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Hi Friends!

I wanted to quickly pop in and say Hallelujah!! School is starting for my kids next week and I’m so so excited 🙂 Brooke realized today that school is literally starting in just a few days and it got her all nervous. She’s so cute! Still working out where Blake will go since he’s still on the waitlist for preschool at a couple of spots, including the same school as Brooke. We’ll see if anything comes to fruition with that.

Also, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you totally should! Not everything you find on the blog will be published on Instagram and vice versa. The same goes for all of my social media accounts, actually. Just trying to keep it all fresh…plus I can’t keep up and syndicate them all. I need a nap just thinking about it. Most days, I need naps.

What are you doing for Labor Day? We are heading to the Hamptons because its close and we’ve never been! What are all the things to see and delicious places to eat at? I’m packing lots of healthy snacks for the in betweens, but I’d love to get your opinions. I’ve heard Ina Garten mention that Duryea’s Lobster Deck and 1770 house were good?! Thoughts? Kid-friendly spots only please 🙂

I’m trying to wrap my head around this Hurricane and all the people who are suffering. My heart hurts for everyone in Houston. If you know of a foundation that is doing good work, giving 100% of the proceeds to help victims, will you please leave a quick comment to let me know? I’m looking for ways to help, and right now I can’t give time or service (because logistically I’m here and they are there), but I can give some money. Try to see what you can do too. And if you feel like you can’t do anything, just pray. I can’t imagine having to go through something like this.

Anyways, thanks for all your continued love, help and support! You all rule.

Details and links about my outfit below. Photos taken by Sarah Kuszelewicz.

Lauren in front of a building

Lauren walking

Lauren sitting on steps

Lauren sitting on steps

Lauren sitting on steps

Lauren walking

Lauren posing for the camera

Lauren walking

Lauren walking

Helpful Links

(some affiliate links below)

Since I posted a couple of these photos on Instagram, the number one question has been “where did you get your vest?” and the answer is Stitch Fix! Stitch Fix is a styling service that I have been using for years. I stopped for a little once I got pregnant with Eddie, but since we’ve moved here, I’ve gotten back into it and have been loving what I’ve been receiving. (You fill out a style profile and based on that, a stylist will ship you hand-picked items. You keep what you like and send back what you don’t. Quick and painless. More info about it here.) Anyways, the vest is by a company called Skies are Blue and I cannot find it anywhere, though this one is similar. I think if you sign up for a Stitch Fix box though, you can request this item. (From what I remember, you can still do that!!)

My shirt is found here. So soft!

My leggings are from here. Yes they are maternity. Don’t judge.

My Toms are here.

And my new favorite purse that I use when I don’t have kids with me is found here. The color is Cognac.


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11 Responses
  1. Jane S.

    Lauren, these pictures are absolutely darling! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend in the Hamptons! It sounds like a fabulous place. As far as donations for Houston, The Red Cross, and Salvation Army are always good choices, but I’m sure there are many others as well.
    So happy to see that things seem to be falling into place for you! I hope the kiddos have a great start to the school year!

  2. Kathryn J

    The LDS humanitarian fund is a great choice. 100% goes to efforts to help. ????????
    Love your leggings! I tried to buy myself a pair of the full length last time you posted about them, but they were sold out, and this time they don’t have my size. I’ll have to keep checking back!

  3. Molly

    These pics are so fun for fall! I love your purse. Considering clicking over and getting one too!! Samaritans Purse gives 100% and is set up to be there for the long haul. My husband is volunteering with them! We live in Texas!

  4. Jennifer Friedman

    Hi Lauren,
    I am a day tripper to the hamptons . With a family beach home is Connecticut I often take the ferry across the sound and drive back VI’s the Hamptons. Each town has its own ‘flavor’ to it. I have had a great lunch at the ‘LUNCH’ lobster roll in amagansett. (Where they filmed the show ‘the affair’) Where are staying ?

  5. Jeanne

    I live in Austin and the Austin Disaster Relief Network is awesome and doing great work. Otherwise, I would look for churches because those funds are going directly to victims in recovery efforts. One would be Austin Stone Community Church and I’m sure many churches in the Houston area. Just make sure you chose “disaster fund” or some wording like that in the give box on their sites.

  6. Jennifer Brown

    Hi Lauren! Love your cute outfit! I am in need of some new clothes, so I’m tempted to purchase a few of the items you listed 🙂 Can you please tell me what color your sneakers are? Grey or black? Thanks!

  7. Lori cadmus

    Lauren, love the photos. Adorable! Hope you all enjoy the Hamptons. I live in CT but have never been. My NYC son has gone many times and loves it. Will look forward to pictures. And agree with other comments, Samaritans purse is a great option for donating to Houston.

  8. Anita Schecter

    Gorgeous photos! We LOVE 1770 House but it is definitely not kid friendly. Ina lives just down the road from there (not that she’s invited us over or anything. 🙂 ).

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