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Happy 2nd Birthday Blake!

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Don’t mind the black eye! This boy plays hard 🙂 He ran, tripped and fell, hitting the corner of a chair on the way down.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my sweet Blake’s second birthday. Brooke and I did a little party for him which is where this cute video was filmed.

Here’s the latest and greatest things going on with my Blakey!

-Busy body this boy is. He is constantly moving everywhere and getting into things. I’ve baby proofed our house but need to toddler-proof it now!

-He loves to throw and bang and crash anything and everything, much to his sister’s dismay.

-Knows the difference between cars, trucks, trains, planes, helicopters, jeeps and vans.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.39.05 PM

-Loves Thomas the Train, Lightening McQueen, Mater and Dusty Crophopper. For his birthday, I gave him a remote control Dusty and he loves driving him straight into the wall. Best $11 I ever spent.

-Loves playing outside, his new scooter, going down the slide, swinging high on the baby swings, climbing and jumping off everything, jumping on the trampoline, blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, going in the stroller for walks and running down the sidewalk with his sister to check the mail.

-Absolutely loves his Daddy! I wasn’t sure if he was going to remember Gordon once he got back after 5 months of being away, but those FaceTime conversations definitely payed off! Oh my goodness, those two have been wrestling nonstop!

-Favorite foods: pears, unsweetened applesauce, greek yogurt, lara bars, any kind of crackers, steak, rotini or spaghetti pasta {but no other shapes!}, cheese sticks, apple nutrigrain bars {but no other kinds}, mini wheats cereal, plain cheerios, pizza, red and yellow peppers, black olives, plain cottage cheese, bananas, red grapes, raisins, craisins, dried pineapple, banana chips, cheese quesadillas.

-Blake is really reluctant to eat any kind of meat. Grilled steak cut up into small pieces is just about the only kind of meat he’ll eat at this point.

-He is very tender hearted. If his sister starts to cry, then he’ll start to cry. If Brooke laughs, then he laughs. Total monkey see monkey do. He wants to be bigger and older like her! It’s so cute 🙂 He gets really upset every morning because he can’t ride the bus with his sissy.

-Is talking so much now! Can say small sentences that are 3-4 words. Brooke will use siri on my phone and he will repeat everything she says. He’s gotten really good at saying “Call Gordon” except its more like “caw go-don”. So cute!!

-He knows and can recognize circles, triangles and ovals. He still gets rectangles and squares mixed up. Starting to recognize pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

-Loves to read, build towers with blocks or stackable boxes {and push them over} and build little roads for his one million hot wheels.

-Nicknames for Blake include but are not limited to: Bubba, Bubbie, Brother, Blakey-Cakey, Blake-man.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.40.18 PM

-Loves getting tickled and saying “again again!”

-Loves dogs and talking about the sky! Clouds, sun, moon, stars, planets, etc. He is fascinated by it all. We went to a planetarium show and he was rivited by it all! So was Brooke for that matter.

-Consistently is running into things, like chairs, walls, other people, etc. He doesn’t look where he’s going so it’s bound to happen.

-We’re going pacifier-free now! It’s been a little rough, but he’s getting the hang of it. Only a few more days and he should forget all about it. At least that’s the hope.

We are so happy to have this boy in our family. I keep seeing glimpses of the terrible twos but am hopeful that they won’t be bad because of how cute he is! Lol! We love our Bubba!

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17 Responses
  1. Roberta Collins

    I can’t believe Blake is two already! When I first started following your blog, you weren’t even pregnant yet. Seems like yesterday. Your family is beautiful, and you are so amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. I feel like you’re a good friend, although we haven’t met. Keep up the good work. Love, Roberta

  2. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    What a cutie! Such a fun age. Yup, it will be a while until he learns to look before he propels himself forward at light speed only to be stopped by a stationary object. Only to get back up again, ignoring any results from said collision, and do it all over again. Boys….they are entertaining.

    Blake is right about the rectangle and square 🙂 A square is a rectangle. We call it a special rectangle.

    You have a lovely family. Good job mom that he eats a variety of things.


    Such an adorable little fella with beautiful, beautiful sparkling eyes and a smile to match! Happy Birthday, Blake!

  4. Melinda

    What a precious thing to see this morning! I love to watch the expressions change in his eyes!!! Cherish the moments! My only is 22 1/2 and I remember LOVING when she was two and three!!!! Happy Birthday, Blake!

  5. Karen

    Happy 2nd birthday to Blake. Mine never suffered the terrible twos..but 4 was 2 squared…does that make sense? 4 was the age my kids challenged me. Enjoy and he sounds so much like my son….he was so sweet and tender too…and now he is still in the sensitive mode with his soon to be status of a STATE TROOPER, because he wants to help people.

  6. Michele

    Sounds like all boy ya got there. Mine loved Barney the Dinosaur, and all thing sports! He’s now 24! Enjoy these days, they go fast !

  7. Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life

    Happy birthday Mr Blake! I hope you had a great party with your Mum and big sister! And now that your Dad is back you have even more fun in store 🙂
    Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your gorgeous family with us Lauren 🙂