Happy Birthday Eddie!

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boy smiling with birthday cake

This sweet boy turned FIVE recently and while I feel like its been FOREVER since he was just born, a part of me thinks it was just yesterday.

When he was born, I could tell immediately that he was not like his older siblings. He had a hard time adjusting to life outside of my tummy and was a terrible sleeper from the get go. Only once we moved to New York and had him sharing a room with his siblings did he start sleeping through the night (at 16 months!) We had to take him to speech therapy at 2 because he refused to speak any other words other than ‘mama’ ‘ipad’ and ‘soda’. (I looked like a GREAT mom to the pediatrician.) Turns out he just needed a little more time for the words to start spilling out of him.

Through these and some other struggles, I’m telling you year after year, he keeps getting better. He is turning into such a sweet and wonderful boy.

Sensitive, bossy (it’s hard to be the third child), LOVES his siblings and wants to do exactly what they do, hilarious, the life of the party and so so smart. Loves ‘school’ and wants to learn all the things. Toggles between keeping the training wheels on and demanding we take them off (only for us to put them back on again a week later🤣).

He certainly pushes boundaries like nobody’s business (again, its hard being number 3!) but oh my heavens what a joy he is turning out to be. He is just a delight.

The morning of his birthday, I gave him a big hug and said ‘Eddie! It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday!’ to which he replied ‘Happy Birthday to you too, Mom!’ 🤣😍🥰

We love you, Eddie, and are so so glad you are in our family.

boy looking at birthday cake

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22 Responses
  1. Sheila Larson

    Happy birthday to Eddie! It hardly seems like just 5 years ago that he was born,
    He sure is a cutie. Congratulations on being the mom who recognizes his uniqueness and celebrates it,

  2. Judy

    Happy Birthday Eddie, I also can’t believe you are 5 already. Where has the time gone. I love how your mom describes you. You are amazing.

  3. Gina B.

    Happy Birthday Eddie. He is such a cute boy and can’t believe he is 5. Love the pictures and your blog with recipes some I have made.

    Keep letting us know about you and the family.

  4. Rebecca Layfield

    Happy Blessed Birthday to your sweet boy!! Love your blog and have tried many of your recipes and have not been unhappy with any of them!! God Bless you and your precious family!!

  5. Dawn D. Ayres


  6. Cindi

    Eddie is so precious. Actually all of your children are precious. Something about Eddie is so special. I love watching videos of your family or seeing pictures. You are very blessed. Happy birthday Eddie