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Holiday Gift Guides

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While I don’t love the term ‘influencer’ and 99% of the time feel like no one really cares what I think, why not list out everything I will be buying or have already bought this year? As I was making these lists, I gravitated towards for more boy toys and teen girl items, but I do think you’ll find one or two items you will probably come to love as much as we do. Don’t miss my short (but hilarious!) white elephant gift section. You’re welcome.

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While I tried to be as unisex as possible when it came to kid gifts, I do trend a little more towards boy since I have three of them after all. Wheee! Also, don’t tell my boys about some of these items Santa is bringing.

  • Magna Tiles– a classic gift that my kids have been playing with for years and years. I’ve tried the cheaper knock off version and feel like the quality isn’t quite as good as the original.
  • Dino Building Toy Set– My Eddie loves little projects that involve power tools and these dinosaurs can get taken apart and put back together again and again. I got this for Ed for Christmas.
  • Personalized Name Puzzles– If you’ve been around this past year, you’ll know I bought all my boys name puzzles because they were just so darn cute! This is a fun one that includes animals, too!
  • Kids Name Crayons– Another personalized, yet useful, gift. I think this is the cutest idea.
  • Play Tunnel– picked up one of these for Porter this year! I remember my little brother getting one of these for Christmas and us trying to convince him to crawl through.
  • Wooden Balance Beam-Ok, I loved this idea when I saw it! Great for all my boys and something to keep them occupied that doesn’t involve looking at a screen. You can change the boards around to create different levels and shapes on the ground.
  • Coding Robot Kit– Got this for Blake! I hope he loves it. It looks super cool. Building a robot, then using coding (very simple coding) to control it!
  • Boogie Boards-I have continually bought these year after year since Brooke and Blake were little! A great, quiet toy I can throw in my purse or have in the church bag. If you know, you know. These are great!
  • Kiddie Chef Knives– I’ve been touting these year after year. I love involving my kids in the kitchen, helping to cut fruits and veggies. While Blake is at the age to be able to start handling a real knife, I don’t trust Eddie with one yet. Enter these great knives!
  • Bouncy House– I originally bought our bounce house when we were living in NYC and I needed something fun for my kids to do when it was raining outside. A friend suggested a bounce house (because she had one herself) and it’s been the BEST purchase!
  • Micro Mini Scooter– THE BEST brand of scooter, especially if you have kids who play hard. I didn’t want to spend my money on an expensive scooter, but after buying the cheapest ones and having them break after a few months of city living and using them daily, it was obvious why EVERY KID had the micro scooters. They are really high quality and last!
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I may have leaned more towards more girly items, but I do have an *almost* teenager that is a girl. Go figure. Lots of fun items on this list I’m probably more excited abut than Brooke will be. Ha!

  • Cards Against Humanity (Family Edition)– I love the idea of cards against humanity, but can be a little inappropriate, even for me. But the family version is great! An awesome game my almost teenager plays with her friends. Bought this for Brooke this year.
  • Temporary Tattoo Markers-My daughter is so artsy and creative that I thought this was a great idea! She draws on herself with pen all the time anyways, so why not make things interesting?
  • Body Pillow– After stealing our larger lumbar pillow from our bed, Gordon and I thought it was about time we invested in an actual body pillow for Brooke. (Hiding this inconspicuously isn’t very easy with nosey little ones, PS)
  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza-a game we’ve owned for a few years that is conceptually very simple but really fun to play.
  • Mini Letter Light Board-Great for boys and girls, maybe more so for girls. Are your teen girls also into interior design as much as mine is?
  • Photo String Lights– Brooke saved up and bought these with her own money and they are really cute.
  • Light Strips– Also an item Brooke loves and bought with her own babysitting money.
  • FujiFilm Instax Mini– I bought this for Brooke when she was 9 but she didn’t really use or love it until this year. The photos she takes and hangs up in her room are so cute and creative!
  • FujiFilm Instax Smartphone Printer– print photos from your smartphone with this little gem. If you have a teen with a phone, this is a great option.

For Him

If my husband wants something for himself during the year, he will typically just go out and buy it, making it way more difficult to buy for him. But here are a few tried and true items that I know Gordon loves.

  • Herschel Toiletry Kit-I feel like this is a good all-purpose item that always goes over well.
  • Yeti Stackable Mug– I love the yeti brand because they truly make a good product. We own a ton of yeti items. These are great! They keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Brooke made tea in this and she couldn’t drink it for 6 hours because it was still ‘too hot’.
  • Die Hard Christmas Book– Probably one of the funniest books out there. A rhyming version of the die hard story with lots of pictures.
  • Slim Bi-Fold Leather Wallet– I am getting this for Gordon this year, so don’t mention it to him if you see him. This one is a slim bifold with a magnetic closure.
  • Blender Bottle– My husband makes protein drinks every day and we can always use more of these. Truly.
  • Classic Raybans-I love how these look on my husband, so this is more of an expensive present that he always appreciates.
  • Jimmy Choo Man Cologne– I’ve been touting this cologne for years (ever since I was pregnant with Eddie!) and it’s my favorite. Seriously, give this one a try. HE GOOD.
brother and sister standing with each other

For Her

  • ILIA stick blush– If you like that dewy look, this is the blush for you! I’ve been wearing it for the past 6 months and I’m in love with it. I use the color “at last”.
  • YETI Rambler with Straw-Again with the yetis. I can’t stop buying them, but they truly are the best! These are amazing because they come with the straw…works wonders if you happen to love cold diet coke. Just saying.
  • Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven-If you buy a good dutch oven, it will last for years! Staub is one of the best brands out there and yes I bought myself the 5 1/2 quart for Christmas in white.
  • Olaplex Hair Oil– The holy grail of hair oil. This has worked extremely well on my hair, keeping it look healthy.
  • Funny Doormat– you will understand if you click the link. Yes, I bought this and its outside right now.
  • My Favorite High Waisted Jeggings– the best $20 you’ll spend! So comfy and cute! I got the light denim blue.
  • Braun Laser Hair Remover– This has been a game changer for me this year! I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris (red bumpy skin) on my thighs and arms. Removing the hair with the laser has made my skin so much more soft, smooth and bonus! Hair free. Yes, I still have a few patches of hair that grow here and there, but for the most part I am nearly hair free. As long as you have dark enough hair and you are consistent, it should also work for you.
  • Anthropologie Vanilla Perfume-my go-to vanilla. Smells so good!
  • Highlighting Pencil Duo– An easy way to add highlight around your eyes. I was gifted this from a friend and fell in love!

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