January Stitch Fix

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Screen-Shot-2013-09-17-at-10.48.29-AM*This is not a sponsored post! I pay for these clothes on my own. However, this post does provide referral links for new sign ups which gives me a little credit to go towards my next box. 

It’s that time of the month!

No, not THAT time of the month. Oh you guys.

Stitch Fix time 🙂 Yippee! My last Stitch Fix box, I kept all 5 items, so I was hoping this box was going to be just as good. Was that a fluke? Is this styling service too good to be true?

Here’s what I got…and please excuse these grainy photos. And my weird faces. I’m just weird. And Portland is a rainy dark hole. The end.

photo-11First thing in the box that I was drawn to was this little purple stripy sweater. That’s a technical term. Actually, its 41Hawthorn Rowson Colorblock Striped Sweater in XS- $58. It was super comfortable, a little roomy and perfect for the weather we’re having in Portland. KEPT IT.photo-9Iten numero dos: 41Hawthorn Shara Herringbone Vest with Black Piping in XS- $78. To be honest I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to like this or not. I kept trying it on day after day and ended up loving it after all, so I kept it! It’s super comfy, I love the herringbone pattern and it’s surprisingly warm. photo-8Third thing: THML Watkins Dot Print V-Neck Cardigan in XS- $48. This thing was itch city and I only liked it so-so. I mean, I wanted to like it, but it was just not my style. SENT IT BACK BABY. photo-104th item: 19 Cooper Cathleen Split-Neck Tulip-Sleeve Blouse in XS- $68. When I first pulled this out of the box, I was planning on hating it. It just didn’t seem to be “me”. But, I tried it on for these photos and whaddaya know, I loved it. There’s some pretty cool detailing on this shirt {which is being hidden by my hair} and it actually fit pretty well all over, so I kept it. If I could magically change one thing about this, I’d make it 2 inches longer. It’s a hair too short, hence the tank top underneath. But, I usually wear tank tops under all my shirts anyway to camouflage the baby chubby belly situation, so no big deal. photo-7Last item was this necklace: Bay to Baubles Rachel Impression Triangles Necklace- $36. I’m not a big fatty necklace person, plus my baby is getting to be all grabby, so I sent this back.

Overall, I kept 3/5 items totaling $204 which in my opinion is pretty pricey. However, I did have some credits saved up from you wonderful folks checking out the service making my total a little more bearable, so thank you!

If you’d like to sign up for Stitch Fix styling service, check it out here.

And if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check this first post I wrote here.

Check out all the Stitch Fix boxes I’ve gotten so far HERE.

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11 Responses
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  3. Nicole

    I like your purple stripy sweater! Maybe that will come in my box? My first box comes next week thanks to your referral. I am excited to see how it works out for me.

  4. Kelli @ The Corner Kitchen

    I got that polka dot sweeter in my last box! And, I had the same reaction as you.

    I love the stripy sweater and the vest, Lauren!! My next box gets here in 2 weeks and I’d be thrilled to get either one of those 🙂