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Headed for the Holidays

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Gordon and kids at the store
The gang is all here! We headed to the suburbs for a little shopping 🙂

Special thanks to BJ’s for sponsoring this post!

Can you even believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are looming over our heads? I keep looking forward to these holidays because they’re my favorite and I love them but they always seem so far away…until it’s suddenly November and you’re like “wait, when did that happen?”

Growing up with family nearby made the holidays easy. We always took turns staying at our house or going to my Aunty Valerie’s house for Thanksgiving and always and forever having Christmas at Grandma’s. That’s just how it was. Mind you, I was just a child, so of course it seemed easy. I didn’t do anything…unless showing up to eat counts?!

But now that I’m married and living pretty far from any family whatsoever, the holidays are a little harder to manage. I would love to just show up with rolls or mashed potatoes to my sister’s house to enjoy the meal we have made together, but for this season in my life, that’s just not how things are. I’m sure many of you are in my same situation!

This is why I was so excited to partner with BJ’s Wholesale Club this holiday season. BJ’s is a convenient, one-stop-shop that helps me stay sane during the holidays. Not only does BJ’s have great products, but I can order those products with my phone or online and either go pick them up or have them delivered in the same day. Things get a little crazy as it is, but being able to wrap gifts or get ready for guests instead of standing in line at the store makes my holiday season that much easier.

Living in the city where everything tends to be inconvenient for a stroller-pushing-mom-of-3, I LOVE that there are many options for shopping there. Since the holidays creep up, it can get overwhelming. So, as I start planning my meals/parties, these online features at BJs.com can really save you:

Lauren and Eddie sitting at the table

Shopping on the mobile app

Instead of going to the grocery store and forgetting one or two (or five!) items, I have the entire store at my fingertips thanks to the BJ’s mobile app. Whether I’m picking my kids up from school, playing toys with Eddie, or just about to fall asleep at night, whenever I remember something I need to get, I can add it to my cart immediately.

Same-Day Delivery

Also, having to go to the grocery store with three kids is not my favorite thing. So being able to order all my groceries from BJ’s and have it delivered the same day (praise) is a game changer for me. Especially on the days where I plan to make quesadillas and forget to buy tortillas.

Lauren and Eddie looking at her phone

Ordering online and picking up in Club

Instead of waiting at home for someone to arrive with your paper towels, toilet paper and everything else you need, you can order it all on BJs.com and then pick them up in-store in as soon as 2 hours after placing your order. Just wait for their confirmation email or text and you’re good to go. Not having to spend an hour+ at the store searching for every last item on my list with at least one child (and half of the city), is something I like.

Using a smartphone

Digital Add-to-Card coupons

I’ll admit, I don’t have time to literally cut paper coupons, but logging onto the BJ’s app or website during nap time or after my kids have gone to bed for the night is the time I have to see what is on sale and ‘clip’ those coupons either on my desktop computer or in bed on my phone. That way when I go to buy those selected items, the savings will automatically be applied. You already get about 25% off of grocery store prices everyday by shopping with BJ’s…this is just extra savings!

A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk

Platter Orders

If you’re not a foodie or just happen to be running short on time, all the time (me! me!) then being able to order things like deli platters, cakes, and more for your holiday parties can take the stress out of the planning. Order it all online to go pick it up in-club. Instead of running around like a crazy person taking care of party details, you can actually relax and have the time to get your kids dressed in cute, matching outfits.

I’ll be covering more specific ideas about Thanksgiving and Christmas in the upcoming weeks (with new recipes too!) but for now I wanted to give you the heads up that this is where I’ll be shopping these next few months to check off my holiday to-do list 🙂 Here are a few favorites we’ve been enjoying that you can pick up or order today:

  • Wellsley Farms Mini Quiches: they come frozen, but bake up quickly! I’ve used these for snacks, breakfast and dinner thus far.
  • Wellsley Farms Organic White Cheddar Popcorn: I pack this in my kids’ lunches. SO addicting.
  • Wellsley Farms Organic Salted Butter: I use salted butter for everything, including baking. Don’t tell Ina Garten.
  • Wellsley Farms Pumpkin Muffins: because I love everything pumpkin. Couldn’t resist.
  • Wellsley Farms Five Cheese Tortellini: great to add to soups and stews to bulk them up. Also stores well in the freezer!

Have a great day, friends!

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