Happy Birthday, Lauren!

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Hello everyone,

I have commandeered Lauren’s blog to wish her a wonderfully happy birthday. As her husband, it is obviously my job to ensure her day is, indeed, wonderfully happy. As an honest man, my wishing for her to have such a day is actually creating more work for myself, because a wish like that is really only lip service if not followed up with actions. So I’m starting with a public compliment-fest for her by mentioning just a few things I love about her. As a behind-the-scenes character of the blog, I will give you a behind-the-scenes perspective of the woman who continually invites you over (virtually) for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and dessert with our family.

For my 29th birthday she reached out to many of my family and friends to have them each write about a good experience, memory, or impression of me. It was very sweet and impactful on me to read such kind words from so many people that I look up to. Before we were married, she would write notes to me and leave them in my textbooks, or in my car, and to this day she continues to leave notes for me.


IMG_4179I’m sure you’ve picked up on Lauren’s witty and sarcastic side in her blog posts, which I’ll have you know also takes place outside of her blogs. She is also sincere and sweet, though. She helps our family strike the balance between sassy and sweet.



IMG_4796She is very organized and busy. For many, being very busy translates into being unorganized or scattered, but she is good at prioritizing and turning her busy-ness into productivity (she may argue that she is not productive, but trust me, she is).



IMG_4192She willingly admits that she fell in love with me the moment she first saw me. I don’t know how I became so fortunate to be so loved, but I’ll never let her go. As much as I wish she would sit down and watch a good action flick with me, she can’t be pulled away from romantic comedies. She loves love.



IMG_4365Most important to me, is her love of motherhood. As is needed in a mother, she has a strong work ethic, and a desire to help her kids learn and succeed. She makes necessary personal sacrifices for their benefit, and she offers kindness, love, and one-on-one mommy time.
IMG_4826I am grateful for this day because it is the day my wife was born. Since that day I believe that God was preparing her (and me) for our marriage and spending forever together through building the kind of character, morals, skills, and attributes that I would desire in an eternal companion. Though we have faced challenges and will undoubtedly face many more of greater difficulty, she continues to love, serve, compromise, and laugh and smile.

Have a wonderfully happy birthday, Lauren!




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24 Responses
  1. Linda

    Happy Birthday Lauren! Hope u had a great one and May u have Magical Year, just as magical as u are! Thanks for being u 🙂

  2. Deborah Poteat

    How beautiful! Well said. Happy Birthday Lauren! Keep taking good care of your family and fellow bloggers. Thank you for sharing your recipes with us. I just joined this site and am looking forward to trying new recipes. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Molly

    Happy Birthday Lauren! Thank you for sharing pieces of your kitchen & family on here…it’s so apparent that you excel with both!!! I have your cookbook and just love it!

  4. Cheryl

    Aw! What an awesome hubbie!! You guys are so cute and are blessed to have your priorities in the right order. I have been following Lauren for a couple of years now and love her blog, that has just the right amount of humor and fun thrown into her recipes. Have a great Birthday??? and may God continue to bless you and your sweet family!?

  5. Carolyn

    Hi Lauren!! Happy Birthday to you!! I’ve just recently followed your blog but I must say having a husband to describe you in such detail makes me want to get to know you and your blog so much more. Many blessings on your celebration day!!

  6. Gloria

    Happy Birthday!! I love getting to know you and your family and your commitment to bringing good food to our attention. I have made many of your recipes and have loved them all!! See I use exclamation points to!!!!!!!!

  7. Linda

    Happy Happy birthday Lauren!! I hope u have the best day and wish u a lifetime full of love, happiness, joy (is that the same as happiness ? lol) and good health for u and ur family.

    Thanks for all the awesome recipes, i love ur blog! keep up the great work xx
    God bless

  8. Sally Thompson

    Happy Birthday Lauren!!!! You truly have been blessed with such a loving husband. I would like to thank him for his service and dedication to his country and family. I hope this day of yours is truly special and relaxing. You have given so many of us a look into your life and family and shown us not only wonderful food, but love, and laughter. I hope your day is as awesome as you are !!!!!!! Happy birthday from Virginia!

  9. Sue R

    Happy birthday to you Lauren all the way fm Malaysia!! Hope u hv a great one and u r definately lucky to hv yr hubby say such wonderful things abt you in a blog for the world to see.
    Many happy returns again.

  10. Rita k.

    As one who has the privilege of being one if Lauren’s real life friends, I can say that all of the above is true! I met Lauren 3 years ago, even she moved into the area I lived, and attended the same church. Instantly upon meeting her, I liked her and her family! We happend to be expecting a little boy at the same time, she and Gordon were extracting Blake, thru this our family’s got to spend a lit of time together. Lauren is one of the most kind and generous people I know. She is genuine, funny, witty, and seems to somehow find the good in even the worst situations. I’ve learned so much from her even though chronologically, I’m older than she is! Wise beyond her years, she is an excellent source of advice, and a fantastic sound board of all crazy ideas! I’m grateful to count her among my friends, and to get to follow along her crazy awesome life adventure! Happy birthday Lauren! You definitely deserve to be celebrated today, and everyday!

  11. Megan {Country Cleaver}

    Well Gord just knocked it out of the park for every other blogger husband on the PLANET!! This is so wonderful G, and HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to you Lauren!! I am so lucky to know you, and have shared so many doughnuts, treats, and laughs with you along the way!! I hope it’s the start of another incredible year!

  12. Patricia Hutchinson

    A very Happy Birthday from a very warm South Africa Lauren. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and recipes. Thank you for all the interesting articles and delicious recipes. I hope you have a magical day.

  13. Sandy

    That is so incredibly sweet! What a testament to you, Lauren and your family! Have a very blessed birthday! I feel like I am the one that gets the presents every time I read your blog or use your recipes that you so graciously share with us, thank you so much! I love your kiddos, they are so precious and we can see your love for them and their love for you, it’s so awesome! You are such a lovely family! Have a wonderful day, and a blessed year! Sandy

  14. Priya

    Hi Lauren.Wishing you a veeerrryy Happy Birthday from India . Thank you for the wonderful writeups and the recipes.i may not be able to try all of them but they definitely are a good read. I happened to stumble upon your other blogs Golofamily and wastelesskitchen /golofood it was an enjoyable read. Especially the description of your initial days and so many cute pics of Brooke and the family. I have learnt much from you and I can say you have come a long way . A super woman you are. I wish someday I am able to live my life in the same headstrong way and with faith in the almighty . Happy Birthday once again.