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Gordon turns 30!

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A few weeks ago, my husband turned the big three-zero. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it, but in a nutshell, he basically said “I feel exactly how I felt when I was 29.” Which leads me to believe that age is, in fact, just a number.

Anyways, since Gord has been gone for the last 2 1/2 weeks to even more Army training {it’s like the nightmare that never ends}, I thought I’d write a quick list of the top 30 reasons why I love this man fiercely with the passion of a thousand suns…aka more than carbs and cheese.

1. The very first thing I noticed about Gordon when I met him in college {cough cough 11 1/2 years ago}, was that he was nice to everyone. It didn’t matter who it was, he treated everyone with kindness and respect.

2. He still is that nice and respectful person to everyone he meets even today. In fact, if people are wearing name tags at restaurants or at grocery stores, he makes a point to use their name in conversation.

3. He loves his entire family and my entire family and prays for us all.

4. He’s aware of what happens around him and takes steps to help others, no matter what others think of him.

5. He is devilishly handsome.

6. His dimples that have wonderfully been passed down to our two beautiful children.

7. His strength….but when I say that I’m mostly referring to his large muscles that are dreamy.

8. He married me even though I’m Canadian and his family made fun of me tirelessly.

9. He never raises his voice {just like my Dad 🙂 }

10. He loves food almost as much as I do.

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11. He is my biggest blog fan.

12. My #1 supporter for all of my crazy ideas, and believe me, I’ve got a lot of them.

13. He does laundry and dishes. That’s right ladies. He cleans!

14. He is such a good Dad that it makes me look like a bad Mom.

15. Seriously though. Loving and playing with our children is one of his top priorities.

16. He takes me on dates.

17. The 6 weeks that I was under the weather with this third pregnancy, he was able to shoulder a lot of responsibilities that typically fall to me. So I was able to rest and freaking grow a baby.

18. He loves to travel and explore.

19. We never fight. We can agree to disagree, but that usually never happens because we always typically agree. It’s like one mind.

20. His lovely light blue eyes.


21. He loves God.

22. He goes to church.

23. He wants to teach our children the importance of values and hard work.

24. His love of country. I don’t really understand this one completely because I’m Canadian, but it’s important to him to serve his nation so I guess it’s a noble cause. {Even if it means he leaves for LOTS of training…grumble grumble grumble.}

25. He got me pregnant three times and according to my doctors, that is no easy feat.

26. He wants to support and provide for his family. Even though we are in a lucky position to not worry about finances as much as we used to, that doesn’t stop him from working hard to bring in the bacon.

27. He treats me SO well and makes sure our kids treat me the same way.

28. Having him home makes me feel safe.

29. He is pretty darn hilarious. Even though 96% of the time, his jokes are super cheesy.

30. He is very athletic and is good at any sport he tries. {It’s not fair.}

Anyways, this guy is the best guy in all the land and I’m not quite sure how I lucked out to end up with him in my life. But, I’m certainly not complaining.


Happy Birthday, Gord. We certainly love you.


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11 Responses
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  3. Jill Reid

    Been trying to find enchiladas stuffed mushrooms saw them one time and hadn’t been able to find recepe again please forward to me thanks in advance

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  6. D

    As a military wife myself, I don’t understand how you don’t relate to your husband’s love of country. So what that youre actually Canadian? You don’t love “your” country? In any event, your children are American, your husband is American, you live in America, and you make a living by posting recipes on Facebook, an American platform. Seems odd to me that you wouldn’t be more supportive.

  7. Sara W

    Such a great tribute-happy birthday to him! Oh man I so relate to the endless training! My husband is in an APMC Unit and deploying in December :/ however, I second the respect for honor and service. Thanks to you and yours for his service!

  8. Rebecca Walker

    Thirty important and wonderful reasons. I think you two are lucky to have found each other and together made a loving foundation on which to grow a family. (I was also an Army wife, so I know about those absences. Hang in there!)