Happy Birthday Gordon!!

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One year older and wiser too!

Gordon had a birthday this past week so we had a little party to celebrate this sweet husband of mine! We opened presents in the morning at breakfast and then had birthday pie after dinner.

If you watch the birthday video above, you can see just how much our children love their Daddy by the way they look at him. They truly truly love him like crazy. {Eddie was down for a nap when I shot this.} And might I add, he loves them right back just as much.

Anyways, these are a few photos taken from the day. After knowing this man 13 {!!!!} years, I can truly say he gets better and sweeter and kinder and more wonderful year after year. {See last year’s post for more info}

Happy Birthday, Gordon. You make 31 look good. 🙂

Gordon's Birthday-11

Gordon's Birthday-5

Gordon's Birthday-8

Gordon's Birthday-9

Gordon's Birthday-3

Gordon's Birthday-4

Gordon's Birthday-2

Gordon's Birthday-6

Gordon's Birthday-7

Gordon's Birthday-12

Gordon's Birthday-10

Gordon's Birthday-13

Gordon's Birthday

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6 Responses
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    […] of a salad I had at a Portland Steakhouse that I took my husband to for his 30th birthday {yes he just turned 31,why do you ask?} I needed a diversion to get him out of the house because I was planning a big […]

  2. Lynette

    What a beautiful family! I also have a sweet boy with blue eyes like that…so precious! I enjoy everything about your blog. Merry Christmas!

  3. Mary Garner/Lotempio

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful , and precious moments of your family. I love the way you describe your husband. That is so loving, I pray you two have this same feeling for each other as you grow old together. The kids do look at him adoringly. As for Eddie, he looks more like you every time I see him. And those eyes are adorable. Oh…..and Happy belated Birthday Gordon. Ms. Mary in N.Y

  4. Marilyn Brennan

    Thank you Lauren. I know you post on Instagram but I cannot get that app to work for me. It won’t let me in no matter how many ways I try. These pics are so fun. Glad Eddie got to join in the fun!!

  5. Andrea Heinrichsohn

    I don’t think you have two comments from me.
    I said the photo of Gordon and the kids was really lovely. The beautiful blue eyes….!!!!!!!!!!