax at our Resorts West Vacation Home. Our property was called Double Eagle #11, for those of you wanting to stay in this exact home. It was more than enough for our small little family (this place sleeps 12!!)

A bedroom with a bed and desk

This room with the bed was where we set Eddie’s Pack n’Play up and he was sitting pretty for sure 🙂 His naps were hit and miss, as usual, but he slept through the night like a champ!

A bedroom with a bunk bed

Brooke and Blake were pretty thrilled that they got the room with the bunk beds. When we were living in our home in Oregon, they used to have bunk beds and LOVED sharing a room, so this turned into a fun few days of slumber-partying it up!

A boy laying on a bed
pensive Blake!

A small child laying on a bed

Blake and Brooke on the top bunk

These two spent a lot of their vacation in their room doing their own thing. There happened to be some video games in their room too, so Gordon taught them how to ski and snowboard virtually. It was HILARIOUS how much they enjoyed it.

A person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Oh, hello! I really liked this mirror.

A bedroom with a bed

This was the top floor master suite. The kids took full advantage of the Jacuzzi tub.

I loved all the windows everywhere in this house.

AND!! We didn’t realize our little rental was RIGHT on the mountain! We could have put on our skis and headed out the back door to the ski hill. Too bad we brought our kids. Ha! (Just half kidding.)

Sunset over snow covered land

After we got the lay of the land, we headed out to dinner at The Brass Tag. Really great food, and dessert was awesome too! The kind servers learned our kids names and kept coming over to ask them questions.

Brass Tag sign

Gordon feeding Eddie

The next morning we headed out to our lessons. Eddie went to the child watch program and the kiddos went to their respective classes. We tried to spy on them as best as we could, but we missed a lot of Blake’s lesson (which was pretty short because he fell once and was over it) but saw Brooke skiing that afternoon with her instructor.

Brooke learning how to ski

Brooke with skis

We were so impressed with her skills just after one lesson!

After her first day, skiing became her new favorite sport, next to swimming and badminton! We are looking into getting her enrolled in ski lessons closer to home.
A man riding skis down a snow covered slope

Gordon and I went separately to our private morning lessons and I stayed mostly on the bunny hills and ventured up to one of the higher green/easy hills and thought I was going to die. I kept thinking I was going to fall off a cliff and die. Good times. HA!

Gordon was on a few other different easy hills, but zooming right past me. I think he even did a few harder hills too. Brooke was most definitely skiing past me too. I’m a bit of a baby. But, by the second day lessons, I felt way more comfortable with skiing. Too bad it was our last lesson! Oh well 🙂

Looking up a ski lift

A person riding skis down a snow covered slope

All of the views on the mountain were so beautiful! I could get used to this life.

Brennan family in a carriage ride

On our last evening, we went to Fireside Dining and were able to take a sleigh ride before we were seated to a table. The kids were so thrilled to see horses 🙂

And of course dinner was so ridiculously good. I suppose Fireside Dining is known for their Raclette and it did not disappoint. SO GOOD.

Lauren Brooke and Eddie

Brennan family at a dinner table

Overall, it was a really fun trip and we were so thankful to Deer Valley and Resorts West for all the memories!!

Helpful Links

We stayed at a vacation home with Resorts West. Even though its a vacation home, it comes with concierge service which is SO nice to take advantage of! We stayed at a great home with a great location.

Brooke, Blake, Gordon and I all took skiing lessons at Deer Valley. We could not recommend them enough! Brooke made HUGE leaps and bound in just two days. Blake was a party pooper. Gordon and I did great! Gordon was more brave than me, as per usual.

Deer Valley Grocery Cafe–everything we ordered for breakfast was amazing!! I tried as much as I could and there was nothing I didn’t like. The fresh berries with the kids meals were particularly huge and awesome.

The Brass Tag–great food. Our favorite was the warm skillet cookie. Typical for my crew. Ha!

Fireside Dining–Even if you don’t go skiing, you MUST try this restaurant! The raclette….can’t even handle it. We also had an amazing veal and mushroom stew. Incredible.



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  1. Hannah

    Love Deer Valley Resort! I’ve been to ski a couple times, but I’ve also been in the summer for mountain biking and hiking, which is amazing too. I love the weather there in summer.

  2. Jolayne Bass

    Lauren!! Make your next vacation in Denver and visit me! I’m so impressed with you and your family! You’ve done some amazing things! ❤️