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Holiday Gift Guide

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Lauren and Gordon in front of a Christmas tree in their home

Hi friends! I’ve been wondering whether or not I should include a gift guide on my site this year and after NOT including one last year because I was eyeball deep in my Christmas digital magazine and a website redesign, I thought THIS WAS THE YEAR. It’s a little later than I would like, but better late than never! (story of my life during the month of December.)

Below, I’ve included some affiliate links to items I love and/or have purchased for Christmas this year. I tried to include items from every price point so regardless of your budget, you can find something affordable. Of course the word affordable is really hard to use because we all define it differently BUT! Regardless of what that means for you, I hope you can appreciate these lists and get something you love this holiday season.

xo Lauren

For her Gift Guide Items

one so cute, right?// two my favorite brow highlighter// three use this on my ends nearly every day. A little goes a long way! // four cutest and cheapest mug from Target // five just bought and LOVE// six my favorite chocolates ever// seven I’m in love I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it // eight if you hate lipstick like me, these are for you!// nine // ten bought from amazon a few weeks ago and LOVE// eleven best vanilla perfume I’ve tried!// twelve  owned this forever and love it!// thirteen latest and greatest mascara I’ve tried// fourteen expensive for a blanket but SO FREAKING SOFT



For him gift guide items

one great stocking stuffer // two classic// three we big puffy heart love our Roku! // four the best cologne in all the land. I promise. // five great staple to own // six I never knew cold drinks were important to me until the yeti // seven real leather!// eight typical gift// nine good good headphones. Love Bose. // ten small portable music player we’ve had for years. We use it almost every day.


for the kids gift guide items

one sweetest socks // two every little boy needs one // three obsessed // four for Eddie! // five fun and educational // six great, quiet activity for kids at church // seven I might love these just because I’m Canadian // eight for those winter days cooped up inside// nine of course legos made this list // ten the sweetest! // eleven great for older artsy ones // twelve velvet all day everyday // thirteen on sale!

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3 Responses
  1. Jo Ann

    Lauren – Thanks for sharing your holiday gift guide! I tracked down the “Hello Gorgeous!” coffee mug for my daughter-in-law (Target only had one left with my name on it! – HA!) and it was a big hit (with a money holder card tucked inside). Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season. and try to get some rest while you are at it! Jo Ann