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Home Stretch!

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Gordon in a suit

I’ve got one week, people.


until my sweet husband comes home from his {stupid*} training in Oklahoma.

So, one week left to:

1. lose 10 pounds

2. de-frumpify myself

3. clean

4. organize

5. lose another 5 pounds

Ya know, that ice cream maker I purchased isn’t really helping me achieve #1 or #5.



I’ve got one week left to:

1. lose 10 pounds

2. de-frumpify myself

3. clean

4. organize

5. lose another 5 pounds

6. make 3 batches of brownie batter ice cream

That looks about right now.

Let the count down begin!

{* I say stupid because I’m just jealous that the army took my husband away from me for three months. Deep down, I know it’s a good thing he’s there. Ok, deep DEEP down.}

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6 Responses
  1. Rachel @ The Avid Appetite

    So happy you will be reunited with your husband!! I think ice cream is the perfect treat to welcome him home 🙂

  2. Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    Ah, so excited for you to have your husband back! He will be so happy to see you no matter what, so definitely forget the weight loss and go with some more homemade ice cream:-)

  3. Gisela

    We’re counting down with you! You look just fabulous, Lauren; no worries about that at all… Can’t wait to see him again myself.

  4. Erin

    My boyfriend just left for San Antonio, TX three days ago for Medical Officer basic training with the National Guard (he is a PA). He will only be gone 4 weeks but I already feel like I need to clean our place up. Probably because he did all the laundry but then left it strewn about the bedroom floor! So glad your husband is coming home soon! I bet if you have enough ice cream in the freezer he won’t notice if you don’t clean 😉

  5. Marjory

    Lauren, You will be beautiful and not frumpy at all when he returns. Besides, he just wants to see you and that beautiful daughter of his. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t wearing make up or the house is not clean, it just matters that the three of you are together again.