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Grant’s Pass, Oregon {part I}

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Oregon Map with Grants Pass highlighted

A few weeks ago, me and my cute little family packed up and traveled around Oregon. Our first stop was Grant’s Pass- a cute little town in southern Oregon.

We drove down Friday night and arrived at The Lodge at Riverside around 9 pm. We were welcomed with fresh chocolate chip cookies and showed to a very comfortable room. After a few stories, our little one was off to dream land.

hotel 1

That morning, I found our goofy girl ‘sleeping’ and thoroughly enjoying her queen sized bed all to herself! hotel 2

This was our view from our room. We didn’t have time to swim in the pool cause of our schedule, much to my daughter’s chagrin. Next time, maybe!hotel 3

For breakfast, we headed to Goodness Gracious Cafe, a cute little brand new establishment in the heart of Grant’s Pass. They are known for their pancakes, so that’s what we got!

pancakes 1This little one was getting a little rambunctious while we were waiting, but that’s nothing new.

pancakes 2Getting excited….

pancakes 3Ok, calm down buddy.

pancakes 4Ahh, here they are! These were spiced pear pancakes with whipped cream and caramel sauce. These ladies who run this joint do not mess around! I could hardly finish my plate full, but Gord was packing it down and had almost 2 full plates of pancakes!

pancakes 5My little one had plain pancakes with syrup and those sausages back there were HEAVENLY! Both Gord and I agreed that they were amazing!

pancakes 6Caught a decent photo! Woo hoo! LOL!

sconesAfter breakfast, we were supposed to go on the Hellgate Jetboat Excursion but the Rogue River was too low. Bummer. So we stopped off at their adjoining store, looked around and had some of these fabulous blueberry scones. They were huge, warm, sweet and so amazingly good!  We also bought a few halloween knick-knacks and my daughters new favorite stuffed animal, Easter Hunt {it’s a stuffed salmon.} {Yes, that’s what she really named it.} {It was either that or mayonnaise.} {I was happy with her choice.}

eaglesAfter those amazing scones, we headed over to Wildlife Images, a rehabilitation and education center for animals who can’t live in the wild. These eagles and owls were the only ones who would stand still for photos! LOL!


Once we were done here, we took lunch to go from Summer Jo’s Organic Farm, Gourmet Restaurant and Artisan Bakery {delicious veggie bagel sandwiches} and then picked up some fruit and fresh apple cider doughnuts from the Grant’s Pass Grower’s Market. SO amazing.

After this we stopped at Pennington Farms briefly to poke around and get a few snacks.

farmHere’s the farm from the outside….we had gorgeous weather!! Not a cloud in the sky!

jamPennington Farms makes their own jams, pies, cookies, etc. So yummy! We picked up a few of these little testers 🙂

cookiesI loved these jars filled with cookies.

berries 2And all their fruit was gorgeous!

berriesI wanted to buy all of these berries, but I was still full from lunch. Once we left, we drove to Jacksonville and Medford 🙂 Stay tuned for those posts to come!

*Thank you Travel Oregon for sending us on this adventure!*


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3 Responses
  1. Linda @ My Foodgasm Journal

    I love Oregon – this should be on my list for weekend gateaway. Those fruits look so fresh looking and the winner is, of course, your daughter. Such a cutie pie.