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Favorite Things!

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Please tell me I’m not the only one who buys herself her own gifts? Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, it’s me pulling the trigger and handing all the Amazon boxes to my husband for wrapping and safe keeping.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, I thought I’d throw a few of my favorite things together on this post that are great recommendations for husbands who need the hint OR for those of us to just take matters into our own hands. Haha! All are tried and true items I would recommend to anyone, mainly because I own and love the products. I cover a lot of areas, so I divided my ‘gift guide’ of sorts into price ranges, so there’s something for everyone 🙂 (a few affiliate links are included below.)

What are you asking for Mother’s Day?


Under $100

Got this Gel Manicure set for Christmas and it was the best money I’ve spent. Only $99 for an entire kit that gives you a gel manicure just as good as you’d get at a salon. Brooke and I use this at least once a month and it has paid for itself 5 times over already.

Hanna Andersson pajamas are the main kinds of pj’s I buy for my kids because they are high quality and their return policy is amazing! I recently bought these pajamas for myself, thinking they would be just as comfy and I was right! I am loving them.

Cutest sweatshirt for moms! And I couldn’t agree more with its sentiment. Haha! I love my kids I love my kids I love my kids.

Still really happy with my brown purse I seem to tote everywhere. A good sized, bigger purse with a middle zippered section and a small wristlet.

I’ve owned this utility vest for about two years and it’s still being sold at Nordstrom which tells me maybe JUST MAYBE I’m still in style. Haha!

Take this with a grain of salt, but these are the only bra’s I buy. I really love them because they are the most comfortable ones I’ve ever found. If you have small to medium-ish tatas, then go get measured and check ’em out. (Move on over, Victoria’s Secret!)

I’m taking the plunge and getting some Birkenstocks for the summer. I used to think they were absolutely hideous, but after seeing a few cute outfits incorporating them, I’ve kind of changed my mind. I might regret the purchase, but I’m hoping not. Are there are passionate Birkenstock owners out there? Are they worth it? Should I cancel my order?

Under $50

I got these two skirts from J.Crew Factory and just love them! Size down because they tend to run a little large.

My little sister got me Moroccan Oil for my hair as a Christmas gift, among other things and I love using it on my ends! I was definitely skeptical at first, but after using it for a few months now, I can safely say that my hair doesn’t get fried nearly as easily, plus it smells pretty great. (Pretty sure everyone has heard of moroccan oil before me. I am new to this party.)

This is my very favorite brand of dry shampoo. I don’t know how it works so well, but it does and I love it. When I can’t get around to Ulta or Sephora, I will pick this kind of dry shampoo up at any drug store for 1/3rd of the price and it works pretty well too. (I did find this hair beauty favorites kit from Sephora (on a super sale this weekend) that includes the moroccan oil and my favorite dry shampoo, so if you’d want to try them plus a few other products that I’ve heard great things about, now would be the time to get them.)

I love this set of white casserole dishes. I own the 3-piece set after much debate over whether or not I’d even have room in my cabinets. NYC apartment problems. Well, I bought them and love love love them! I hope I own them forever because they’re so pretty! I’m a sucker for kitchen gear, even though I really really don’t have room for most of it.

Love this two-pack of sunnies from ASOS. I’ve been wearing the black ones a lot in my instagram stories.

Saw these cute little indoor white planters from Hearth & Hand (Magnolia’s Line at Target) that I’m only slightly obsessed with.

Read The Magnolia Story on the flight to Aruba and have recently started What Alice Forgot (and have been loving it!) Arranged is another great book that I remember not being able to put down. (The last two books are under $20!)

Not a Yankees fan *yet* but sure loving my blue yankees hat! Still not sick of it.

For those of you still fighting the good fight…as in trying to get clear skin (like me!) try this mask on for size. It’s not a miracle worker (is anything a miracle worker?) but it sure feels nice and tingly and soothing. I use this from time to time and always forget how much I like it until I slap it on my face again.

I adore my Roul’pat, not to be confused with my Silpat. Roul’pat is for kneading and rolling dough; silpat is for baking. Both are nonstick silicone. Love them both!

Under $20

I love smaller, understated earrings. Just recently bought these and they are just the right amount of bling and understated loveliness, and you can’t beat $11!

I’ve talked about these t-shirts/tighter white capped sleeve shirts on instagram stories that I like wearing underneath some looser summer shirts. They are really comfy and make my latest white blouse not so revealing. Haha! I size up to Medium; after a good wash and dry it’s the perfect size.

I love Target for a million other different reasons, but also their $8 basic tees. I have several in different colors and they are great!

I have heard so much about these crazy foot peels that work miraculously, so I got this one and had my little sister try it out for me to see how it was. Haha! Apparently it’s a miracle worker, so when I have a hot minute, I’ll be soaking my feet!! Have any of you tried these?

I’ve been wearing this Vanilla perfume for years and years and love it! It’s hard to beat perfume that smells like dessert, though.

Another great tip for wanting to try a bunch of beauty products is finding them in travel size! Sephora has a ton on sale here.

This is the best foot rasp/scrubber to get off all the gunk off the bottom of your feet, just in time for summer! I own this because my feet are awful and it’s amazing!

A cute, cheap salad dressing bottle, for all your salad needs. I got some of these for Christmas a few years ago and I actually got one for my little sister too this past Christmas. They’re great.


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8 Responses
  1. Bethany

    Got the foot peel for a bridal shower gift from my best friend and OMG! It really is amazing. The first couple of days after you think it’s not going to work and then you start shedding like a lizard! Just be prepared to either wear socks for a few days or leave a trail behind you!

  2. Amie

    Birkenstocks- the real ones, not the silly littlle knock offs that everyone else is making now, are FANTASTIC. They will change your life! I have even convinced my husband to wear them. Everytime he puts them on he is so “upset” bc they make his feet feel so much better. He usually says something like, “So why do these feel so much better than everything else?”

  3. Tamara

    Love posts like this where I can see what other people’s faves are! I love your sense of style and appreciate your ideas. I am totally on board with buying our own gifts!

  4. Kristen

    Thanks for sharing! The manicure set looks fantastic! I just looked on the Canadian site however and it’s almost $200! It’d be nice to get though as it’s not always easy to get away to get my nails done! I’m excited to check out the pj’s too! It’s so nice to get ideas and try something new.

  5. Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books)

    I love Hannah Andersen products. Great quality! They last forever.

    Those foot peels look amazing. I’ll have to give them a try.

    Thanks for all these suggestions! Love your blog. I’m a friend of Tammy (Torrey) Brennan’s, by the way 🙂