Happy Birthday, Blake!

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Blake sitting in front of a birthday cake with lit candles

Can’t believe this sweet boy is SEVEN already! Seven! How did this happen?

For his birthday, he asked for a ‘chocolate black Batman cake with a yellow number seven on top”. He even picked out the specific lego batman figurines he wanted up on top! It was delicious if I say so myself. (I used this cake recipe, this frosting recipe and just dyed the frosting with black food coloring.)

Blake has been and continues to be the sweetest, most tender-hearted boy. He loves to read, loves to build legos, can retain information, statistics and jokes better than anyone I know (his memory is insane), is so naturally athletic its ridiculous and loves to play anything with a ball. He loves to run, loves to ride his bike and go scootering all around town. He is honest, loves to laugh and has the most mellow, easy going attitude ever. He finds writing in any form a waste of time and doesn’t see the point (which has made homeschooling REALLY FUN for me…haha!) but every other subject he catches on quickly. He misses recess, lunch with friends and gym desperately. I’m confident he’s going to be valedictorian one day, based on how hard he works and how personable he is (very much like his Dad). The first day of first grade when I was walking into the school yard with him, people were calling out to him “Blake! Hi!!” and he was waving and yelling right back, calling them out by name. Everyone loves this goofy kid and for that we are thankful.

We weren’t quite sure what to get him for his birthday, but a lego spaceship seemed appropriate with a few Dogman books and some comfy exercise clothes that he just loves to wear. He many only be seven, but he is all about that athleisure look. And in full Blake fashion, he was done reading all those books in about two days.

Blake, we sure do love you! Can’t wait to see you fly this next year!

Blake posing for the camera with a toy rocket

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  1. Megan B.

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Blake! Do you mind sharing the link for the cake and frosting recipe? It wasn’t linked in the article, thanks!