What are your favorite Thanksgiving Sides?

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Today, I’m sharing all my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes on Butterball.com! Did you know I’ve partnered with them this Thanksgiving? {See my first post here!} Anyways, be sure to click through to get my recipe for Sausage Cornbread Stuffing!

PLUS, weigh in and let me know what you say: Stuffing or Dressing? A very heated debate 🙂 Click here to respond!

Have a great day, friends!

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4 Responses
  1. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    Stuffing. It’s all about the stuffing for me. Of course the turkey is necessary to have stuffing but it is just the method for making the stuffing even better.

  2. Susan Linn

    I can’t live with stuffing and pumpkin pie. In fact, I could just have these two and call it a day!! Thanks for all your great recipes, Lauren.

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