Happy Thanksgiving!

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6328412768_7cba4b43b3Hey friends!

I thought I’d leave you all a little note on this day before Thanksgiving to say I am thankful for all of YOU! Every person who comes to my site, every person that purchases my ebook, every person who leaves a  comment or sends me an email and even the people who come check out a few recipes and leave without leaving any evidence that you were here. THANK YOU! Without you, this little food community would not be what it is today. So, thank you for that.

ANYWAYS, today I’m hustling and bustling trying to get all those recipes going down on my table prepped and ready to go. It’s really fun trying to bake and cook and chop and peel with a needy 4 year old and a teething 6 month old…..said NO ONE EVER. Anyone want to come play with my kids so I can cook in peace?

Really? NO ONE?

I pay in turkey. Does that help?


So yeah. Here’s what I’m cooking for Thanksgiving:

{1} The Turkey! I’m making a 22.6 lb. bird tomorrow. It’s the smallest one I could find. I’m feeding 9 people. And I’m making it like this. Can you say LEFTOVERS?

6333251795_961d8e3f71_b{2} This is the gravy recipe I use too. Untraditional, but amazing on mashed potatoes.

6356603475_4ffd311cdf_b{3} Speaking of potatoes, here’s my favorite recipe for mashed potatoes. This is how I make them all the time. I have a secret ingredient I throw into these babies…come check it out here.

6936607866_11178c4b6a_o{4} Every Thanksgiving table needs rolls and this is my go-to recipe.You don’t even have to knead them! SNAP.

CIMG6701-317x267{5} I’m making my Mom’s Wild Rice Stuffing to go along with this hot mess of a meal. It’s the stuffing I grew up eating and my whole family loves it.

6342986498_deba2416ba_b{6} I like pretty simple sides. This Pomegranate Hazelnut Holiday Salad is REAL tasty. So are these brussels sprouts. But tomorrow, I’m making my Warm Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts Salad. Because it is my life’s mission to add bacon to everything. #truth

Pumpkin-Pecan-Tassies-2{7} I’m making a version of my Mom’s pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and I never realized before that it isn’t on my site! Oops. It’s a pretty typical pumpkin pie, except there’s a  cheesecake layer UNDER THE PUMPKIN within the pie! It’s so good, I can’t even deal. Perhaps I will post this recipe soon. But in the mean time, Check out this recipe for Pumpkin Pecan Tassies. Like little mini pumpkin pie tarts….with pecans. They’re tasty little suckers.

So that’s what’s going down at my house! Enjoy the long weekend and your turkey dinner!

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